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Top 6 reasons to use WordPress for your new website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is responsible for over 60% of the sites that use CMS on the Internet. In fact, it powers one in every 5 websites on the Internet and helps 100,000 new sites come online every day.

WordPress is open-source

It means that there are thousands of WordPress developers all around the world working day and night to improve the system. And none of what they do costs you a penny. Free security and feature updates, every quarter? You bet. Can you say that about your CMS provider?

What used to be WordPress’s biggest disadvantage – its open-source nature (in other words, no-one owns it, so no-one is obliged to support it) — has actually become its greatest strength. The community of WordPress developers all over the globe who continue to improve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is hard to compete with.

WordPress Themes

Undeniably, WordPress offers a lot of appealing features and one of the best features that WordPress offers is the capability to skin or theme your WordPress website. Not like a traditional HTML website, which needs a complete rebuild; WordPress delivers plugin-play themes.

Users can find more than thousands of free and premium WordPress themes obtainable. And you can easily renovate the complete look and feel of your site using one-click installation. However, users have to remember that the problematic thing with WordPress is that it’s old themes are not working with the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress makes SEO Easy

 WordPress started life as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a robust content management system that is flexible enough to be used for far more than blogging. The amazing heritage that WordPress is famous for and which has made it loved by bloggers and marketers alike is its highly effective search engine optimization (SEO) features, which are baked into the core of the CMS. And you can’t put a price on good SEO optimization!


WordPress is easy to use

 Time and time again, our clients get awestruck when we show them their new WordPress website for the first time and walk them through how straightforward their new administration will be. They just can’t believe how easy it is to publish articles and change content. Because WordPress is so incredibly popular, one recent benefit for you is that a lot of people have experience with using it, so it becomes much simpler and faster to train new employees or editors when they join your company.

WordPress has lots of extensions (plugins)

Given the popularity of WordPress, it’s not surprising that a lot of developers have created extensions for it. In the WordPress world, those extensions are called “plugins”. They’re pieces of code — very often free — that extend the core functionality of your website and save your developer time (which saves you money).

Blogging power

Do you know that WordPress begin as a simple yet effective content management system for bloggers? Day-by-day, Google is constantly emphasis on fresh and unique content, blogging becomes a very critical for anyone, who is looking for more traffic.

WordPress delivers a simple yet user interface for anyone, who wants to use it. The platform is supporting multiple users; therefore, people in your company can author their own content.

So, these are the top 6 reasons to make use of WordPress for your web development project. In any case, if you are getting difficulty in using WordPress platform, you can hire an experienced WordPress developer from a trusted WordPress development company that comprehends your needs and deliver high-end quality solutions.

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5 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn Web Designing in 2017

As a professional web developer, you are only responsible for developing the website. Right? You may only care about developing interactivity on the website like submitting different forms to the database, jQuery and Ajax validation forms, adding sliding menus, rollovers and many other features of the website, which requires the skills of programming.

Boost Attractiveness of the Website:

A web developer can easily find the difference between a beautiful website from a horrible one only when the developer has the knowledge to judge the web design. Logically, it is only possible when a web developer knows designing and have spent the time of a number of designing projects in real time life.

Therefore, a web developer, with an eye as visual expertise can boost the aesthetics of website more. Thus, the website may become more utter refined.

Moreover, the web designing skills can lead web developers to deviate acclimatize aesthetics during the process of web development.


Can Incorporate Material Design Trends

Material design is based on the shapes of geometric, which brings depth and realism to your website. Therefore, if a web programmer has expertise in designing the web site using material design, it would be great for a real time project.

Moreover, material designing involves more code or programming and less designing work, so it the life of a programmer easier.

Can Make Responsive Web Design:

Mobile friendliness for a website or web application is compulsory to attract a vast audience of mobile users and gaining ranking in SERP. Therefore, if a web developer is capable of coding a responsive web designing  accordingly, it makes big differences for a client with limited budget and timeline.

Can Make Single Page and Parallax Website:

Touch screen design favors infinite number of scrolling, so the latest web design trends favor single page website with tons of content on multimedia. That visually eliminates like menus and some navigational architects.

