AI Powered Chatbot

Veltrod developed an AI powered chatbot to ensures that the shopping experience becomes hassle-free, enjoyable and boosts the prospects of successful conversions, largely driven by the level of personalization.

The Client

Our client is the leading retail giant based out of UK would like to use facebook based AI powered chat bot to understand the popularity of its products and services with consumers. 

Business Need

Our client was aiming to increase the customer satisfaction, attend the customer queries 24/7 basis and also Increase the Net promoter score. 

Veltrod Solution

Veltrod developed an AI powered chatbot for facebook messenger that helps to engages consumers in timely and personalized manner which helps to boost the confidence of the consumers.

The solution provided by veltrod is equipped with a conversational interface powered by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), prediction based and behaviour mapped, the chatbot provides a deep understanding of the customer journey for each individual, content preferences and emotions, which can help the AI engine to personalize the experience for users.

Technology footprint

·      IBM watson (Conversation)

·      Node Js

·      Ecxpress JS

·      Jade

Top features

Veltrod developed ‘AI powered chatbot’ available in Facebook messenger which included features like:

·       Guided search

·       Natural language search

·       Visual Search

·       Product recommendations and display based on user input/ marketing

·       Wishing on general events + Offering coupons

·       Event based promotion marketing

·       Chat with Specialist (Human from client)