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SMAC is a term that is gaining much popularity in digital business industry during the recent times. SMAC is considered to be the future technology where industries will depend upon to leverage their business ideas, expand to new horizons and still improving on the quality of services and deliverables. Lets us see a brief outline of SMAC.

What is SMAC?

smacIt is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud services. Considering the influence these services are having and going to have on the digital world, each of these separate services have been bonded together into one single package. Companies will have to adapt to this new technology platform as a package as it churns out the maximum benefit only when used together. In order for the organizations to meet the needs of the end users as well as to improve satisfaction of the customers these technology has to be adopted as an essential part of the organization.


The drastic increase in the dependency of mobile phones is the major reason for the evolution of SMAC as a business ecosystem. We depend on digital medium for performing our day to day tasks. This increased the need for the business owners to uplift the conventional way of service providing, product offering , customer engagement and branding. In order to adapt to this transformation businesses will have to master each and every single area of the SMAC group. Now, let us have a look at every single area of SMAC for better significance.

Business challenges addressed
Customer management

CMOSocial media has become an integral part for customer management and branding. Even though the impact these social media platforms have on individual may be different, the use of it as a resourceful medium to locate potential customers, building brand value and reputation is tremendous. Social reputation is a major factor for the companies right from startup to multinational companies. When seen from a wider perspective business owners can connect to existing as well as new customers and can improve brand reputation. This helps in collecting genuine feedback about the services they offer.


smac-social-mobile-analytics-cloud-1-638Mobile phones are the most sought after way for accessing web. With the evolution of more and more smart phones , it is mobile industry that is going to eat up web by increasing the demand for them to shrink the webpages to palm size. Since laptops and personal computers are not the only way to access the internet it is unimaginable to reach out larger audience without a smartphone.

Mobile phones are the powerful medium to connect to people, as it accompanies people everywhere, right from a private room to a workplace. In future devices like Google glass and smart watches are finding their way to break into day to day scenarios. Hence future concepts like BYOD, internet of things, etc..will become an essential part of workplace and in business as well.

According to the recent statistics , almost 78% of the mobile searches resulted in purchase. Based on the client base , business applications have to choose between being naive or hybrid that is going to serve their purpose.


Analytics helps in rebuilding business strategy and is futuristic. To redefining the strategies as well as to plan ahead for the future the collected data or information plays a major role. Through the use of analytics business organizations would be able to target the right people and carter to the needs of the customer.


imagesCloud services are used not only for reducing the cost as well to provide better scalability and productivity. IT infrastructures consumers a lot of capital. Web hosting services both web as well as mobile demand more time, technical resources and concentration to keep them available 24/7. Cloud services not only reduces the cost as well as solve the security complexities. For small businesses to enhance productivity at the same time to cut down the cost cloud will be a better option.

Influence of SMAC in the Enterprise

Transformation-to-Digital-businessThe investment strategies of service vendors as well as services will be greatly influenced by SMAC. SMAC offers a wide range of advantages for IT vendors such as operational efficiency, better customer retention, budget optimization, customer reach etc..

To streamline the workflow in such structures virtual office setup and remote monitoring will be useful. Major improvisation will be seen in market analysis and audience profiling. Right from surveying till extracting user’s feedback, input that flow through it will be more accurate. Managing all these data will be easy in cloud and it also helps in analyzing as well to summarizing  data in a better way. These conveniences will help in coming up with clever marketing strategies that enforces users to perform actions that are envisioned by the strategies.

SMAC will provide the upstarts, small and medium business enterprises a chance to challenge the big players and set up an open competition in IT industry. For customized mobile application development using the industry best methods and practices contact us on

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