How to build a secure and scalable ECommerce platform?

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  • Nowadays it evident that many of the ECommerce portals are getting large number of concurrent users. So the software solution providers started to build a secure and scalable ecommerce applications which will handle huge number of concurrent users that are simultaneously accessing the platform.
  • Most of the enterprises recognizes that they need to get into online now more than ever! Grocery chains, Fashion apparels, tire manufactures, jewelry stores almost everyone in the business realizes that they need to quickly adopt digital market place. A shift from the conventional desktop to mobile applications shows where the focus is moving to. So, it is mandated to stay relevant for what the future holds.
  • As a technology driven company with focus on helping the clients in digital marketing, Veltrod is equipped to enable the business transformation for enterprises.
  • As many people things, Ecommerce stores does not provide “one size fits all” solution. Each and every business has a different consumer products, demographics and marketing channels. Whatever the case, the sales cycle could be random, consistent or seasonality peaks. So the solution is to tailoring the solutions which is flexible and an exact fit to the business needs. We at Veltrod identify the correct configuration of components that is required to make up your ECommerce store which will help to optimize the costs and create better visibility over your marketing expenses.
  • As the ECommerce industry is undergoing a major boom across the world and creates an opportunity to buy any product he is looking for, our clients require us to develop an online stores which can cater to huge traffic with few hundred thousand visitors accessing and making transactions on the platform at the same time. Being an industry leader and having an experience in developing similar Ecommerce portals, we build an online store which will allow users to buy a product and make a payment online in a secure manner.
  • Wherever we expect huge number of concurrent users to access the ecommerce platform, Veltrod host the ecommerce portal on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. We consider the expected traffic over the next few years along with the expected transactions after the launch of the platform in consultation with the client. Our Architect will design the platform with AWS’s dynamic auto scaling facility which enables it to scale up to any amount of concurrent users and transactions. We use Elastic Load Balancer (EBS) and also multiple availability zone to ensure high availability and have consistent performance. We use Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to make the platform secure. We go with AWS S3 for highly reliable and extremely scalable cloud storage to take care of the backups and provide additional layer for data security.
  • We have successfully hosted and managed several eCommerce stores on the Cloud.

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