Knowledge Sharing Application

A Light-Weight Knowledge Sharing Application with Audio, Video and File Sharing Capabilities

Veltrod developed a first-of-its-kind application with video/audio conferencing and file sharing that could work even on slow internet connections. It has an easy and convenient format that can be used by technology novices too. By meeting an aggressive development timeline, Veltrod enabled the client to showcase the possibilities of internet video conferencing across India.

The Client

The US based client is a first of its kind initiative that enables real-life-like exchange of knowledge between people from different walks of life with utmost ease through audio, video and file sharing capabilities.

Business Need

The client wanted Veltrod to build a knowledge sharing application with video, audio and file sharing features that could be used by people with little knowledge of technology. The system had to work even on slow internet connections and required an easy to use interface.

Veltrod Solution

Veltrod built a very intuitive interface that brought video conferencing and file sharing to all in a easy and convenient format.

Veltrod leveraged features provided by the APIs of Cisco Webex to provide a user interface for sharing audio/videos/files. Through the portal users can schedule, conduct, join and record the sessions for future reference. The system was built based on users’ feedback so that it had an intuitive UI which everyone could use. Veltrod also designed the UI/UX for the application.

Technology footprint

  • Ruby on Rails
  • jQuery
  • HTML / Java Script / CSS
  • BackgroundRB
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL
  • Solr search server
  • Comm 100(char service for customer support)
  • Social media integration with Facebook and twitter
  • Cisco Webex (web conferencing platform)
  • Amazon, EC2, EBS, ELB, RDS,S3, ElastiCache
  • Monit, Cloudwatch, Pingdom (for monitoring)
  • Selenium RC (testing platform)
  • Sendgrid (email service)

Top features

  • Webex integration
  • Works on slow internet connections
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface that could be used by non-technical people too.