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Apple watch is an interestingly little device that performs majority of the tasks. It almost looks like a device paradise since it inherits the features like heteronomous, dependent on tethering data, content and sensor readings from it’s parent iPhone. It is absolutely a business tactic, where Apple tighten the ecosystem loop and lock the users down with solutions that dependent on each other in  more ways. The entire watch becomes  more strong and powerful when coupled with iPhone. But Apple watch is not a  slouch , it has its won sensors and other capabilities.Lets have a  look at some of its features,


how-to-pair-bluetooth-headset-apple-watch-screensNowadays , all the apple watches comes with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a heart rate sensor. The support of third party developers is greatly limited with apple watch. Users will be able to send notification and other data to Watch kit apps but there are no major hopes for extensive sharing and independent data exchange capabilities.

An important factor regarding bluetooth is that apple is working on a wireless bluetooth headset  focused on  fitness applications. On the apple watch pages the following can be found,

Music. Control music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket. And when you leave your iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on apple watch

But there is no headphone port on the watch. We will look forward to it.

Near Field Communication Module

We have the much awaited Near Field Communication Module(NFC). It was originally developed to support Apple pay, but now it has its functions in several new ways. Data exchange and short-range communication between NFC supported watches, phones  and sensors can be made easier. It was rumored that this feature will have its third party support. But nothing is sure to confirm the fact.

Activity Sensor

watch-activity-overview-trimmedThrough the healthkit platform data from heart rate sensor and accelerometer will be made available. Apple also demonstrated how heart beat data can be used to initiate very intimate communication. Heart beat animation can be send from one user to other. It sounds very simple, but its effects on how people communication should be substantial , leading to the invention of more new ways of personal ,deep information and emotional exchange.



By watchkit apps, Glimpses and interactive notifications third party developers will be able to access Apple watch’s screen.


A glimpse is a widget like panel a more like a dashboard in OSx. The users can access it by swiping the screen from anywhere in the UI. It was originally designed to provide essential set of functionality namely closing garage doors, turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, etc..The level of accessibility this device provides is even more exciting . Think of an e-connected where everything is controlled by a simple device namely Apple watch.


Apps are the miniature versions of mobile apps build using Watchkit SDK. In twitter app the users can access the timeline, read tweets, retweet, favorite and much more. It completely depend on the developers and the designers to fix the extent of functionality that can be included in an Apple watch.  But there is a major hindrance put forth on the developers side. How they are going to fit the entire data on such a small screen with a limited interaction model. Users are much excited about the creativity involved in  designing short, sensible and meaningful pieces of software in an Apple watch.

Interactive notifications

smartwatch_3199215bThe concept of interactive notifications in an Apple watch comes from iOS 8. Thinking of regular banner notifications which slides from the top of the screen, 2-3 buttons performing actions which are the most appropriate in the specific moment of perceiving a notification. Users will still be able to deal with messages, emails, calendar invitations, facebook notifications, etc. in a meaningful and in a faster way. Developers have the major task of prioritizing the notifications.


Apart from all the technicalities of the product, lets have a look at the effort in which the product was put forth to the public view. Have you noticed how many videos of the watch has been made? How each shot of the watch was defined absolute perfection of form, texture, play of light and shadow? These videos are perfect that they almost seem unnatural. Even the luxurious cars would not have come up with such visual perfection of Apple watch’s video.From the view of designers this would be a great inspiration as on how to use visuals to sell the product combined with the right combination of motion progression, shot composition, pacing, contrasts and color palettes.


Roboto-2014The typeface used in apple watch is not Helvetica, Chicago, Lucinda and definitely not Madrid? Apple designed a new typeface exclusively for apple watch, with the overarching goal of maximizing legibility. The typeface apple designed is another homage to Swiss school of design. Apple succeeded in drawing the best qualities from the pillars of Swiss and German typography.

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