For a web designer and programmer, it is so much challenging to bring everything on a single page and gives the best User Design as well as usability. If a web programmer can acquire such skills, it proves so much cost-effective to hire the web developer with designing and flairs of programming.


Can Bring and make Unique Images

Nowadays, unique and customized images are working so much on the web. It needs some graphic designing and web designing skills to bring an unique multimedia content which includes images, videos, and animations on your website.

Thus, it is mandatory for a web programmer to have designing skills on hand to bring speciality easy-to-use and simple, offering a rich content and feature set.


Learning web designing is extremely important for web developers as they can get a lot of benefits by learning web designing. Thus, every web developer should learn web designing as it can benefit them in many different ways.

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Personalization of E-commerce Product: A Fad or A Long Term Strategy

It’s no more about keeping or gifting the personalized products as a show pieces in drawing rooms of the home. Personalization of prodauct has come a long way from there. And ecommerce surely has a great role to play in its fame.

People nowadays, are getting more confident about buying online now than ever before as ecommerce businesses go that extra mile to win the trust of people. One of these steps taken is this direction has surely been this trend of personalization of products.


First of all, Why Personalization?

To understand the reason behind the success of personalized products we need to look into the psychology of the consumer’s regarding these products. People nowadays have this thing of owning belongings that clearly say it’s theirs.

Consumers tend to love what belongs to them in the true sense and therefore are welcoming and accepting personalized products with open arms. On the part of the seller, it helps build customer loyalty and customer engagement with the brand and also helps them generate more revenue but charging extra for personalized products.

How the trends has changed over the years?

Earlier it was restricted to a few gift related or marketing products which were to be printed at traditional printers on orders. The designs were more or less limited to the default ones that the printer(s) had to offer. But that is changing now. Ecommerce stores are adopting it increasingly to increase their customer’s loyalty and relationship with the brand. People are embracing it more than ever before.

A product with their name or any other personalization is preferred more than the same products without any customization. The affordability of these products has also increased which answers for the popularity of customized goods in spite of being more expensive than the same product without their stamp on it.

What all is being personalized?

As stated, it’s no more limited to coffee mugs and t-shirts, something we all can instantly relate to personalized products. Now, from a bar of chocolate to high-end cars, everything is being personalized. Lately, popular brands like Nutella are also keen on offering personalized jars to its fans and it’s already creating a hullabaloo in the market. Cadbury had been an old player here which embraced the concept pretty earlier.

Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and others are also plunging into the market with great enthusiasm. All kind of brands be it selling kitchen wares, personal grooming products, apparels, or eatables, everyone is prepared or planning to launch their customized segment in the market.

Is there any reason regarding the advancement of technology?

To a large extent, yes. Personalization reached this stage of popularity because of the easy availability of product designer software available in the market. And for those using popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, it’s even easier as you just need to install a good product designer extension and you are all set! When technology becomes more commonplace, it’s gets adopted more, provided there is enough demand in the market.

And when it comes to personalized products, there is huge demand in the market. So today, if you have an ecommerce store and you have a process in place for printing, getting the online technology to allow your customers to customize products online, isn’t difficult anymore.

It’s Here to Stay

Any trend that has the potential for being profitable for businesses can be a temporary fad and will be part of their business strategy. Not all ecommerce business can adopt product personalization but as technology becomes more and more accessible and cheaper, many will. And competitors will follow suit.


Digitization is going to stay and so is the demand for personalized products. It’s certainly not a fad as consumers’ psychology with personalized goods will remain the same more or less. Moreover, the trend is still to witness its peak so it would be wrong to say it’s just a fad. Consumers are not going to get bored of these products any time soon.

In fact, personalization is still spreading over to arenas it is still far from. More and more brands and companies are looking forward to adopt it and most will do it really soon. It’s not only about changing a few aspects of the product but rather forming a more personal and emotional relationship with the customer, which is not a short term trend but something that comes with long term benefits.

