Can I Weigh Baby on Kitchen Scale?

Many parents are very concerned about their newborns’ weight. The parents want to be sure that the baby is getting the correct nutrition and nourishment. The baby with proper weight is good and healthy. However, some may not have the proper weighing scale to measure their baby’s weight.

Also, some parents are very curious, and they use the kitchen scale to weigh their newborn. Now let us see more information about weighing a baby on a kitchen scale.

Kitchen Weighing Scale

How to weigh the baby’s weight ?

If you want to keep track of your baby’s weight, then you can use the baby weighing scale weekly. When weighing every week do not get stressed about the progress because the baby’s weekly weight increase is only 5 ounces. Weekly weighing is great to record the fantastic growth of the baby.

Weighing the baby on a kitchen scale 

If you do not have any baby weighing scale in your house, then you can surely use a kitchen scale. Many parents use the kitchen scale to weigh their newborn. The kitchen scale is similar to a normal baby weighing scale. Therefore, you can use the kitchen scale by placing a towel on it to weigh the baby. Based on the baby’s movement, there may be a slight 1 or 2-ounce difference in the weight.

The advantages of weighing the newborn 

If your infant is still drinking breast milk, then weighing them weekly can help to track their food intake. You can also know whether the newborn is drinking or eating enough food. Monitoring your baby weight is great to track even a little increase. You can use any good weighing scale to monitor the child’s growth. If at all you don’t have any weighing machine you can always rely on your kitchen scale. They are excellent tools to easily monitor your baby’s weight.

Some of the benefits of using a kitchen scale 

  • A kitchen scale is a handy and excellent tool to weigh the baby. Also, this is the most efficient tool to weigh your baby any time you want.
  • The kitchen scale is a compact, weighing tool that is easy for moms to operate.
  • The kitchen scale can carry 13 pounds or more weight. So, this is the ideal tool to weigh your little one.
  • The kitchen scale is available at an affordable price. If you want a cheaper weighing machine, then you can use the kitchen scale to weigh the baby.
  • The tray available with the kitchen scale is very comfortable to place the baby.
  • It is also very easy and simple for moms to use the kitchen scale to weigh the baby. By just pressing the zero buttons on the scale, you can know the baby’s weight.
  • The kitchen scale can produce extremely accurate weighing results. This tool can produce the precise weight of your baby.
  • If you have a kitchen scale with a high weight limit, then you can surely weigh your baby on it.


If you find it comfortable to weigh the baby on the kitchen scale, then you can surely do that. However, ensure that you weigh the baby by following the safety measures.