Dos and Don’ts of Designing an Application

Do you have any questions about designing application for a global audience? Are you getting confused while designing applications? There is no doubt that applications are taking over the world at the great height, and we have seen the continual growth of application market, so it is necessary for every designer to stay updated with some basic rules of designing mobile application. Here are some dos and don’ts of designing application.


Think Global, Do not Avoid Local: While designing application, ensure to consider global market along with fulfilling the requirements of local audience. When launching application in particular region, it is must to consider the people’s psychology and their choices.

Don’t Implement Strategy Remotely: Ensure to avoid strategy remotely, you have to create a network of satellite offices and transfer a small level of decision making to regional centers. If you want to know and understand market, you have to require move around and make research. Gathering ideas from different location helps to understand the challenges of different market.

Avoid Cramming Too Many Products On Single Page: The mobile screen is small in size and if you are uploading more than hundred products in single page, the users only click what they’re supposed to click. So, it is advisable to avoid fill up too many items on your page.

Check mobile OS adoption rates: Before designing application for any platform, it is must to verify your audience twice. If you are thinking to target United States market, it is must to only build iOS application while in S.E. Asia, Android operating system is popular.

Don’t Use Gimmicks: Users like animation, if it is done perfectly. While you are designing mobile application, if possible don’t use gimmicks like music, animations, etc. to catch user’s attention. If they are accessing your website, then they are already interested in accessing your application

Don’t Leave Users Lynching: Leaving your users out of the ring at the time of application loading could cause users to think that your application is faulty. It delivers poor experience to your users and may they leave without using it. Moreover, you should take care of loading time. Don’t allows your users to wait for long time while application loading.

DO Use Shuttle: Shuttle is one of the excellent project management tools that created by the Square Engineering Team for bringing their software to the world. When a developer commits code, the entire code base for content is scanned by Shuttle for content that needs to be translated. After that, the team gets a list of content along with the priority of the content and due date that requires to be translated.

Don’t Think Every User Will Access Your App like You: It totally doesn’t matter how your application looks. It is must to test usability of application. It is advisable to manage a closed beta to small group of trusted people and update the interface before launching for public to use. You can also place a Craigslist ad for a checking focus group. Moreover, you can also target groups like college student to test your application.

Don’t Copy Style: At the time of designing application, avoid making user confuse. Always keep style in mind of operating system you are designing mobile app for. As each operating system has different look, so it is must to avoid application look like it doesn’t created for particular platform.

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