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Make Your Design Expressive With Precisely-Designed Glyphicons

Icons play a very important role in designing. Icons increase the level of interpreting information and understanding. Icons play a major role in both the online and offline mode. Hence, it would be a sensible choice to utilize icons in a design either it for a mobile or web.

Icons are so catchy that it appeals the eye of the user in the web design. It even tends to be a so difficult task to know why one is better than other. The reason lies in the detail. To sum up:

1)   Icons can sum up all the content

2)   Icons can grab attention quickly

3)   Icons can increase the readability.


Icons play a very crucial role for implementing some of the functionalities of the design. If there is no icon on the website or application it looks so dull.


In the past developers face so many difficulties with respect to the different sizes and margins to make them cluster free but due to the latest technology icons has turned things into much easier and simpler way. Now the developers can add the various options of quality icons in the design. And one of the most essential and preferred icon among them is Glyphicons.


Glyphicons is commonly a library of monochromatic design symbols and that are mainly created for quick orientation and simplicity. The highly usable library was simply designed that has been communication for bygone years.

All the pictograms are formulated with a universal language that can be understood in different parts of the world regardless of the native language.


Let’s have a deeper insight into every aspect where these icons can be ideally used:

  • Mobile App Design:

 Glyphicons were commonly designd to be used in building mobile applications where many different types of icons were required for navigations, tab bars, toolbars in the control panel. And can also be used as a integration in both the Android and iOS apps.

  • Web-Based Apps and Websites:

Apart from building mobile apps Glyphicons are also used for creating and building visualized web pages and applications. In addition to the mobile applications, Glyphicons are perfect for creating visually impact web applications and websites. Icons make the content more catchy and orientation become easier for the users.

  • Wire-Prints and Frames:

 Many of the clients like the frames which are embedded with wire that visualize the functions and determine the purpose of each and every sector of websites in an efficient and effective manner. And it also gives the best graphical user Interface which attracts the eye and catches the attention.


Design plays a very great role in making the websites good. And great design also increases the traffic on the website.

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Trends That Will Define Web Design

As the technology is changing day by day, so we simply needs to be updated about the recent changes in new technology and new skills. And in more coming days, the trend for the advanced web development skills will be increased. Every business now-a-days is required the mobile web version website for the traffic and leading sales.

Either it will be a developer or web designer, everyone requires a plan model to achieve the certain goals. In this post, we will came to know about the recent mobile development trends and the techniques which is required for designing.

One thing is for sure, that both the designer and the web designer must have to keep them updated about the latest trends in technology for future growth and with improve conversions for them.


Here are some of the trends for mobile design:

Keep the Options Simple

Simplicity is the best thing. So by providing certain options such as wide navigation options, specific limit of headlines, a link for login is a good thing. A mobile website must has to contain certain options which looks quite impressive for the viewers.

Lesser Images

Everyone wants the website to be so engaging and appealing. And using too much images on the website can show a negative impact to the visitor. Therefore, always use a limited and good sharp fine image that clearly defines the business modules.


Prioritized Content

Content is the king of the website. The content must has to be showcased to the highest priority. Make sure that the content is precise, crisp and up to the mark.

Use of Sub-Domains

Apart from using separate domains, make sure to use of sub-domains which can be much more essential and effective. A sub domain helps to keep everything on a single set of domain.
Hope this post will simply help you to design a well optimized mobile web design and to gain success in life.

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Great Ways to Market your Mobile Application

1.2 Million Apps are in the business sector at this moment! Does your portable application stand a chance in this number to demonstrate its uniqueness all by its own?

Being the proprietor of the application your work does not finish by minor building up an application. It is only a begin of your since a long time ago required committed endeavors to make your application a buzz in the town.


After a fruitful improvement of the portable application, the following stage is to make it accessible to the clients. It is exceptionally troublesome for any client to think about your application until you make them mindful of it. Beneath I am saying a portion of the focuses by which you can make a client base for your application.

1.Application store enhancement: Aside from straightforwardly downloading your versatile application from the application stores, there is another path by which clients can find the applications which is hunting down the application. For this you have to include a pleasant portrayal of your application loaded with catchphrases. The depiction ought to dependably be short and most favored for is in shots.

