Car Pooling App

We have built a car pooling Android application for one of an Indian client. This car pooling app shares more than just a ride with like-minded individuals, and reduce carbon footprint while getting more mileage per wallet.

The Client

The client is a privately held company based in India. Its solution is widely used by large FMCG and financial companies in India to manage their distributed and indirect sales force.

Business Need

The client require an Android application to be built from scratch. The business scope is to build a marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to co-travellers looking for a ride. 

Veltrod Solution

Technology footprint

  • HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript
  • Open source plugins: Excel upload, Email integration, Blogging, Excel creation
  • External Integrations: SMS gateways, Yammer, Fusion Charts
  • Third Party Libraries: Yammer, Fusion charts, SMS Gateways, CAS, Jasper
  • MySQL


Top features

More green
As you reach your destination, know that you’ve done your bit for the environment by reducing pollution one car at a time.
More dependable
No longer will you be victim to the whims of pesky rickshaw and cab drivers. No blatant rejections, no extra charges and no squabbles over not having change. Fareshare will make it work for you, no matter what the distance, no matter what the time.
As safe as it gets
Fareshare is here to build secure ride-sharing communities. Rest assured, suggested matches will show on your screen only after going through a set of filters. Signing in through Facebook and LinkedIn adds another layer of security which ensures that Fareshare is home to verified users only. Furthermore, our customized searches ensure that you’re comfortable right from the start - ladies, if you’ll prefer riding with the same sex, then our search will give you just that! .
You’ll no longer feel the pinch of invariably going over budget when it comes to travelling in the city. Fareshare ensures you cut costs, not your lifestyle. It’s the ideal choice for young professionals and college students who don’t want a good chunk of their salaries and pocket money going in travelling expenses.
No more small talk!
FareShare isn’t just about getting you from point A to point B in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way; it’s about making the journey more comfortable and friendly too. Matching you with a driver (or passenger) who has similar interests ensures that there’s not just ample leg room but ample common ground too. From the music which plays on the car stereo, to the café you pit stop at for takeaways, everything will be a match!