What is Alkaline Water Purifier? Its’ benefits.

Water is our lifeline; drinking normal water has been ornate. However, today’s generation sees the need to purify normal water, which otherwise isn’t, because of global warming and various other phenomenal factors. This purification of the water is ionized, and referred to as Alkaline water.

The pH ( power of hydrogen) level is read on a scale of 0 to 14 when it reads as 1; it means the substance is very acidic. Hence the water needs to be ionized, which is known as Alkaline water; after it is ionized it should read on a scale of 14, which proves that the water is very Alkaline. The pH level of normal water is 7, which is neutral, whereas Alkaline water has a pH level of about 8 or 9.

The world has turned to fast food and being foodies; the consumed food is not balanced with the pH levels in the body. The need for Alkaline water is essential.

Water Purifier

Alkaline has ultra-hydrating properties strongly advised for people who workout. Scientifically, the water molecules in Alkaline water are small and absorbent in human cells; This naturally re-hydrates the body instantly.

Why the hype for latest Alkaline water purifiers, is because it has the benefits, most suitable in today’s lifestyle. Especially for those whose food habits are out of control, improper timings of meals or imbalanced diet also when in stress or environmental toxins. A lot of sports persons and health experts are using and recommending alkaline water.

Benefits are 

  • More health benefits than one.
  • It strengthens your immunity and enhances your health.
  • Neutralizes excess acidity levels in the body.
  • Thanks to its Alkaline nature, it prevents various ailments, such as Cancer.
  • It increases the pH level of the water, making it healthy for your body.

You can make your own Alkaline water by using Baking soda; it has a pH of 9. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a gallon of water, shake well and drink it in one gulp. Or Use Lemon, it has a pH of 7, squeezes the juice into a glass of water, stirs and drink mouth full as fast as possible. To begin your day energetically, start with Lemon juice.

By using special filters, faucet attachments and additives, the Alkaline properties of water increases, as the pH level makes the normal tap water go from neutral pH to Alkaline.

Protection against diseases

Alkaline water tastes better than the tap water, and regular intake of this type of water increases your overall health. It works as an anti-ageing and anti-cancer substance. The ionized water molecules are easily absorbed by the body, protecting you from diseases like arthritis, heartburn and many more.

There are various alkaline water systems available in the market which are expensive. Still, if you can afford it, then you should have one for the betterment of your overall health. Check the reviews of the water system before finalizing anyone. Understand the overall functioning, installation and service charge details before buying any particular system.