2. Online networking: Use Facebook, Twitter and other online networking stages for cooperation with your fan and devotees. Compose drawing in substance so that the client can feel related and profits by your data. Orchestrate more challenge so that the clients are inspired to share your redesigns in their dividers.

 3.Assemble a versatile well disposed site: You should fabricate an easy to understand versatile site for your application in which you can talk about in point of interest the elements and usefulness of the application. You can not say all the data in the application store about your application so you should use portable sites a s a medium to share the genuine aims of making the application.

 4.Press kits: Make appealing press units which ought to incorporate screenshots of the application alongside the symbols in various sizes, incorporate data like the historical backdrop of the application, upgrades and news about the application which you think clients can profit by. This press unit ought to be effortlessly accessible in your site so that the clients can download it and get complete data about the application.


These are a percentage of the strategies by which you can make a solid and star long client base for your portable application. As the group of onlookers will have complete data about your application they will feel more secure about utilizing your application.

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Opportunities and Obstacles associated with Ruby on Rails


The Ruby community has a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy to support each and every developer associated with it. Ever since the launch of Ruby on Rails there has been a huge demand among the developers because of the flexibility of language. However, Ruby on Rails are quite different aspects of the programming language and it is important to know different functionalities associated with it.

Ruby on Rails was initially launched into the web space on July 2004. It was initiated by David Heinemeier by the creation of a project management tool namely the Basecamp web application. However, its true potential was utilized by Apple Inc with the launch of OSX v.10.5 “Leopard” on August 2006. Nowadays, Ruby on Rails is believed to be one of the most elegant programming languages through a series of updates and upgrades.

Ruby on Rails uses the concept of  Model View Controller like other web application framework. Creation of development functions for websites and applications has been made a lot more easier with the availability of multiple tools. Ruby on Rails is the most talked about one among the website developers and the development experience provided by it has been double recently. Rails, as of today , have been in the news for more than a decade and with regard to Ruby the development experience is double. Both the languages have its own set of territories. Lets have a look at the challenges and opportunities associated with both of them,

Programming Environment

keep-calm-and-learn-ruby-on-rails-8The programming experience has been made a lot easier for the programmers with Ruby on Rails. The simple, easy to use and constantly updates framework has prompted a success for both the platforms. With Rails, web app prototyping can be done within a matter of seconds. A striking example of this is Twitter bootstrap module. Websites such as GitHub and Hulu also work on the same module. Even the high demand for Ruby revolves around Rails. The high expertise of Ruby goes hand in hand with JavaScript skills in the current market. All these above points clearly defines that Rails is a driving factor for Ruby business. With the additional performance improvements , both these languages have a long way to go,

Scripting and Libraries

ror_imgTasks can be automated and various functionalities can be stitched together across the web in Ruby which is much similar to Python. Third party applications, SDK’s and “Gems ” package in Ruby can be easily installed.  However, Python gets an edge with its specialized computing features, specially those related to maths and science. But Ruby addresses this gaps between the two with the provision of SciRuby and this brings forwards a healthy competition among both of these languages. However, libraries and scripting from Ruby and Rails still have alternatives and this lowers its competitiveness.

Speed, scaling and asynchronous

lorRuby and Rails are on the losing end with regard to speed, scaling and asynchronicity. Several legacy projects that are done with Ruby are suffering with their low performance scale. At the same time programs are rewritten in competing languages like Node.js and Go. A glaring example of it would be the Parse, a mobile application that switched from Ruby to Go for better performance. Similarly , twitter which was originally Ruby  project was replaced with Scala and a custom based java solution.

While the great experience with Ruby has to be maintained and continued for better opportunities for the developers. For further details on ruby on rails contact

Digital Transformation -Social , Mobile,Analysis, and Cloud

SMAC is a term that is gaining much popularity in digital business industry during the recent times. SMAC is considered to be the future technology where industries will depend upon to leverage their business ideas, expand to new horizons and still improving on the quality of services and deliverables. Lets us see a brief outline of SMAC.

