Magenta Community VS Magento Enterprise

  • Magento is launched in 2008. It provides two distinct platforms, Magento Community Edition which is an open source content management system and has many built-in extensions which can satisfy the needs of small enterprises and Magento Enterprise Edition which is derived from the Magento Community Edition and has the same core files. This edition is designed for users looking for additional features and customization which is not possible in Community Edition. Enterprise Edition is not free and is subscription based service which is packed with Service Level Agreement. The Magento team supports the subscribers through phone or email.



  • Choosing between both the editions of Magento could be bit confusing for the client as Community Edition is cost effective and on the other hand Enterprise Edition has high performance capability. Magento Enterprising Edition is a more powerful edition with security enhancements, additional modules and performance capabilities. We recommend either of the editions based on the client’s requirement so that you don’t feel you are paying extra for the services, which you don’t require in Enterprise Edition.




  • Although we can help you through our experience working with Magento. Magento Community is being used for several projects and have worked for most of the requirements at substantially low cost. We also design Magento Community Edition according to a client’s requirements by either purchasing and customizing existing extensions or building customized edition specific to the client’s requirement. This comprises you Magneto store with the features you required.
  • But our recommendation takes into account resources available, volume, traffic and business size among other essential factors. There are projects for which only Enterprising edition fits best and projects where we can tailor Community Edition to suit your requirements. It is all constructed upon the client’s need and requirement.

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