Online Learning Portal

Online Student Learning Portal and Course Management System

Veltrod helped revamp an online Learning Management System that provided a stand-alone interface between students and tutors. Veltrod introduced new features and enhancements to modernize the system while meeting an aggressive delivery timeline. The LMS system informed students about the schedule of classes and tests, attendance, announcements and test scores and also allowed them to take tests online. It enabled tutors to manage announcements, schedule classes and tests, administer tests online and keep a tab on students’ performance and attendance.

The Client

The client is a US based company which enables educational institutions to produce high quality talent while connecting students to the industry through innovative solutions backed by cutting-edge technology.

Business Need

The client required a revamp of their existing LMS system that was bootstrapped into place by an internal team. The system lacked a good user interface and many critical features. The client required a comprehensive online portal that provided the requisite and critical information to students and tutors to keep a tab on attendance, schedule of classes and tests, announcements, test scores, and also enable online test taking.

Veltrod Solution

Veltrod developed an online portalthat provided students and tutors secure, role based access to the system.

Once logged in, the students were provided a dashboard with information like class and test schedule, attendance and test score, announcements among others. The system provided a to-do list for students to keep a tab on their assignments.

The client's training activities included training schedules, trainer’s activities, maintaining question banks, generating assignments, question papers, online test for students etc. The system provided trainers with information like test scores to monitor students’ performance and attendance status. It also enabled trainers to administer tests online, inform students about schedule of classes and tests. Neev also built an SMS-based messaging system that enabled tutors to send SMS alerts to students.

All client companies could search for students based on defined criteria and download student details and resumes from the portal. Students’ placement history and the certification history was also maintained through this portal.

Veltrod used a MVC design pattern on Drupal to implement the LMS and completely redesigned the UI/UX of the application.

Technology footprint

  • Drupal 6
  • Java/J2EE
  • Struts MVC
  • JSP
  • HTML, Javascript
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • jQuery, jQuery plugins - Modal Dialog, jQGrid
  • PHP
  • Plugins used for integration with SMS gateway
  • Firebug

Top features

  • Text based chat between students and teachers.
  • Page Load time less than 3 seconds. Usage of tools like YSLOW, Firebug to identify and fix page loads that were slow.
  • Major Improvement in the UI/UX of the application