Important Ecommerce Metrics

  • E-commerce metric is a quantifiable measure businesses use to track, monitor and assess the success or failure of various business processes. Some organizations outline business metrics in mission statement, which require buy-in from all levels of the company, while others simply incorporate them into their general workflows. E-commerce metric is most important for every business.
  • Financial metrics:
  1. Total gross revenues
  2. Gross & net Profit
  3. revenue per customer
  4. Marketing spend
  5. Gross Margin by product type
  6. Sales per visitor
  7. Cost per visitor
  8. Cost/profit per new customer
  9. Value of returns
  10. Cost & Revenue per campaign
  11. Revenue by product line
  12. Revenue by product
  13. Lost profit
  14. Return on inventory
  • Customer metrics:
  1. Orders
  2. Average order size
  3. new customers
  4. repeat customers
  5. Top [x] customer locations
  6. new customer registrations
  7. Total registered customers
  8. Ratio of new customers to repeat customers
  9. items per order
  10. abandoned shopping cart sessions
  11. Customer satisfaction
  • Marketing:
  1. Reach
  2. Response rate (Click through rate)
  3. Customer conversion rate
  4. Newsletter/ezine subscribers
  5. coupon codes redeemed
  6. discount codes redeemed
  7. Campaign: Number landing page impressions
  8. Campaign: Number of times seen, impressions
  9. Campaign: Number of clicks and bounces
  10. Campaign: Number who stayed more than 10 pages
  11. Campaign: Number of orders
  12. Campaign: Average order value
  13. Campaign: Sales per thousand impressions
  • Web metrics:
  1. Unique Users
  2. Visits
  3. Page Impressions
  4. Pages per Visits
  5. Time on Site
  6. Top [x] referral sites
  7. Top [x] exit destination sites
  8. Site penetration ratio
  • Site Usability & Usage Metrics:
  1. Clicks to Buy (CTB)
  2. Top [x] pages where sessions are abandoned
  3. Number of featured products clicks on home page
  4. Top product pages by views
  • Operations Metrics:
  1. Average order process time
  2. Average shipping days to customer
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