What is SMAC?

smacIt is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud services. Considering the influence these services are having and going to have on the digital world, each of these separate services have been bonded together into one single package. Companies will have to adapt to this new technology platform as a package as it churns out the maximum benefit only when used together. In order for the organizations to meet the needs of the end users as well as to improve satisfaction of the customers these technology has to be adopted as an essential part of the organization.


The drastic increase in the dependency of mobile phones is the major reason for the evolution of SMAC as a business ecosystem. We depend on digital medium for performing our day to day tasks. This increased the need for the business owners to uplift the conventional way of service providing, product offering , customer engagement and branding. In order to adapt to this transformation businesses will have to master each and every single area of the SMAC group. Now, let us have a look at every single area of SMAC for better significance.

Business challenges addressed
Customer management

CMOSocial media has become an integral part for customer management and branding. Even though the impact these social media platforms have on individual may be different, the use of it as a resourceful medium to locate potential customers, building brand value and reputation is tremendous. Social reputation is a major factor for the companies right from startup to multinational companies. When seen from a wider perspective business owners can connect to existing as well as new customers and can improve brand reputation. This helps in collecting genuine feedback about the services they offer.


smac-social-mobile-analytics-cloud-1-638Mobile phones are the most sought after way for accessing web. With the evolution of more and more smart phones , it is mobile industry that is going to eat up web by increasing the demand for them to shrink the webpages to palm size. Since laptops and personal computers are not the only way to access the internet it is unimaginable to reach out larger audience without a smartphone.

Mobile phones are the powerful medium to connect to people, as it accompanies people everywhere, right from a private room to a workplace. In future devices like Google glass and smart watches are finding their way to break into day to day scenarios. Hence future concepts like BYOD, internet of things, etc..will become an essential part of workplace and in business as well.

According to the recent statistics , almost 78% of the mobile searches resulted in purchase. Based on the client base , business applications have to choose between being naive or hybrid that is going to serve their purpose.


Analytics helps in rebuilding business strategy and is futuristic. To redefining the strategies as well as to plan ahead for the future the collected data or information plays a major role. Through the use of analytics business organizations would be able to target the right people and carter to the needs of the customer.


imagesCloud services are used not only for reducing the cost as well to provide better scalability and productivity. IT infrastructures consumers a lot of capital. Web hosting services both web as well as mobile demand more time, technical resources and concentration to keep them available 24/7. Cloud services not only reduces the cost as well as solve the security complexities. For small businesses to enhance productivity at the same time to cut down the cost cloud will be a better option.

Influence of SMAC in the Enterprise

Transformation-to-Digital-businessThe investment strategies of service vendors as well as services will be greatly influenced by SMAC. SMAC offers a wide range of advantages for IT vendors such as operational efficiency, better customer retention, budget optimization, customer reach etc..

To streamline the workflow in such structures virtual office setup and remote monitoring will be useful. Major improvisation will be seen in market analysis and audience profiling. Right from surveying till extracting user’s feedback, input that flow through it will be more accurate. Managing all these data will be easy in cloud and it also helps in analyzing as well to summarizing  data in a better way. These conveniences will help in coming up with clever marketing strategies that enforces users to perform actions that are envisioned by the strategies.

SMAC will provide the upstarts, small and medium business enterprises a chance to challenge the big players and set up an open competition in IT industry. For customized mobile application development using the industry best methods and practices contact us on

Reasons behind the Consideration of PHP as a Loosely Typed Language


In general , loosely typed languages refers to those languages that does not require defining a variable for usage. In simpler terms, when defining a variable in these languages there is no need to define the data type to be store in them. One major advantage of these programming scripts is that you can define a variable namely $string and can assign it to an integer value. One of the most popular examples of strongly types languages are C#. In these scripts the variable must be defined while declaring.

What is PHP?

PHP_FrameworksPHP is contrary to all the programming scripts as it does not require defining the type of the variable. PHP will be quite beneficiary to those programmers who need flexibility as it does not confined to a limited data set. Currently, there has been a great hike in the usage of PHP. As a loosely typed language, this offers golden opportunities to programmers for designing great software programs. But in order to make it possible programmers should also be aware of the challenges associated with it. Have a look at this article and get an idea why PHP is one of the most sought programming language.

