How does Material design help?

  • Material design is introduced by Google as part its Android Lollipop. It is new perspective on UI, motion and interaction.
  • Material design primarily talks about Material and Motion.
  1. Material provides context in design. The context is produced by combining style and content in a digital space. For example, We can recognize the dimensions of the house by the walls. We can also recognize the living room and bathroom as we know the context. Because, the material provides context for the interface.
  2. Motion provides context in through the flow of an application. Continuity and uninterrupted user experience is the key here.
  • Material:
  • Material is the combination of color, Typography and layout.
  1. Color: It has a greater level of influence on the look and feel of a design. Material design provides an access to a large palette of colors, which can be used as the foundation for designing a product.
  2. Typography : The standard font for Android, Roboto has been tweaked to improve it for cross platform usage. Material design provides the guidelines with a structure for typography when the designer start a new design.
  3. Layout : Material design allows us to use drop shadows, contrast in color, and z-positioning to give the user a sense of depth in the user interface.
  • Motion
  • Designed material is made alive by adding motion into it. Easing, Responsive interaction and Inspiration are the main components of motion.
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