Chatbots in Ecommerce – All You Need to Know

A chatbot is a software designed to simulate human conversation for different purposes and applications. There are two different types of Chatbots:

  1. ones based on pre-written scripts, functioning on a set of rules
  2. ones that use machine learning (AI-artificial intelligence) – The latter ones mimic human conversation and are constantly getting smarter and learning new things from the interaction. Bots make it possible for your brand to be more personal, proactive, and more streamlined.

The possibilities for chatbots usage are widespread. From advertising, virtual assistance, education, entertainment to the customer service/support and product ordering. Nowadays, chatbots have become so advanced they can even take care of food delivery, purchasing tickets, ordering Uber, scheduling appointments, money transactions or paying bills.


In e-commerce, chatbots can be very helpful on multiple levels and provide a complete shopping service. You can use them for accurate and quick product search. They can simultaneously handle more product orders from multiple customers, therefore speed up the ordering and shipping process. In addition, you can even pay your purchased products directly via chatbot so your customers have a complete and integrated shopping experience.


Chatbots maintenance and oversight depend on their type. Scripted ones correspond to predetermined answers only, and they are easy and simple to maintain. They don’t need a large amount of control and oversight.

Such bots can independently perform their tasks and communicate with customers, but still, they can run into a problem while conversing. For every query or problem which can’t be resolved solely by the chatbot, there’s an option to use specialized tools like email, help desk software or push notifications. If that’s the case, community managers kick in and take over the communication.

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