Optimum flexibility

testable-and-maintainable-code-in-php-400The flexibility of a loosely typed programming script offers more assistance while creating dynamic applications. Quite often dynamic applications have to determine the actions based on an unknown data. Hence, they are considered more tough to work with. Usage of PHP programming scripts reduces the tension. As it does not require defining the variable before usage, much of the complexities involved are greatly reduced and additionally it offers optimum flexibility.

Ultimate liberty in programming

In case of strongly typed programming language there are a set of predefined rule set which the programmers have to follow while coding. This greatly reduces the chance for the programmers to frame a rule set of their choice. But in  case of PHP, the situation is entirely different. It offers them the complete freedom of operation by allowing them to define their own rules.

Scope of experimentation

PHP programming script offers the ultimate scope of experimentation to the programmers. Programmer not only gain knowledge of the major benefits and opportunities, they also develop an idea of the major challenges associated with it.


Although PHP as a loosely typed programming script has gained popularity among the ingenious programmers, it still has its own set of drawbacks

Vulnerability issue

veracode-112015On working with PHP, it has become essential for the programmers to gain profound knowledge of data typing. Without this they are actually creating vulnerable programming codes. Because of the loosely types nature of PHP it is exposed to major set of errors. For example, your code needs an integer input but your variable is in string. However, properly structured and organized programming code reduces the effect of this vulnerability to a great extent.

The several reasons stated above clearly stated why PHP is considered as the loosely typed programming language along with the set of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. For further queries on mobile application development and website creation feel free to drop us on

Important Principles of Model View Controller for PHP Developers


Model View Controller is a design pattern that governs the fundamental law that both presentation and application logic should be different. Several PHP developers both experienced as well as beginners are curious about integrating MVC into their development script. One of the major obstacle for integration is that no detailed set of information is made available for usage. Moreover, the steps that are available are vague and quite difficult for the beginners to understand. Most of the tutorials would begin with the business logic without explaining the design pattern.

In 1979, Trygve Reenskaung introduced that MVC can be used as a design pattern with Smalltalk. A major ground for all the future MVC architecture has been laid by him in his paper “Applications Programming in Smalltalk-80 : How to use Model View Controller. In other words, MVC is a simple logic for separating both presentation and application logic. The basic idea of MVC is to split the applications into three parts namely- model,view,controller. The controller has direct association  with the View and the Model and so does the view over model. However, model lays inferred association  with view as well as the controller. Inferred associations can be distinguished as associations that might seem feasible from the user’s point of view, but not the actual software design.

The process of interaction:


  1. Users interact with the “view” by either submitting forms or clicking links.
  2. Controller handles the user inputs by converting the information into model.
  3. Model receives the information and add it to the database to update itself.
  4. The view checks the corresponding updates and responds necessarily.
  5. The view waits for the next interaction from the user.

With regard to beginners of application programming MVC is the best solution. However, separating both presentation and application logic is not a new concept. But whereas in MVC it is more of a streamlined process. Simpler layouts and code presentation make applications maintainable.

Business logic

Business logic usually implies the calculation of logical processes in an application. For example, in case of a calendar, the business logic will be to identify the date, month,day, etc..


For code reuse facility most of  the MVC’s use templates to enforce DRY. However, major problem associated with these templates is that some are made of complex login and is almost difficult for the beginners who wouldn’t want learning a whole new language. It would be better to choose the best template before development.


One of the crucial implementations of MVC is dry or “Dont Repeat Yourself” philosophy. DRY is also implemented in Ruby on Rails for code reusability. The principle behind DRY implementation is that changing a single element doesn’t necessarily interface with unrelated elements. For people who find Ruby on Rails, difficult to implement DRY would be a better choice.


Convention over configuration is a design paradigm that aims to remove the quality of decision making. It is achieved by setting  up enough framework for convention.

MVC is one of the most popular method of generating clean, powerful, scalable and faster coding with less time and effort. For developers, it would be worth experimenting with few frameworks before sticking with the best one. For further details regarding the development contact us on

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