VASA - Rideshare App

VASA Rideshare‘s application is an end to end Employee Transport System which is available in both Web and Android platforms.

The Client

Business Need

Veltrod Solution

Veltrod built an ecosystem that helps to

  • Reduce transport costs by a minimum of 30 - 40% per employee for corporates.
  • Automate the entire transportation logistics via a web portal & Mobile App.
  • Facilitate flexibility for employees to work longer.
  • Through robust use of algorithms reduce travel time for employees.
  • Enable resolution and escalation of any emergency.
  • Enable real-time monitoring of employees & cars while enabling exception reporting.
  • Make travel more fun by matching individuals based on social media profiling.
  • Through route optimization achieve lower carbon emissions.

Technology footprint

Top features

Comprehensive background check of users and continuous tracking of social media profile, Trust ability Factor , Real time monitoring make sure that safety is of paramount interest.
Optimal routing , Flexibility & Ride on Demand (RoD) & cost optimising algorithms help make sure you’re always efficiently travelling.
Vasa Rideshare builds mutually-beneficial partnerships with employers to help them manage their entire transportation logistics