How to Use Glucometer at Home

Glucometers might be the most handy and accessible device to use! However, many people are still afraid of using it for the first time. The reasons might be many! Out of so many reasons, the most convenient one is the lack of appropriate knowledge to use this device. Many first-timers are afraid of pricking or losing too much blood in the process. We assure you that all these talks are a complete myth. The idea of glucose meter was to make it convenient for people to use the device at home.

How can it hamper the comfort level of the patients? To make you more aware of the use of glucose meters, we are mentioning some important tips on how to use blood sugar testing machine. Have a look at the points mentioned below:

How to use glucometer at home

1. Rinse your hands properly

Cleaning of hands while doing any medical procedure has a lot of significance. In this scenario, you are responsible for maintaining hygiene for your betterment of health. You can rinse hand simply with soap and water, make sure to dry it after washing. If your hands are not visibly dirty, you can also use a sanitizer for this purpose. To avoid contamination wipe your fingers in a centrifugal manner.

2. Assemble the kit near you

To avoid any mishappening such as accidental injuries due to hurry, make sure to gather all the elements of the kit. Experts recommend gathering all the elements on a clean surface near the place of operation. Make sure you have the glucometer, lancet, lancing device, and test strips arranged. Also, if you are using an old-style device which does not have enough memory, keep a notepad to record the readings. Also, keep some sterile cotton buds for wiping extra blood or any other fluid.

3. Prick the finger gently

Uncap the lancing device and put the lancet inside it. After this, set the spring and put the cover back. Make sure to set the depth of this device according to the amount of fat in your finger. Depending upon the type of your device, it will either start by inserting the test strip or by coming in touch with the hemoglobin. Once the device is set, be ready to prick your finger. Press the button in the lancing device to prick the finger. If you are a first time user, ask someone else to do this for you. You can deviate your thinking to something else to avoid anxiety. The next step is to stroke the test strip on the blood blob.

4. You will get the desired result

Wait for 5-10 seconds after the blood comes in association with the device. The mechanism of action behind this lies in the capillary action of the test trips. The blood along with its cellular components is drawn towards the device. The device analyzes the blood sugar level and exhibits it in terms of digits.

5. Clean the device thoroughly

The exterior of the glucose meter can be cleaned by a damp cloth containing soap water. A solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:10 is used to clean the meter.

Following these steps will make your blood sugar measurement hassle-free at home. We hope you find the tips mentioned above easy to implicate. Thank you, readers!