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For all the application database is the most important factor that requires more attention. While saying database the first thing that comes to our mind are RDBMS, relational algebra, ER-diagrams,etc.. But the most problematic thing is JOINS associated with all these. If you want to experience a  clear RDBMS functionality, at the same time you want to  rid of all the JOINS ,then MongoDB is the best option.

The entire world is moving towards Nosql , MongoDB has been one of the biggest contributors in this direction.

Lets have a look at the reason behind Nosql in terms of MongoDB,


In MongoDB,storage of all the business data is like those in the real world. You can easily establish a link between your business objects and the database collections and tables.

Lack of JOINS

Most of the database insert/update/Query time is wasted in joins. In present day applications performance is the key factor and joins are the real killers. Mongo has no joins. All the related objects are stored in related format which is almost like a predefined join.

No frequent change of RDBMS table structure



Earlier you might have changed your table structure frequently and ended up fixing issues because of that. It is really a time consuming task. Whereas , MongoDB is schema free. That actually refers, each document(ie.row) in a collection (table) can have different structures. So in conditions where things are extremely agile like startup/college project/proof of concept project, MongoDB is the preferred one.

No paid service

MongoDB is available  as an open source environment. So you need not worry about the cost and complexities of deploying it. There are many cloud providers like AmazonEC2,RedHat, VMware, etc..

Good driver support

MongoDB offers best driver support. Native drivers like Java, ruby, c++, python, etc..are already available.

Visible performance

MongoDB has proven track record. It is used in companies like FourSquare, SourceForge, GitHub, etc..

Community support



It has good community support. The required functionality is offered by 10gen.

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