How Did the Medical Representative Marketing Kit Evolve?


The most important link in any pharmaceutical industry is the medical representatives. When it comes to Pharmaceutical selling, medical reps meet a physician in a specific location based on an appointment or sometimes even impromptu. But to interest the doctor, medical reps need some supporting tools and resources, called a marketing kit.

A marketing kit assumes great significance in marketing a product to doctors and hospitals. Using visual aids, LBLs, clinical paper and/or free samples to promote products is all a part of the medical representative’s medical kit.

What goes into a medical kit?

  1. Visiting cards
  2. Day planners
  3. Promotional and free samples

As a medical rep (MR), spends almost all his time commuting from one place to another, he/she needs gadgets like mobile phones and laptops to communicate. These gadgets play an important role to be in direct touch with the head Office and nearby stockists.

Traditional kits: 51wDqKn-hoL

The omnipresent leather tote bags are the closest thing to any medical sales rep. By using such bags that have the company’s logo, it becomes an inexpensive way for a brand recall. In most cases, the bag itself becomes the marketing kit.

What goes inside the bag?

  1. Visiting cards
  2. Daily call planner
  3. Daily report format
  4. Customer record card
  5. Route plan
  6. Free promotional samples
  7. Gifts for the doctors (if any)
  8. Promotional stationery/ product catalogues/ Leave behind Literature (LBL)
  9. CD/DVD giveaway
  10. Any other items of personal nature

Any marketing kit serves an in-building image of the Pharma Company and medical rep as well. Traditional marketing kits are heavy because they are stuffed with bundles of glossy paper LBLs which may be outdated or even irrelevant in some contexts. Since there is no real-time communication, decision making becomes slow.

Electronic Marketing Kit: s-dixon-law

In order to make sales successful, pharma companies need to speed up their business cycles. Hence, it is important to quickly give information quickly to health care professionals. e-Marketing or electronic marketing kits consist of tools and apps that improve the productivity of MRs. Consistency and branding go hand in hand. Hence, it is very important to present latest details and updates to the physicians. Since updating information on tablets is easy, everyone can see the current details. e-Marketing kits have a handheld tablet, a smartphone and less baggage.

Giving MRs handheld tabs like iPads or Android tabs have made their work simpler and more efficient. This also helps in better communication. With the use of handheld tabs, MRs can show videos to health care professionals to make them understand better. This interests them and also convinces them. Use of 3D images to explain the product also helps. Presentations made on tabs make it look professional because of high-quality images and pictures. MRs can also use these tabs to get information on clinical cases and tests. They can also video-chat with an MSL (Medical Science Liason) sitting right in their office.

Advantages of e-Marketing kit:

  1. Immediate feedback.
  2. Time-sensitive.
  3. Easy communication even when outside office or town.
  4. Better decision making.
  5. Baggage is lesser.

A Medical Rep plays a major role in the medical industry. Without them and their knowledge, it would be impossible to bring in any kind of change or advancements in medical care and diagnosis. Their jobs are strenuous, time consuming and frustrating. They give up personal time and travel long hours just to get one deal signed. Empowering and helping them by giving them the latest tools can make their life easier and improve field work. The dedication each Medical Representative puts in makes them the BEST marketing gurus in the universe. With e-Marketing, they can perform better at minimal cost.



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