Reasons behind the Consideration of PHP as a Loosely Typed Language


In general , loosely typed languages refers to those languages that does not require defining a variable for usage. In simpler terms, when defining a variable in these languages there is no need to define the data type to be store in them. One major advantage of these programming scripts is that you can define a variable namely $string and can assign it to an integer value. One of the most popular examples of strongly types languages are C#. In these scripts the variable must be defined while declaring.

What is PHP?

PHP_FrameworksPHP is contrary to all the programming scripts as it does not require defining the type of the variable. PHP will be quite beneficiary to those programmers who need flexibility as it does not confined to a limited data set. Currently, there has been a great hike in the usage of PHP. As a loosely typed language, this offers golden opportunities to programmers for designing great software programs. But in order to make it possible programmers should also be aware of the challenges associated with it. Have a look at this article and get an idea why PHP is one of the most sought programming language.

Optimum flexibility

testable-and-maintainable-code-in-php-400The flexibility of a loosely typed programming script offers more assistance while creating dynamic applications. Quite often dynamic applications have to determine the actions based on an unknown data. Hence, they are considered more tough to work with. Usage of PHP programming scripts reduces the tension. As it does not require defining the variable before usage, much of the complexities involved are greatly reduced and additionally it offers optimum flexibility.

Ultimate liberty in programming

In case of strongly typed programming language there are a set of predefined rule set which the programmers have to follow while coding. This greatly reduces the chance for the programmers to frame a rule set of their choice. But in  case of PHP, the situation is entirely different. It offers them the complete freedom of operation by allowing them to define their own rules.

Scope of experimentation

PHP programming script offers the ultimate scope of experimentation to the programmers. Programmer not only gain knowledge of the major benefits and opportunities, they also develop an idea of the major challenges associated with it.


Although PHP as a loosely typed programming script has gained popularity among the ingenious programmers, it still has its own set of drawbacks

Vulnerability issue

veracode-112015On working with PHP, it has become essential for the programmers to gain profound knowledge of data typing. Without this they are actually creating vulnerable programming codes. Because of the loosely types nature of PHP it is exposed to major set of errors. For example, your code needs an integer input but your variable is in string. However, properly structured and organized programming code reduces the effect of this vulnerability to a great extent.

The several reasons stated above clearly stated why PHP is considered as the loosely typed programming language along with the set of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. For further queries on mobile application development and website creation feel free to drop us on

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