Using Internet Of Things for Humanizing Healthcare


The health industry is subjected to new revolution. The entire process of healthcare monitoring , diagnosis and treatment will be changed by Internet of Things(IoT). IoT comprises of millions of applications including micro controllers, actuators, sensors, nano-pumps, mobile communication devices and several more. IoT assists the industry in offering a more personalized, convenient and timely process at reduced cost. According to the Verizon;s report of the state of the market,  IoT would account more than 5.4 billion machine to machine connection globally.

IoT is often considered as a solution that makes the process,

  • Autonomus
  • Actionable
  • Aware

where data assets can be transferred and used automatically and reasonably.


wherein data assets will be an important part of the business process/strategy.


wherein the connected assets, helped by the data, allow the processes to respond to the environment/surrounding.

In an healthcare industry all these principles hold special significance.Eventhough IoT makes huge changes in the healthcare operations, an equally sufficient potential occurs in the ‘care’ paradigm. Client always look for an improved process that has greater sustainability and accountability. IoT will certainly be a crucial tool that changes the landscape of the industry.

Humanization of technology with IoT


Basically , IoT in an healthcare industry will be more of intuitive technologies focused on the user. Improvement in treatment and patient care process will be provided by IoT , by the use of certain tools such  as artificial intelligence. IoT have been integrated into the patient’s live to sense(aware) , report(automate), and finally assist a clinical decision making(actionable) depending on the needs and expectations of the client. Good example of these technologies lies in the futuristic devices like remote monitors, wearable technologies, sensors and implants that supports a meaningful integration into the patients life.

In the near future patients are not only the ones who depend on these healthcare technologies. Both healthcare providers and nursing team will depend on IoT solutions as well as devices that would be able to sense the requirements of the patients, automate the process with additional endurance to timely delivery.Outcomes of the process are analyzed to make the ‘care’ process more faster and personalized. Even delivery networks like hospitals too benefit from IoT solutions in reaching operational efficiency like tracking personal and reporting.

Does technology challenged persons benefit from this?

humanizing_healthcare_rxznh-640x420There is an another core advantage with respect to the ‘sensing’ technologies. People who find it hard to deploy technology in the healthcare will be benefited as IoT breaks all the barriers. Nowadays smart technologies and wearable gadgets are intuitive. They helps the doctors as well as ‘care’ providers by generates reports and feedback that helps in  understanding the interaction of the patient with the environment.This mode of real time monitoring of the patients will not only boost the confidence of the healthcare providers but also increase the potential of the positive output. This ‘Humanization of technology’ will offer a longer and better life that we have been dreaming for since a long time now.

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