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Google’s android pay was developed as an competitor to Apple’s wallet. It is more than a mere addition to the brand offerings. It is a complete reboot of how Google manages online payments. Currently the online market would estimate around $1tn by the year 2017. Each and every brand is encouraging its customers to switch to mobile shopping than plastic cards or cash. It is a boost to market penetration and increases the convenience of offering products and services on the go.




Online payment trend was initially started by Apple Inc. by the introduction of Apple wallet. It avoid the necessity of customers walking around with credit cards or cash. All sort of payment can be done through mobile phones with best security and mobility.

Google wallet

Google’s version of wallet has come as an alternative to Apple’s wallet. Android pay can be used in any sort of android phone that has Near Field Compatability(NFC) and runs on version higher than Android 4.4(KitKat). Apart from storing credit cards on the phone, users will also be able to access loyalty cards and rest other similar services.

The first brands that integrated with Android pay are Bloomingdale, Subway and Macy’s. By the end of 2015 the functionality was extended to mobile checkout. It currently supports credit card providers like American Express, MasterCard ,Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. The credit card details will not be revealed to the retailers during the transaction. It alternatively generate tokens that reduces data and identity theft.

Features of Android Pay
Partnership with retailers:

It highlights the active partnership of several brands and retailers, offering secure payment facility.

 Carrier Commitment

Initially Android Pay was supported only by Sprint- US based carrier. This increases the need for the customers to download the app to their mobile phones. However, nowadays carriers like AT&T , T-mobile, Verizon ship their products with Android Pay included in the package.

Reduction in voluminous data load

Google earlier debuted with mobile wallets but it turned out to be a failure. Learning from the past experience Google sheds down extraneous features like P2P to make the feature market ready.

Security and simplicity

Google introduces finger print recognition to make secure payments. The simplicity of the application ensures that users would be able to convert their credit cards and debit cards into mobile payment gateways.

Android facility

Shoppers will be tied to android registration but not the app.This ensures that even contactless payment can be done  using only fingerprints.

All these above mentioned features clearly highlights why we should move on to mobile payment gateways.

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