Top 5 Features of a Good Stand Mixer

For Bakers, a great investment piece for the kitchen is the stand mixers. Many before purchasing an appliance, ensure whether they have enough space, requirement, and money needed to purchase the machine. A good buyer thinks about all these things to make one good purchase. Deciding to buy something can be easy, but when you think about which one to buy, there starts the confusion.

However, buyers don’t panic as we have the information about what it takes to tag a stand mixer as a good machine. So, the features of stand mixers will be discussed below.

Stand Mixer

Features of a good stand mixer 

  •   The type 

The stand mixers are available in two types. One is the tilt head, and another is the bowl head mixer. The tilt-head mixer helps to lock the items securely inside. They do not allow the batter to splash rather secure it from messing your kitchen. These tilt-head models are the best and lightweight. The bowl-lift model hooks the head to the mixer, and this type of good stand mixer provides high stability. So, choose whether the tilt head or bowl head feature is suitable for your kitchen.

  •  The capacity 

Choosing the capacity of the bowl to hold liquid is another important feature when purchasing a mixer. The stand mixers come with 3 to 6-liter bowls. The bowl you choose can be based on how much batter you mix in the bowl. If you mix a small amount of batter then the 3-litre bowl will be suitable for large batter purposes the 6-litre bowl will be suitable.

  •  The Power 

Power is the main feature of any stand mixer. The power of the machine is related to its motor. For kneading heavy dough, the maximum power is needed. However, there are stand mixers that come with optimum power rating and a superior quality high motor. So choose the stand mixer according to the amount of power your kitchen needs.

  •  The Speed 

Several food items are made with the stand mixer. Therefore, choose a mixer that comes with various speed settings. This setting can help you finish your cooking task quicker and better. There are numerous stand mixers available in the market that comes with a wide speed range setting. For example, different speed is required for these tasks such as whipping, kneading, blending, and whisking. So, choose a mixer that comes with at least 12 to 13-speed setting options.

  •  The weight 

The stand mixers, if they are heavy, they tend to be sturdy. Ensure whether the stand mixer you are going to buy is heavy, strong, and durable. The weight feature will help your appliance to be stable in one spot rather than bouncing on the countertop. Weight may be a great concern for some buyers as it may be difficult to lit and shift the appliance. However, the standard weight for any stand mixer is at least 20 pounds.

A good mixer is a lasting investment for your kitchen. Therefore, to purchase a good stand mixer, consider these above features.