What Happens if You Touch a Mosquito Racket

The use of mosquito racket has seen a boom in recent years in many countries. They are a good alternative for people who don’t prefer cream and spray repellants. The racket uses electricity to kill the mosquitos rather than chemicals. This means that no side effects can result from using these simple electronic devices.

Since this is an electric device, safety is one of the concerns people have about using it. The primary question people ask is about coming in contact with the racket – whether it kills a person or not. To understand what happens when you touch a mosquito racket, you first need to the working of the racket.

Mosquito Racket

Understand the working of the mosquito racket

In the racket, there are 2 layers of metal mesh. The fine-looking inner mesh is the live one, and the outer metal mesh are return path or neutral for the current. When you or the mosquito touch the outer mesh, nothing will happen because there is no flow of electricity there. But when you or the mosquito touches the inner mesh, the circuit gets completed, and the electricity flows through. This flow of electricity causes heat generation, which is destructive to the body.

How does a mosquito racket kill an insect?

Little pressure changes in the surroundings are easy for the mosquitos to detect. That is why you miss to hit them when using your bare hands. But due to the design of the mosquito racket, the air is not disturbed when you bring it near the insect. Now there is no chance for your target to get away.

The racket has 2 layers of metal mesh. When the mosquitoes enter the racket and touch both the layers, they will receive a shock of 5mA. This is because the mosquito completes the circuit when they touch the mesh layers. Even though the amount of electricity is small, it can heat the insect’s body and cause it to explode.

Will this kill humans?

To get killed by electricity, the current has a major role along with the voltage.

The circuit of the racket carries 5mA of current. This may be enough to kill an insect but not a human being. You see, humans can only die from an electric shock if the level is 100-200 mA. This means that you cannot die by touching a mosquito racket, but it can harm you by causing burns and shocks. The shocks from the rackets are not continuous, but if you get electrocuted for a long time, there are chances for paralysis.

To sum it up, you will feel a shock when you touch a racket, but it is not fatal. This is why you should keep it away from kids.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that mosquito rackets are safe to use. The racket’s design and manufacture are mainly done with safety in mind. Avoid using these rackets with wet hands and make sure that the water does not touch the racket.

With good maintenance, there is no to fear of electrocution by a mosquito racket.