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The wave of a booming eCommerce industry brings with it an immense pressure on small and medium firms to go online quickly in order to stay relevant  and sustain. Businesses looking for a “ready to use” solution that can help them reorganize quickly are at an all-time high, but their main concern is how much room do these solutions leave for flexibility?

How can one solution cater to the diversity of multiple businesses and their requirements?

If we are to say there is a perfect solution to these questions, a ready to use solution that is flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of requirements and business goals of small to medium organizations, better still – with lower administration costs and higher revenues!! Sounds too good to be true?



Hybris is a software company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, that sells enterprise multichannel e-commerce and product content management (PCM) software. Hybris was founded in 1997 by Carsten Thoma, Moritz Zimmermann and Klaas Hermanns and is a subsidiary of German software company SAP. The company currently has over 500 companies as customers, including General Electric, West Marine, Thomson Reuters, 3M, Toys “R” Us, P&G, Levi’s and Nikon.

Hybris (Acquired by SAP) has been recognized as a leader in its Magic quadrant for Digital Commerce 2014. Furthermore, Hybris has received the highest rating in Gartner’s report of Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce across all three categories – Multi-channel Enterprises Selling to Consumers, Large Enterprises Selling Globally to Consumers and Enterprises Selling to Other Enterprises or SMBs. It is a best-in-class software suite providing exceptional direct selling capabilities and unified experience to its customers.

Hybris+ Business By Design

Hybris Commerce, with its pre-configured and seamlessly integrated multi-channel commerce solution complements SAP’s Business ByDesign perfectly. It enables organizations to reach new customers, improve sales efficiency and provide enhanced support and services through an enterprise-class eCommerce solution. A constantly updated Cloud-based software eliminates your hardware costs and ensures your business is running on the latest technology.


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  • The business can focus on sales without worrying about the technology which is constantly updated and has minimal infrastructure costs or IT maintenance overhead. Seasonal peaks and random traffic surges are easily managed to maintain consistency in performance.
  • Hybris’ deep commerce expertise and tools help quick deployment and easy management of high quality eCommerce sites that are pre-integrated with SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Self-service portal capabilities (managing account details, viewing order history, creating service requests, etc.)
  • A single, integrated business application that helps you manage all commerce solution and scale according to your business needs
  • Increase revenue through effective marketing, promotions and cross-sell or up-sell opportunities
  • Streamline operations and reduce administrative overhead by offering customers self-service capabilities
  • A single platform that helps you manage your global presence. Managing country, language, currency, channel, tax rates, prices, shipping details and other variables is a whole lot easier.
  • Pay-as-you-go model helps you control costs
  • As Hybris Commerce is pre-integrated with SAP Business ByDesign, there is no setup or configuration requirements to facilitate real-time exchangeof customer and account information between them.
  • Superior product Search and Navigation. (Fully integrated, error tolerant and with filtering technologies to help customers get what they want within three clicks.)
  • SEO capabilities include automatic generation of key meta-tags and site maps, product export for shopping and price comparison search engines, search engine friendly URLs and optimized content.


The diagram below shows an abstract view of communication between SAP ByDesign and Hybris. The challenge while integrating with interface systems would be to get the statuses in sync (Even though communication would be stateless) and also handle errors / exception gracefully. We had to introduceJava Message Service (JMS) / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) components into the mix to handle errors / exception, the worker was solely responsible for Routing, Protocol conversion, end point managements, JMS message listener, status sync, retries etc. Sample flow for the message arriving from SAP would be as below:

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  1. SAP would make a call to endpoint exposed on ESB which would then be consumed and pushed to JMS on a request queue.

2. Listener on ESB identifies the incoming messages.

3. Protocol converter runs and converts the message from Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to JavaScript            Object Notation (JSON).

4. Routing logic identifies which method is to be called on Hybris and makes that call.

5. Hybris method call makes the necessary entity modification (status change).



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