The Practical Use of Mobile MR Reporting Software for Pharma


The dream of all sales persons has been mobile computing and real-time communication for years now. Before, mobile phones had small screens, slow download time and pre 3G telecom services. This resulted in inconsistent and unsatisfactory experiences for almost all sales representatives.

One major obstacle in Mobile sales force automation is end user adoption doubled with low market demand and other complex technical issues.



Not too long ago, medical reps had only two things they could possibly forget when leaving their houses in the morning – purse/wallets and their leather tote bag.

And what is the trend today? A mobile phone AND a handheld tablet are a must for essential “mobile communication”. With the emergence of mobile devices, additional capabilities have occurred which are not found in computers. Smartphones these days can capture photographs, videos, recordings and provide GPS facility too. All of this can be uploaded onto Pharma CRM software in a flash.

Wireless bandwidth is expanding drastically and fast. It supports the demands of business applications like e-mails with large attachments, multimedia contents and other real-time channels of communication. An industry like the Pharmaceutical industries has sales reps coming in and out at all times. To make things easier and simpler for them, mobile field force is THE solution.

Choosing of the right mobile device:


The debate for every customer these days is whether to buy a mobile phone or a tablet.

In the year 2013, the term “Phablet” was introduced. What it means, you may wonder. Phone call facilities + Tablet facilities. A tablet that gives you the option to make phone calls is known as a Phablet. The ideal choice for every mobile sales force would be the phablet.

“Dead Time” – Can it be overcome?


What is dead time?

Dead time refers to the time during the working day that medical reps think that they are wasting because it is spent doing nothing productive or constructive.

Without the lack of appropriate technological support, medical reps will find it impossible to perform any activity during dead time. A laptop or a computer is not useful here because it takes up time in boosting up the OS. Sometimes it is slow because of the Dongle.

Because of this one reason, smartphones, handheld tabs or netbooks are seen to be much more useful during dead time. It is also easier to carry than a laptop or computer.

Risks of Mobile MR Reporting:


It is a loss sometimes because salespeople fail to understand the benefits offered by mobile technology.

This is why is a must to include salespeople onto the team during the decision-making process.

Is it possible to increase work efficiency of an MR?

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Medical reps are always outside in the real world more than on their desk. They are busy convincing physicians and hospitals to bring in new orders for their company. When there is a sales trip, the reps get plenty of time to carry out their daily work like administrative work. But reps cannot do this all the time because of a laptop. They cannot work productively all the time.

To overcome this barrier, medicals reps extend their working time from home. They do all this at the expense of losing family and personal time. The underlying barrier here is the inability to work whenever they have the free time.

Mobile MR Reporting system to fully shut down web based CRM??

First of all, we must understand the merits and demerits of Mobile MR and Web-based CRM.

Web-based CRM and SFA Systems – designed to generate powerful reports and business intelligence. This is not useful on a 3.5-inch smartphone screen. They provide solutions to a greater degree of interaction and performance for managers who are less likely to travel like medical reps.

Mobile Reporting Systems – interactive and capable of information into easily understandable terms and language. Mobile Apps can complement, rather than replace.

Mobile CRM is the answer to Field Force Challenges:

Amanda Ciccatelli screenshot app

The topmost goals of all CRM are to make sure communication is continuous, consistent and based on individual preferences.

All the information received from CRM needs to be centralized. Now that Cloud has come into the picture, it has become easier to maintain relationships with Physicians, Hospitals, and Stockists. This means, certain key information are intelligently assimilated by the cloud, which helps maintain relationships better. All customer contacts from sales, support, and services, are centralized. This is accessible from mobile phones. This means sales reps are better equipped and can perform better with customers. With the use of handheld tablets, it becomes easier for sales reps to communicate with doctors. It makes them more confident in their work.

Top 10 benefits of Pharma Mobile MR Reporting:

  1. Exponentially increase Rep productivity, allowing work to be accomplished on the fly.
  2. Make use of dead time (he wasted waiting time & traveling time).
  3. Access relevant CRM data wherever & when it is needed most.
  4. Aids in transparent communication, live task updates & status reports anytime, anywhere.
  5. Accessing the company database for information before meetings with physicians.
  6. Efficient Pre-call and Post-call planning.
  7. Provide physicians with straightforward answers to their questions.
  8. Checking important official notifications during sales trips.
  9. Making use of free time by visiting nearby unplanned doctors.
  10. Handheld Tablets helps Medical Reps provide context-specific information to Doctors.

There is useful information that can help sales reps in performing effectively on the database. Also, additional information is not shared with the sales managers. This information is stored in the heads of sales reps for future use. Since mobiles are always on, it becomes easier to access information than using a laptop, because laptops take a time to open.

In today’s competitive market, pharma sales force needs information at the tip of their fingers and the best way to achieve this is by using mobile phones and handheld tabs.

It is easier to manage relationships on the go. Everything is available in the handheld device – key accounts, contacts, and stockists. Information is readily available when needed.

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