The role of eCommerce

  • For eCommerce teams, success means driving revenue—and revenue depends on traffic. The most powerful force for driving that traffic is your trusted brand. Without a healthy brand, your revenues are at risk.
  • In the digital world, however, there are those who would sabotage, impersonate or misuse your brand for their own gain. They take advantage of the web’s immediacy and global reach to set up shop and use your powerful brand to lure visitors—directly competing with you.
  • Using the same promotional tools as your marketing teams—search and shopping engines, social media, mobile marketing and advertising they use the power of your brand against you. Every potential site visitor who is lured away by a scammer, unscrupulous competitor, misguided affiliate—even counterfeiters and pirates—is a sale you may never make.
  • The impact of this brand abuse is immense. Revenues most definitely suffer, while greater confusion and distrust among consumers grows. Your web traffic is diverted elsewhere, and the brand itself loses luster. Marketing campaigns designed to drive shoppers to your site become less effective. Huge investments in print and broadcast media are affected because brand abuse makes it tougher for your customers to find you online.
  • To Protect Your Revenues, You’ll Have to Protect Your Brand Online.
    It’s that simple. That’s why eCommerce teams should be among the most vocal proponents of online brand protection. And because each business is unique, you’ll need a unique brand protection strategy.
  • The critical role of eCommerce. A surprisingly wide range of business functions are affected by online brand abuse, but eCommerce teams have more at stake than most, since you depend on a healthy brand to drive traffic and revenue. eCommerce teams should take the lead in creating a brand protection strategy designed to:
  • Locate and reclaim diverted traffic and revenue. An online brand protection strategy can help you reclaim your rightful traffic by shutting down paid search abuse, recovering domains and putting counterfeiters out of business.
  • Improve affiliate and partner compliance. Today’s fluid, multichannel markets can breed confusion. A brand protection strategy can monitor for compliance and implement early course corrections when needed—keeping your rightful revenue where it belongs.
  • Increase your marketing ROI. Scammers drive up pay-per-click ad costs by competing for branded keywords, while misguided affiliates siphon off revenues (even taking commissions on the sales). Brand protection lets you reclaim the traffic you’ve paid for, while damping down online noise that confuses consumers and customers. It also maximizes offline investments in brand awareness by allowing consumers to find you more easily when they go online.
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