Top 5 Best Shaving Cream Brands in India

Beards represent the personality of every man. Nowadays, men are as concerned about grooming as women. In the modern world of fashion and innovation, every person wants to look good and try out new products. In this article, we are going to talk about shaving creams. There is no doubt to it that without proper shaving, you cannot achieve healthy beards. Also, shaving gives you a neat and tidy office-ready look. Therefore, it is a must for every man to know about the shaving creams. Along with the vast diversities, men should know about the pros and cons of shaving products. However, when we talk of diversity, you must know that shaving cream brands are several in India. Picking one out of these many brands could be quite challenging for men.

Let us look at the top five shaving cream brands available in India:

shaving cream

  1. Gillette:

Gillette is one of the most renowned shaving cream brands in India. You might have seen the popular advertisement of Gillette featuring terms like ‘butter shave’ in it. Gillette not only has a single shaving cream; instead, it offers you different kinds of shaving creams. You can select anyone according to your skin type and budget. You do not need to worry about allergic reactions when using Gillette shaving cream. It contains all the natural elements such as glycerine and aloe vera. Thus, you will never have complaints of sensitive and dry skin.

  1. Dettol:

When it comes to Dettol, everyone is aware of its practice in maintaining hygiene. Thus, Dettol makes a reliable shaving cream brand. Though, you might not have heard a lot about Dettol shaving cream; but, it sure has some wonderful benefits. Dettol not only helps you to achieve a perfect clean shave; but, it also assures you 100 percent germ-free shave. Many people suffer from infections occurring in hairy areas such as beards and groin. If you are one of those, nothing could be better than a Dettol shaving cream.

  1. Nivea:

Nivea is another famous men’s skincare essential brand in our country. It manufactures extreme comfort shaving cream that is exclusively designed for men who have sensitive skin. It is effective to protect you against razor bumps and minor cuts. If you haven’t tried it yet, what else could be the perfect time?

  1. Godrej:

If you ask your father or grandfather, they will tell you about the authenticity and long term use of this shaving cream. Godrej is a shaving cream brand on which you can rely anytime. It is in use in our country for many years. One of the best features of Godrej shaving cream is that it is affordable enough for regular use.

  1. Neutrogena:

Neutrogena is the new medical skincare brand in our country that is slowly achieving success. It has astounding skincare benefits. Therefore, you can always trust on the Neutrogena shaving cream. Not only is helps in minimizing razor bumps; but, it also delays the reoccurrence of hair growth.


If you are searching for an ideal shaving cream to make your days more soothing, we have listed the best shaving creams available in our country. Do give it a try and let us know about your experience!