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  • It’s difficult to trust that the Apple Watch was initially declared just about a year prior despite the fact that it didn’t go at a bargain until April of this current year. In any case, following the time it’s been accessible… we really don’t know how well the Apple Watch is offering. Apple hasn’t discharged any official deals numbers, which is a touch odd since they cherish declaring iPhone deals numbers.
  • Still, numerous individuals have said they are holding off for the second Apple Watch with expectations of better plan, better battery life, and, well, simply better everything. However, it would seem that those individuals must hold off somewhat more. All things considered, it’s currently very nearly been a year since its declaration, yet no new Apple Watch is in sight–that’s disregarding Apple discharging a swath of new items in September. While it’s practically sure Apple is holding the cutting edge Apple Watch for a 2016 discharge, we thought it would be a good time until further notice to assemble a list of things to get of the top ways we trust it will be diverse. This is what we have been thinking.


  • 1.Apple Watch 2: Better Battery, Obvs!
  • This is the most disappointing thing about the present Apple Watch. Not as much as a day’s battery life SUCKS no doubt. In any case, Apple Watch’s battery life issue isn’t totally inside of Apple’s control. Battery innovation simply isn’t to the point where batteries can both be sufficiently little and sufficiently capable to fit in and charge a gadget that is as little as a smartwatch for quite a long time at once. Still, there are ways by means of programming and equipment that you can draw out battery life. Apple does this to incredible impact in the iPhones and to some impact in the first Apple Watch. Ideally they’ll have the capacity to make Apple Watch 2 more power effective, which could give it 48 hours of battery life.
  • 2.Apple Watch 2: More Shapes


  • At this time the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, yet both are rectangular. There are some wonderful Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches out there that have round clock faces–and they all look vastly improved than the Apple Watch. Hopefully Apple Watch 2 gives us the choice to look over changed molded bodies. One just need to see the stunning mockups by Alcion utilized as a part of this post to perceive how cool a round Apple Watch could be.


  • 3.Apple Watch 2: More Storage
  • The main Apple Watch has 8GB of inherent stockpiling. That is okay–especially for watchOS 1, which essentially ran lightweight sidekick applications fastened to the iPhone. In any case, now that watchOS 2 takes into account devoted applications (to some degree) more stockpiling is going to wind up more vital. Since Apple cherishes the 16 GB stockpiling choice on their iPhones, why not knock up the Apple’s capacity Watch 2 by that much?
  • 4.Apple Watch 2: Better Siri
  • Siri has gotten speedier in watchOS 2, but since regardless it streams Siri’s information through the iPhone it’s slower than it could be. We’d adoration to see a local installed Siri with the Apple Watch 2. Obviously with the goal that should happen Apple Watch 2 would require the accompany.
  • 5.Apple Watch 2: Built-in Cellular and GPS
  • Yeah, for now if you want an Internet connection or working GPS, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. In order for the Apple Watch to be a truly stand alone device, it would need both a cellular connection and built-in GPS. Of course if it had a cellular and GPS chip, you’re talking about components that eat through battery life, which doesn’t make the first item on our wishlist any more plausible.
  • 6.Apple Watch 2: More Sensors



  • At this moment the Apple Watch shows some kindness rate sensor, yet in the event that it really needs to be seen as a wellbeing/wellness gadget it needs more sensors. A blood glucose sensor is the regularly asked for, additionally sensors like movement and gauge for following runs and soak ascensions would be a colossal wellbeing support. Also, waterproof that puppy so you could utilize it in the pool.
  • 7.Apple Watch 2: No iPhone Required
  • You may be seeing a subject here with our list of things to get: we need the Apple Watch 2 free of its iPhone perpetual killjoy. It’s at present such a cool gadget, yet it loses that cool and convenience when your iPhone isn’t around. On the off chance that it could do very nearly everything your iPhone could think how amazing–and genuinely innovative–it would be. An iPhone on your wrist without the iPhone: calls, Apple Pay, Internet network, and so on. It would be stunning.
  • 8.Apple Watch 2: FaceTime Camera
  • The keep going thing on our Apple Watch 2 list of things to get is likewise presumably the most self-evident. We need it to be Dick Tracy’s watch. We need that FaceTime camera at the highest point of the Apple Watch 2 so we can video gathering with anybody anyplace from our wrist–and look damn cool doing it.

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