How To Choose The Right Convection Microwave Oven

Today, the microwave oven has become one of the mandatory electronic appliances in everyone’s kitchen. This is especially suitable for making quick meals, for those who don’t have time or skill. But before choosing the right microwave oven, one needs to know the different types available and the criterion for selecting the right appliance. This article will serve the purpose of being a guide to buy the right convection microwave oven that will make any novice kitchen into a pro kitchen.

Types of microwaves

Generally, there are three types of microwaves in the indian market – conventional or the solo microwave, grill microwave, and convection microwave. The conventional microwave can be used only for heating and defrosting food. As the name suggests, the grill microwave can be used for baking and grilling. Whereas the convection microwave is superior to the other two types because it can perform all cooking functions and distributes heat uniformly to the food item.

Factors to consider before choosing the right convection microwave oven

  • Visibility

This is important because being visible allows checking the food, whether it is being cooked or not. So the interior light must be bright, and the transparent viewing window should be large.

  • Ease of use

Of course, controls need to be easy without constantly referring to the instruction manual.

  • Cleaning

Make sure that the oven does not create many gaps or holes in the interior because it can trap grease and food. This can make cleaning harder, especially around the grill region. If the exteriors are made of stainless steel, then make sure to give extra attention to remove the fingerprints. So make sure that the oven comes with smooth coatings that help with the cleaning.


The selection of oven based on size is entirely dependent on the number of persons in the household for whom the food will be prepared. Food cannot be cramped inside because the oven requires space around the food for ventilation.

Automatic functions

Some models come with automatic functions that can calculate the time required to cook the food if the weight and kind of food are entered.

Delayed start

This allows the user to start cooking at a specific time defined by the user.

Sensor cooking

This feature employs sensor programs to measure the emitted water vapor during cooking to adjust the cooking time automatically. This is a great way to prevent food from burning.

Multi-stage cooking

This feature allows the user to program a series of functions for cooking like defrosting, cooking, and then in standby mode.

Child lock safety

If there are children in the house, then this option is a beneficial and must-have feature. The microwave can be deactivated for the child’s protection.

Cooling fan

Few models have a cooling fan to cool the inside of the oven after cooking. They are designed to run after the cooking is completed for a few minutes. So select the one that has a good cooling fan in it.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right microwave is not an easy process because there are several products in the market. All the models might look exactly the same but the key differences lie in the capacity and features of the product. So make sure to research the features that are necessary before investing in a good convection microwave oven.