Popularity of Ruby On Rails as a Web App Development Solution


Ruby on rails has been higher end of the graph in web app development solution during the last decade. Knowledge of this platform land developers into great jobs, projects and lucrative positions in Ruby on Rails development companies. Many companies right from startup to highly established development company agrees Ruby on Rails is the best  choice compared to Java, Python, etc..


What makes Ruby on Rails popular? Lets have a look at some of the functionalities of the platform,

Highly versatile in nature

term-rubyProgrammers can choose to take an existing class else overwrite the behavior in just five lines of code. Though this seems quite easy, there is a risk involved in each and every task.  Ruby can be used as a ‘language power continuum’ as it does not miss out the features available with newer languages.


Pragmatic approach

369132_258f_5It integrates deep pragmatism into its coding DNA. Ruby has been continuously producing elegant solutions since last decade. Ruby does not have any level of scripting complications. It is often referred to as ‘tent’ by the developers. With app development using Ruby on Rails , its more of an convention than configuration.

Easily understandable

Ruby on Rails is maximum like studying in English. The language semantics gets extended with the DSL of the language. While constructing DSL as an extension is almost risky in other languages. Programmers does not require external parser. Ruby strikes an even balance with DSL. DSL offers good sense and demonstrate self control. The bottom line of programming in Ruby is the inherent use of high quality syntax and smart naming facility.

Community support

previewIn order for the Ruby to stay on the updated condition it is supported by a group of community professionals. In Ruby the sparks are retained, whereas in other languages projects gets simmer as the project progress. It has an excellent set of package manager for languages known as “RubyGems”. Until now it act as a wonderful source for excellent programmers. There is a provoking synergy between the language and the community support.


We always go behind tools that has a good track record while making decisions. Ruby perfectly fits into this criteria. Ruby has established several runtimes and interpreter to make it conductive for programmers.



Compared to its competitors, Ruby on Rails has a good marketing strategy. Even in older days, Ruby’s screen cast was breathtaking and one would totally agree to the point when framework is in question, it’s best to be in the crowd. Ruby on Rails is the perfect choice. Ruby gives a prefect solution for the rapidly changing technological needs. Simultaneously speeds up the development process and saves both money as well as time.

These reasons clearly demonstrates why Ruby on Rails remain popular even after so long.
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