Juicers their purposes and types

Juices which were offered to guests and consumed on special occasions have now become a mainstay. It is part of the breakfast regime in several households. It is part of the diet for the health-conscious. Also, the fresh juices are preferred for the nutritional benefits that they can provide. This change in habit has brought about a change in households as well. Juicers are part of kitchen equipment that is indispensable in several households.

Why drink juices

  • Juices are easily the best alternative to consuming fresh fruits which not many would be keen to do.
  • The juicing process would offer scope for including different combinations of fruits and vegetables into their diet. You would also start using the fruits and vegetables they haven’t considered earlier.
  • Juicing prevents wastage of fruits and vegetables with short shelf life. Otherwise, you might have to discard them because they have rotted.
  • Juices would somewhat have a standard taste when compared to fruits where each fruit in a batch might taste different.

Be aware of the different type of juicers that can make life easy for you while you get to enjoy the juices that you love day in and day out.

 4 Main Types of Juicers

As mentioned earlier, being aware of the different juicers that are available in the market would help you choose a juicer they would be apt for your household.

Citrus Juicer or citrus press– This is a type of juicer that is effective to extract juice from citrus fruits. There is a wide range of options to choose from within the citrus juicer because you have manual juicers, electronic versions, and juicers with built-in filters and containers as well. Depending on the type of juicer, the costs that are very affordable to highly expensive ones that are elegant and appealing to look at.

Centrifugal Juicers

They are referred to as extractors. They constitute the most popular model in the market. They are endowed with a fast-moving blade that chops the fruits that converts them into a pulp and the in-built filter separate the pulp from the juice. This easily a full-service juicer.

Cold Press Juicers / Masticating Juicers

Cold press juicers as the name suggests, employ a crushing process to squeeze out the juice in the fruit or vegetable. They are expensive when compared to the other two types of juicers. However, they are considered to be effective in retaining the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables owing to the slow juicing process. However, the units are quite large.

Twin gear juicers

In this type of juicer, the juice of fruits and vegetables is extracted by passing them between two interlocking gears. The juice extraction process is slower than that of the cold press juicer. The nutritional benefit, therefore, is also greater than that of the cold press. It is highly expensive and difficult to clean and maintain.

Take time to research and choose the best juicers in india from the best brands but within your budget. However, ensure that they are endowed with features like juicing speed, efficiency in retaining nutrients, etc. This means you would have an easy to maintain and clean juicer that is of the right size for your kitchen too