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  • Rapid delivery, smooth integration, smooth releases, post production support and continuous integration must be address as quickly as possible, because for any business time is a priceless resource. Faster go-to-market ensures early adoption of your product by users, higher sales and revenue, more market penetration.
  • Feedback from users are very important to insure a wider share of market.
  • Iterative development and continuous integration, plugin development, domain design, and convention over configuration must be assembled together for rapid delivery.
  • We use Groovy on Grails (GoG) and Ruby on Rails (RoR) frameworks to ensure rapid delivery. GoG consists of Spring, Spring injection Control, Java, J2EE and Hibernate. Built-in plugins reduce the time for development.
  • Its ok to doubt the performance of rapid delivery. Security concerns matter with the choice of framework. Using GoG and Ruby on Rails frameworks helps us use concurrent techniques and patterns. The only problems faced during rapid delivery are third party tool integration challenges, on-time and smooth delivery and release management. We overcome these challenges by:
  • – Using built in plugins, Asynchronous Programming and REST API patterns available.
  • – We use Jenkins framework for continuous integration and release management, built-in capabilities of the framework facilitate smooth delivery, building the VAR file.

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