Importance Of Quality Design In Consumer Apps


  • The ease of a consumer User Experience is important not just at home but, according to employees, also at work. Recent trends show that design has been a focus in consumer apps.
  • One must understand that designs shouldn’t be an afterthought, it’s a crucial building block of your app that will influence every element of its success. Making the decision to invest in quality design from the start leads to:
  1. Wider audiences– software reaches mobile-first markets — people who don’t have access or don’t want to use desktop computers.
  2. Brand awareness– mobile improves and builds upon brand image.
  3. Perpetual connectivity– mobile allows people to be connected and accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • The benefits of putting quality design is huge. It does matter because quality designs does not just end with happier, more engaged users. It can also change everything about your app and process – for the better. When you have a solid design foundation, your app’s version 2 (or 3, or 4) goes from a long and expensive overhaul to a quicker and easier update. Apart from these benefits, other boons like customer support costs are reduced, user training is simplified, and user adoption can be less expensive and more organic.
  • With over 600 mobile, web, and cloud solutions, and outstanding successes like Intel , Hallmark, and Mobeam, we’ve more than proven the Sourcebits design-first approach works. For us putting quality design matters because as they say well begun is half done.

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