Video Editing Platform

A Cloud-based Online Video Editing Platform and Marketplace

Veltrod developed a cloud-based online video editing platform for US based company. that brings down the cost of creating video ads by more than 90%. The platform integrates with stock footage vendors and creates a virtual marketplace for ad-consumers, video stock providers and ad-creators.

The Client

The client is a privately held company headquartered in Burlington, MA, USA. Its cloud-based video editing platform developed by Veltrod makes high quality video creation a snap, at a fraction of the original cost.

Business Need

To develop a SaaS based video compiling and editing platform that can integrate with video stock footage providers and bring together ad-consumers, stock footage vendors and ad-creators. The client approached Veltrod to design and develop a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to acquire investors, do a quick launch to gather a user base and then add more features.

Veltrod Solution

  • Veltrod developed a video editor on a browser wherein users can search content from multiple stock footage vendors and use relevant footages in their compositions.
  • The solution separated the video transcoding and stock footage download from the video editor - Stock purchase requests were queued in Amazon SQS andexecuted in the back-end so that downloads can be optimized for traffic and bandwidth usage, while the user need not be online. 
  • A dedicated team of architects, developers, quality analysts, and performance engineering experts used a scrum-based Agile process to deliver a successful product in a relatively short time frame.

Technology footprint

  • Custom built application on Java
  • Custom built video player on Flex
  • CAS for Single Sign on
  • MySQL DB
  • Twistage for transcoding video clips
  • Amazon Queuing Services (SQS)
  • Jenkins for continuous integration

MySQL DB Twistage for transcoding video clips Amazon Queuing Services (SQS) Jenkins for continuous integration

Top features

  • Ability to search content from multiple stock footage vendors in one single platform; drag & drop audios, videos on timeline (without downloading) and use them in compositions
  • 2 Video & Audio tracks with additional voiceover tracks to support multiple clips
  • Open Marketplace for creating ads - Creative Personnel/agencies can create demo videos and share with a select group
  • Automatic update of compositions once clips are purchased
  • User Profile and demo videos for showcasing creative work
  • Ability to export compositions as mp4 or FCP(final Cut Pro) format