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  • E-Commerce area is viewed as one of the quickest developing fragments of the administration business around the world. It is not simply the created nations; the potential in the creating nations is surprising and considered a standout amongst the most lucrative ventures towards what’s to come. The change of stores from block and mortar to advanced stores upgrades the buyer experience and comfort, encourages customer profiling, balances open doors for little or substantial undertakings, future projections and a scope of different advantages.
  • There are such a large number of e Commerce stage suppliers that are depending on these development projections for this segment. India for instance is the third biggest economy where the working class section is anticipated to have higher acquiring force equality than most created nations by 2016. With such discretionary cash flow and potential, the future for e Commerce in India looks a considerable measure greener.
  • Basic concept about Magento
  1. Magento is an Open Source content administration framework for ecommerce sites.
  2. As indicated by an examination directed by Ahead works in October 2014, Magento holds 30% of the piece of the pie when contrasted with 30 most famous e Commerce stages.
  3. This is an extremely huge offer considering its rivals. Gartner’s enchantment quadrant spots Magento a ton higher than it was at first put, moving it up to the position as “challenger”. IBM’s Web sphere and SAP Hybrids lead this race.


  • Growth of Magento over 2 years;
  1. Despite the fact that Magento’s development is unquestionably positive, regardless it has an impressive hole to cover so as to lead the diagrams.
  2. One in each four eCommerce sites is observed to be based on Magento.
  3. It is watched that the lion’s share of their clients are from little and medium venture portion, with a similarly slower development in the expansive undertaking fragment.
  4. Apparently the Community version of Magento appears to have developed by 13.5% in 2014, though the Enterprise release that was focused for bigger undertakings has seen a lessening of 13% when contrasted with past rates. Specialists propose that this could be on account of extensive endeavors see these ventures as vital and partner themselves with the business sector pioneers, or some are simply not mindful of the advantages that Magento brings to the table.
  5. Either ways they free on the money saving advantage and the exceptionally adaptable nature of Magento.
  • Some of the reasons why enterprises are choosing Magento;
  1. Interactive selling
  2. Web content management
  3. Distributed order management
  4. Reporting
  5. Analytic


  • Gartner exploration recommends that in the e Commerce fragment (2015-2018), organizations that attention on personalization will demonstrate to beat others by an edge of 30%. Additionally, 70% of the organizations that are as of now cantered around B2B or B2C will move to Individual client experience. One of the other fascinating truths is the measure of speculation made by financial speculators on e Commerce new businesses i.e, $6.21bn in 2013, $14.60bn in 2014, $4bn for the first quarter of 2015. This demonstrates the development pattern and the measure of saw potential in this division.
  • Impact of Magento on enterprises and users;
  1. The particular construction modelling of Magento is flexible to the point that it permits any adjustment to current elements, expansion or building of new augmentations and reconciliation of different frameworks with Magento work process effortlessly.
  2. Having worked with Magento over every one of these years, I trust that none of the focuses recorded above are an issue, on the grounds that every one of them are achievable with customisation.
  3. The best part is it would really be more conservative even with all the customizations when contrasted with other bigger stages.
  4. The expense investment funds and time reserve funds would be considerable; likewise the adaptability that it could include would practically be exceptional.
  5. It’s my conclusion that Magento has every one of the abilities to wind up a business sector pioneer in the e Commerce stage portion with the right mindfulness and bundling.
  • The future appears to be brilliant and the decision in Magento appears to be correct.
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