Web 3.0


Social Business Solutions

Enterprises seek to derive value and better business outcomes from social technologies. To achieve this, they need agile, innovative and scalable integrated social solutions.

Veltrod' Social Business Solutions offer cloud-based platforms and services that help you better engage, listen, analyze and respond to customers on different social channels.

Client Challenges

Today, regardless of whether brands have a presence on social channels or not, customers are mentioning and influencing other people's opinions by sharing their brand experiences. Therefore, enterprises are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Capturing customer services across channels (both online and offline) to enhance brand experience
  • Retaining customer attention on the new age digital and social channels
  • Uncovering nuances about products / services through social Expressions

What Veltrod Provides

We provide end-to-end solution offerings right from engaging on multiple channels and mediums to analyzing these interactions and generating actionable services for enterprises to take informed decisions.

We help you better engage with your customers on new age channels, listen to their needs and crowdsource their ideas, measure their interactions and analyze their engagement, comments, mentions and feedback to align brand strategies to customer needs.

Our solutions include the following:

  • Insight Solutions: An analysis of social voice covering brand mentions, conversations and feedback
  • Customer Intimacy Solutions: Digital solutions to reach and engage customer base on social media
  • Collaborative Solutions: Digital solutions that facilitate dialogue and collaboration within organizations and / or between organizations and customers
  • Enterprise Integration: Enterprise applications including embedded services from social media