Does mopping clean?

Sweeping and mopping are considered to be a part of a daily routine to keep your environment clean. Mopping, especially is considered to be the best way to sanitize the space. It is considered to be the ideal way to clear the dirt and germs that accumulate on the floor due to foot traffic. Mopping is an effective way to clean hard floors. However, a clean mop and a good mopping technique are essential to remove the germs and grime that have settled on the floor.

Keeping your mop clean

Having mentioned how important it is to mop the floor even if you are used to sweeping and vacuuming regularly, it is important to mention how the mop has to be maintained. This would ensure that the floor is cleaned properly using the mop rather than spread bacteria and filth across a wider area. Steps involved in maintaining the spin mop includes

Rinsing the mop thoroughly after every use– You are likely to use a cleaning solution to mop your home.

Washing your mop– A mop that is machine washable is the best thing that you can ask for. Machine wash following the instructions given for washing the mop or gentle wash at the hottest temperature to get a clean mop that is fit for use. If the mop head is not washable in a machine, soak the mop head in a mixture of half bleach and half water for at least 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Drying the mop- As much as it is important to rinse and clean the mop, it is important to ensure that it is dried properly too. This is imperative to prevent the growth of bacteria. Before storing the mop, ensure that it is totally dry. Wring it as much as you can to squeeze the water away. Then dry it in bright sunshine in an upright position.

Storing the mop– Storing the mop in a cool and dry place would ensure that the mop head is not damaged and there is no growth of bacteria as well. Hanging the mop is the best way to prevent the mop head from brushing against the floor.

Replacing the mop head– Replacing the mop head two or three months once or even earlier if it looks dirty is the best way to ensure that you are mopping your house with a mop that is effective and not soiled and worn out.

Mopping technique

The ideal way is to keep two buckets of water, one with a cleaning solution and one with water. Once you clean the floor with the cleaning solution, rinse the mop in the water. Squeeze out the water and continue mopping.

Final word

Mopping is indeed an effective way to clean the floors. But, its effectiveness depends on how the mop is maintained. A dirty mop would be a breeding station for mildew and bacteria. Mopping using such a mop would not clean the floor but would spread filth around a larger area.