The Next Generation-From Mobile app to Wearables


Nowadays, the number of mobile users have increased drastically. All sort of business ranging from small business to large enterprises desired to be online in order to satisfy their customers. On an average nearly 800 million man hours are saved by small business with mobile apps.

Internet Connectivity

internet-connectivityInternet connectivity is required to run the apps on mobile. Since mobile is a hand-held device it has become a part of our everyday life. The problem is internet connectivity. Most of Asia and Europe suffer from lack of connectivity. Hence there arises a need for the mobile apps to run  offline to satisfy the needs of the customer. Both developers and project managers have to rethink of the strategy to deploy offline-first approach in their project.


MicrosoftThe next booming hype in the tech industry is wearables. They are the game changer in the industry.  Wearbles are the successor of mobile technology.They too have become a part of our life like mobile apps.

We always love to wear accessories, apparels. These wearbles comes in handy with fashion at the same time work equally like mobile phone. There is no necessity to carry gadget externally. At this point we need smart wearables that work offline.

Application areas of wearables

The areas where wearables are mostly used are sports, fitness, medical, lifestyle, gaming and infotainment. By considering the application areas it would be better to have offline access.

biometricsUnlike mobile phones smart wearables are even used for tracking eg.biometric data tracking, real data tracking. These data allow brands to target the right prospect. For instance , if you are using the wearable for health purpose, geo location sensor automatically notify you with offers on health products when you pass by an pharmacy.


Above all these factors privacy is of major concern. Wearables operate with consents of law.


A Euromonitor International Report reveals that initial adaptation of wearables is weak outside North America.The demand started to increase in 2014-2015 in European and Indian market. It is expected that the sales would face a hike of 250 million units by 2018. We look forward for the desirable products that make the human life comfortable.

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