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Developers are aware about registering with apple as a contributing developer by paying up $100 to get access to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. But nowadays, the entire procedure has been changed as developers can get free access to the iOS development scene. The entire set of 245 page guideline is made available for free in the iBooks store. The entire book is all about the Apple’s design principles and how are developers expected to approach iPhone and iPad user interface. Lets look at some of the guidelines involved in iOS app design guideline.

Content is considered superior rather than the interface

main-qimg-6f753c24ab78725adf720af4b67089a9As many marketers always stress about, content is always the king and will remain so. A well designed interface only compliments the content but cannot stand for it. Developers should always come up with an intrusive way of branding supported with custom fonts ,customized background, etc..


Delaying the registration procedure

Allowing the user to experience the basic features of the app ensures sustainability of the product in the market. It would be better when the users are allowed to navigate through the app before registering. This basic rule has been set by apple store that the users will not be prompted to register until they decide upon purchasing something.

Friendly and informal

Fotolia_42679861_M-w855h425Integrate the interactions that sound friendly but not familiar. Users are not used to either a complete formal content or a patronizing one. The only solution to this issue is to think like an editor of an newspaper. When the same tone is followed with the app it increases the user friendly features.

Avoid pleasing everyone

When your pleases 80% of the users, pushing it to 100% will not make the app feasible. There will always be customers with demands that are out of the convenient limits.

An engaging experience

Always try to come up with the best design so that the users will find it hard to switch to alternatives. In order to create new marketers also to retain the current user base keep on adding your platform through updates. A good iOS app design will have close or quit option. The only the users quit will be either go to the homescreen or put their phones in sleep mode.

Stay updated

Always keep yourself updated with the changing market needs as well the changes in the behavior of the audience. Be the first one to bring the change if at all it is meant to happen.

Does not encourage users to navigate away from app

There are certain apps in the apple store that requires users to change the settings to continue using the functionalities. For example, apps that prompts you to turn on the location settings. This may harm the productivity. Instead modify the application code to access the settings directly when required.

No new gestures

It is best to avoid showing your entire creativity by bringing in new gestures in to app designing. Unless the app you are going to design is a game users will always want to stick to the standard gestures that  iphone/ipad integrates.

All these above mentioned factors helps you in providing a good design and development.

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