Spin Mop in India –To clean your dirty deeds and for delightful home shine

A Spin Mop is among today’s most popular mops in the market. The best way to keep the floor clean from dirt and harmful microorganisms are to use the spin mop. Well, spin mop makes the work easier as it helps cleaning the floor faster. This spin mop is more reliable and is greater than a typical mop. The top of the spin mop consists of a handle similar to other mops. And, the bottom of this mop is almost flat and circular. This circular bottom offers 360 degrees rotation. Moreover, its extended handle keeps us away from knee and back pain. The following are some of the spin mops used in India along with their benefits;

Gala Spin Easy Mop:

Mop offers beneficial and effective cleaning. And, this mop is more compact with light-weight wheels and handle. Above all, the Gala Spin Easy Mop is economically friendly.

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop:

 This ideal mop is best suited for cleaning the floor in a short period. The entire set of a Gala e-Quick Spin Mop consists of a bucket with rotating wheels of 360 degrees. And, this spin mop is built using fibres of fine quality.

Prestige PSB 10:

First of all, Prestige is a recognized brand when it comes to household accessories. The best part of this product is the drainage container present at the other end of the bucket. Here, the water is drained out conveniently after washing or squeezing the mop. Another added advantage is the liquid dispenser. This liquid dispenser is filled with floor cleanser to soak the solution in water.

Scotch-Brite Jumper:

Scotch- Brite Jumper is a durable, light-weight mop with multi-purpose refills. The set consists of a light-weight good quality plastic bucket. Moreover, it is very compact and does not occupy much space.

Ace Spin Mop:

Ace Spin Mop is a well-reputed mop in the market. The mop is aqua- green coloured with a rust-resistant stainless steel handle. The bucket itself is made up of a portable handle. Like Scotch- Brite Jumper, this mop also has an outlet to drain unclean water.

Gala Twin Spin Mop:

Gala Twin Spin Mop is a well-equipped modern mop, liked by many homemakers. There are two separate compartments in this set. One of the compartments drains water when a mop is dipped into water whereas the other compartment collects the drained water. Additionally, these spin mop pads are detachable that can even be washed in a washing machine.

Hugo Bucket Mop:

Hugo Bucket Mop is an adorable mop for all homemakers. The best feature of this product is that it offers an additional four refills heads. The mop works based on self- spin technology to fasten the cleaning process.

Well, cleaning is not an easy task, and to make it easier spin mops are developed. These spin mops thereby bring joy to every homemaker to clean the floor with little effort in a short span.