Processess between the Client and the Designing Teams

  • User Experience Design is a deeply collaberative process between the design and the client teams It is essential that one emerces themselves in clients business to see what they see and feel what they feel. Here are the six faces that occur in sequence and out in parallel.

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  • Stake holder meeting helps to create a basic outline of what we think is best. The needs as given below of the client must be understood:
  1. Research elements
  2. Goal planning
  3. Understanding the target audience
  4. Creating user journeys
  5. Competitor analysis (best practices, their shortcomings, opportunities, innovative differentiators)
  6. Content strategy-Basic
  7. Estimated Budget

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  • The questions that we generally include in our initial meeting are:
  1. Problem statement- what should be solved?
  2. Stakeholders- The individuals and the decision makers involved in a meeting.
  3. Users- understanding the target audience.
  4. Risks- What are the things that could go wrong and what is the worst case scenario.
  5. Assumptions- Things we would be assuming throughout the project, e.g. Client will provide timely feedback, client will provide description of the products.
  • Meetings are arranged in combinations like halfday with clients and other half with internal team and broken into short duration over a few days. Quick feedback and reduced delivery time must be emphasised. The target audiences must be categorised into personas, groups of homogenous individuals based on demographic similarities like age, lifestyle,income, gender, social, conformity etc. User stories are must be looked out for to create a simplified description of a requirement.
  • One’s priority must continue to be client satisfaction and forging long term business relationship.

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