How to Take Care of Your Washing Machine

Washing machines help in spotless cleaning. Like any other household appliance, washing machines make our life easy and hassle-free. Regular use of proper maintenance must also be required. Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of the machine.

Here you can see some of the useful tips to take care of your washing machine.

Regular maintenance

After daily use of the machine, keep the machine lid open for a few minutes. This helps to dry out moisture and excess water spots inside the drum. By drying out the moisture, you can avoid the musty smell inside the drum. After washing dirty and greasy clothes, make sure that the wall and drums are damped with a cloth. If you regularly clean the interior, there will be no slimy layer formed inside the machine.

Washing Machines

Careful washing

Consider the things you put for a wash. Heavy mats or carpets should not be washed in washing machines. Even if your washing machine is capable of washing heavy load, it is not recommended to wash rubber mats and heavy carpets. Heavy washing may put pressure on the machine motor and cause internal damages.

Interior cleaning

Your washing machine can clean your clothes, but it cannot clean itself. Some machine comes with self-cleaning technology that cleans detergent drawers. However, the linter filter needs to be cleaned regularly. Generally, the lint in clothes is stored in the lint filter. Clogs in lint pipes and water pipes can affect the washing process. If you see any layered fluff in clothes, then it is essential to clean the machine filter.

Avoiding using an excess detergent

To wash dirty clothes, many use excessive detergent. However, to maintain your machine properly, use less detergent, and put small loads of clothes. Using excess detergent can damage the clothes as well as the water pipes of the machine. To increase the lifespan of your machine motor, it is better to use less detergent.

Machine settings

The common settings in most washing machines are normal, medium, and strong. For small loads of clothes, you can go to the normal setting. For delicate clothes, the recommended machine setting is gentle. The strong or heavy setting is recommended only for greasy and dirty clothes. To protect your machine from damage, use the right setting according to your washing requirements.

Avoid overloading

Overloading the machine in one run is not a good idea. This results in overheating of the machine. If the machine is packed with clothes, it will not spin and wash properly. Heavy washing damages the machine motor and reduces the lifespan of the machine.

Rust removal

If you see orange or red spots after washing clothes, then check if there is any rust inside the drum. To remove rusts in your machine, run the machine for one hour by pouring two cups of lemon juice.

Maintain the dryer

After using the dryer, remove the lint bag and clean it. A clogged lint pipe can damage the dryer and overheats the machine.

Try these tips to take care of your washing machine. Remember to follow these steps regularly after using the machine.