Features of various models of Crompton Fans

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited is a leading brand of lighting and consumer electrical products. The range of ceiling fans offered by Crompton is also very much popular among consumers. Apart from India, the Crompton ceiling fans are also sold in many other countries.

Anyone looking for a Crompton ceiling fan can select among the following models.

SilentPro Enso Wood Finish 

SilentPro Enso Wood Finish uses ActivBLDC technology which saves up to 50% energy. This is because the motor consumes just 42 W of energy. The blades provide airflow at the rate of 240 CMM. Top speed of the fan is 315 RPM. The aerodynamic design of the blades provides efficient distribution of air in the room. Blade sweep is 1225 mm. The fan comes with a smart remote which uses radiofrequency to control the fan and operates the fan even without pointing at the fan. One remote can operate multiple fans. Timer function switches off the fan automatically after a set number of hours. SilentPro technology ensures that the sound produced by the fan is just 52 dB.

Aura Designer 3D 

Aura Designer 3D ceiling fan uses 2 piece construction which makes it highly durable and reduces vibrations. The fan is constructed of cold-rolled-non-grain-oriented steel which is highly sturdy and ensures durability. EMQ bearings are used in the motor, which reduces friction and makes the fan silent. Dual coat copper is used in the motor winding. This kind of copper provides a high level of protection against abrasion and temperature changes, thereby enhancing the efficiency and durability of the motor. The sealed box capacitor of the fan performs well for long periods of time. Air delivery rate of the fan is 230 CMM, and the top speed is 380 RPM.

Energion HS 

Energion HS is run by 35 W BLDC motor which saves as much as 50% energy as compared to other fans. This remote ceiling fan performs optimally between a wide voltage range of 90V to 300V. The smart remote control can be pointed anywhere to operate the fan. Intelligent memory of the fan remembers the last speed setting of the fan. Timer function switches off the fan after a certain set time period. The blade sweep is 1200 mm and provides airflow at the rate of 220 CMM. Top speed is 370 RPM.

Ariya Briz 

Ariya Briz ceiling fan has a blade sweep of 1200 mm. The top speed is 380 RPM, while the air delivery rate is 210 CMM. The blades and the body of the fan are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium. The power rating of the motor is 68 W. 100% copper winding and double ball bearing make the motor highly efficient and long-lasting.

Avancer Prime Anti Dust 

Avancer Prime Anti Dust, as the name suggests, has a special coating which repels dust particles and enables easy cleaning. Aluminium construction makes the fan corrosion resistant and highly durable. Double ball bearing and 100% copper winding make the fan highly efficient. The fan comes in multiple blade sweeps such as 900 mm, 1050 mm and 1200 mm. Top speed is 380 RPM while the air flow rate is 230 CMM.