How To Choose The Right Tire Inflator For Your Car?

A Tire Inflator is a lifesaver. Of course yes, if you are middle of a deserted road and your car has a flat tire. Nothing other than the tire inflator can save you in this situation. The same goes good with the snowstorm too. You must need an appropriate tire inflator that can help you save you from such disasters. There are many inflators available in the market and how can you select the best one. It is tricky.

We have planned to ease it out for you. There are a few crucial factors that you need to check if you are planning to get a tire inflator.

Let us look at them one by one.

Tire Inflators

Ease of Storage and Portability

This is the prime aspect that you need to check for. The tire inflator must be compact enough to store it in your car. At the same time, it must have the capacity to move around to all the 4 tires. Oh yes, none of the tire inflators shall deceive you in the latter aspect. But, you must ensure it is very light to handle and easy to move. If this is something you find, you must grab that inflator. Also, please look into the other major considerations.

Automated Service

This is something you must decide. Many models are available with various features. You may find a tire inflator that has certain features pre-programmed. It can automatically switch off once the tire is inflated to the desired level. Some devices make you do the same manually. You must decide on the requirements and choose them accordingly.

Time Taken to Inflate

The best portable inflators must have the ability to fill the flat tire in a quick pace. This shall allow you the flexibility to hit the road fast. Check for the inflation time and it determines how effective the inflator is. Also, you must check how soon that the inflator can fill your large or small car tires. Please compare the specifications and buy the right one.

Tire Size

Oh yes, this is a major factor to be considered or you may have to throw the inflator or gift it to someone. Please check the size of the tire that it can inflate. Because a few inflators have its reservations as they inflate only smaller tires. So please consider this factor as vital and check if it can suit your car tires.

Duty Cycle

This is also an important factor to be considered. A duty cycle is a time taken by the inflator to cool down as you can use it again to inflate another tire. The duty cycle also ensures the efficiency of your inflator. If the compressor is rated 50% duty cycle, that means to say, you can use in continuously without it needing to cool down.

The time taken by the normal inflator is anywhere between 4 to 6 minutes. At the same time, if you identify an inflator with a good duty cycle, it shall be the best choice.