Designing the User Experience Matters


  • To realize the vision from sketches on paper to a functional prototype involves several brainstorming sessions and change implementations. The mental maps, product associations, contextual flow, personalization etc. need to be considered from the day one. The target audience, stakeholder views and organizational goals influence the user experience design.
  • A Fashion apparel brand needs a different approach while designing and curating content, while a brand selling electronic gadgets online needs a different approach altogether. Right from placement of components, their appeal and the ease of navigation factor into conversion rates for an organisation, specially in the eCommerce domain. In this way Designing and planning sitemaps, content, navigation, gestures etc. are some of the crucial elements in developing an engaging user experience.
  • During the whole process, these are the resources created:
  1. Brain storming session pointers
  2. Sorted Feature list
  3. Defined goals/user stories
  4. Defined Target audience
  5. Site maps
  6. Basic wireframes (Sketches)
  7. Stakeholder interview results
  8. Basic guides for colors/layouts based on logos
  9. Assigned client tasks list
  • Content is one of the most crucial part of shaping User experience (UX). The experience defines a customer’s journey and the level to which the engagement is successful. Making the right choices can shape your brand while the wrong ones may make your fears – a reality! This is exactly why you can’t afford to select a vendor with less experience although the pricing may look enticing.

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