Microsoft Outlook for iOS is not living upto the expectations


  • 1. In the event that you’ve utilized Microsoft’s Windows 8-style OWA application for iOS, you know how ungainly it is. At the point when Microsoft discharged its Outlook application yesterday for iOS (and in addition a sneak peak rendition for Android), taking into account the Accompli application it obtained a year ago, numerous clients cheered – yet simply because they hadn’t really utilized the Outlook application.


  • 2. Miserable to say, Outlook for iOS is bad. It feels both surged and fragmented.
  • 3. The Outlook for iOS UI is much cleaner than the OWA application’s UI, which has the awkward Windows 8 plan. Be that as it may, the content is too little for some individuals to peruse, and there are no settings to change the content size. In addition, Outlook doesn’t respect iOS’s Text Size settings. In case you’re more than 40, you’ll likely need perusing glasses to utilize Outlook on even a full-measure iPad.
  • 4. Exploring Outlook email records and envelopes is additionally troublesome, depending on an Android-style float menu that obliges substantially more exertion than Apple Mail’s basic “do a reversal a sheet” approach. In any case, I give Outlook acknowledgment for simple channels, for example, demonstrating messages with connections or new messages. Despite the fact that Apple Mail has all the more such savvy channels, you need to set them up yourself.
  • 5. The OWA application is confined to Office 365 endorsers just, and singularly for Exchange access. By difference, the Outlook application gives you a chance to get to any Exchange server (both on-premises and facilitated), and also a few mainstream email administrations: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and (the old Hotmail). Be that as it may, you can’t set up email for other POP or IMAP accounts, as you can in Apple’s local Mail application.
  • 6. When you set up records, Outlook unites with email, timetables, and contacts, not just email. However, it doesn’t bolster errands or notes, which Apple’s applications do with Exchange, iCloud, and IMAP accounts — you’ll have to utilize Apple’s Reminders and Notes applications for that information.
  • 7. You can set up distributed storage access for OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, however strangely when you set up an Office 365 record that has a related OneDrive record, OneDrive isn’t naturally settled. Nor is iCloud Drive in the event that you set up an included record. Google Drive is naturally empowered on the off chance that you set up a Gmail account.
  • 8. Still, I like the Files view for email, which demonstrates to all of you records for every single dynamic record (email and distributed storage) in one take. The client configurable motions via the post office rundown is likewise pleasant – it fundamentally lives up to expectations the same as Mail’s element with the exception of you get the chance to pick stand out catch for every swipe in Outlook, versus a few in Mail.
  • 9. The Scheduled element just riddles me. You can’t plan an email you are forming, yet you can timetable messages you got, which doesn’t bode well. There’s likewise no real way to stamp mail as garbage.
  • 10. The iOS Outlook application has no out-of-office capacity, in spite of the fact that the OWA and Apple Mail applications do. This is a center Outlook ability on the desktop so its oversight from the iOS adaptation demonstrates the absence of consideration Microsoft put in this application.
  • 11. At the point when forming an email, you can check your date-book and convey your accessibility, and in addition make welcomes, yet you can’t add individuals to the welcome as you can in Mail or OWA. Beneficiaries get welcome documents, but since you can’t add individuals to the welcome from the email, you have no record in your schedule with reference to who was welcomed and who reacted. (You can add individuals to a date-book welcome in the Calendar view.)
  • 12. The schedule perspective is similarly baffling. There’s no capacity to set up a rehashing arrangement — a silly exclusion — and in Exchange, the Location field can’t see your meeting rooms, as the OWA application and Outlook on a PC can (yet not Apple Mail)


  • I’d say that Outlook is an OK begin for Microsoft in conveying proficient email to iOS and Android, with the exception of that it’s a scarcely distinctive adaptation of the current Accompli application, and it does less in some key regions than the clumsy OWA application.
  • Let’s be realistic: Outlook for iOS and Android is a teaser application for something better than average Microsoft may do later on however is not doing now, a flag that one day we’ll get genuine Outlook on cell phones.
  • Yet, as of now, neither it nor OWA are great applications. Luckily, Apple and Google have better applications as of now on your gadgets.

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