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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meaning and its Uses in Daily Life

The world has not come to that stage where machines have started dominating humans but it seems that the process has already started. Nevertheless, machines nowadays have a say and significant influence on the way we eat, sleep, work, live and almost whatever we do from morning till night. Starting from personal assistants, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri to even more advanced and complex platforms, the world is becoming more habitual to these applications and gadgets.

While we do believe that machines are progressing, it also needs to be kept in mind that they have not evolved fully. A lot of companies still do not believe in the end-to-end usage of machines.

What exactly is the meaning of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

This again is a matter of debate and discussion. Some say that Artificial Intelligence is a piece of software that has some kind of specialized algorithm that responds according to pre-defined user behaviors or inputs. However, to some, AI is a kind of machine learning that has the ability to learn on its own and acts as a neural network that can connect and come up with conclusions based on behavior.

Premier companies like Google and Apple have already started introducing revolutionary changes based on AI. However, a lot of us are still not much aware of AI and its effects all over the world.

The following are some of the areas where artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in our daily life:

  • Virtual Personal Assistants: These platforms help users to find useful information through voice search. Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana are some popular applications. Based on the information that you provide, the assistant finds results that are relevant to it. It also interacts with different other commands for better answers. It strives to learn more about the user and comes up with responses tailored to the preferences.
  • Video Games: This is where AI is being used quite a lot. The effectiveness has increased along with time. The gaming characters learn your playing behavior and respond accordingly. Some of the finest examples of AI have been done in first person shooter games like Call of Duty.
  • Smart Cars: Smart cars have brought about a revolution in the transport sector. Some of the notable examples are the autopilot cars by Tesla. Google has also come up with an algorithm where self-driven cars drive in the automatic mode like humans. The basic idea is that cars will make decisions on their own while driving just like humans.
    Mind Over Digit
  • Online Customer Support: Artificial Intelligence is also being used to provide customers with an opportunity to chat. However, in this case, a machine may chat with the customer and respond according to the queries. Advanced chatbots are equipped with automated responders that extract knowledge from the database and respond to customers according to the requested query.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Quietly Changing How You Shop Online

The promise of AI has seemingly been just on the horizon for years, with little evidence of change in the lives of most consumers. A few years ago, buzzwords like “big data” hinted at the potential, but ending up generating little actual impact. That’s now changing, thanks to advancements in AI like deep learning, in which software programs learn to perform sometimes complex tasks without active oversight from humans.

Deep learning algorithms have been powering self-driving cars and making quick progress in tasks like facial recognition. Now these innovations are beginning to find their way into the daily lives of consumers as well.

Other e-commerce sites are also adopting deep learning to help shoppers more easily find what they seek. Gilt deploys it to search for similar items of clothing with different features like a longer sleeve or a different cut. Etsy bought Blackbird Technologies last fall to apply the firm’s image-recognition and natural-language processing to its search function.

And notably, Amazon is planning to use the AI technology it offers on its Web Services in its new Amazon Go grocery stores. The company is operating only one store in Seattle, but Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said during a February earnings call that “it’s using some of the same technologies you would see in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor, fusion, deep learning.”


While deep learning is becoming a part of the retail experience, it’s happening in fits and starts, as Facebook found with chatbots. Touted as a tool that could automate customer-service functions and deepen human engagement, chatbots were added to Facebook Messenger, with more than 11,000 of them available last year. But last week, Facebook scaled back its chatbot ambitions after they clocked a 70% failure rate.

As with the early days of the Web, there remains much work to do before deep learning can be seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of consumers. Compared to expectations of even a few years ago, though, things are a lot farther along than many expected. And that suggests Silicon Valley may again be ready to change how we shop.

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Dos and Don’ts of Designing an Application

Do you have any questions about designing application for a global audience? Are you getting confused while designing applications? There is no doubt that applications are taking over the world at the great height, and we have seen the continual growth of application market, so it is necessary for every designer to stay updated with some basic rules of designing mobile application. Here are some dos and don’ts of designing application.


Think Global, Do not Avoid Local: While designing application, ensure to consider global market along with fulfilling the requirements of local audience. When launching application in particular region, it is must to consider the people’s psychology and their choices.

Don’t Implement Strategy Remotely: Ensure to avoid strategy remotely, you have to create a network of satellite offices and transfer a small level of decision making to regional centers. If you want to know and understand market, you have to require move around and make research. Gathering ideas from different location helps to understand the challenges of different market.

Avoid Cramming Too Many Products On Single Page: The mobile screen is small in size and if you are uploading more than hundred products in single page, the users only click what they’re supposed to click. So, it is advisable to avoid fill up too many items on your page.

Check mobile OS adoption rates: Before designing application for any platform, it is must to verify your audience twice. If you are thinking to target United States market, it is must to only build iOS application while in S.E. Asia, Android operating system is popular.

Don’t Use Gimmicks: Users like animation, if it is done perfectly. While you are designing mobile application, if possible don’t use gimmicks like music, animations, etc. to catch user’s attention. If they are accessing your website, then they are already interested in accessing your application

Don’t Leave Users Lynching: Leaving your users out of the ring at the time of application loading could cause users to think that your application is faulty. It delivers poor experience to your users and may they leave without using it. Moreover, you should take care of loading time. Don’t allows your users to wait for long time while application loading.

DO Use Shuttle: Shuttle is one of the excellent project management tools that created by the Square Engineering Team for bringing their software to the world. When a developer commits code, the entire code base for content is scanned by Shuttle for content that needs to be translated. After that, the team gets a list of content along with the priority of the content and due date that requires to be translated.

Don’t Think Every User Will Access Your App like You: It totally doesn’t matter how your application looks. It is must to test usability of application. It is advisable to manage a closed beta to small group of trusted people and update the interface before launching for public to use. You can also place a Craigslist ad for a checking focus group. Moreover, you can also target groups like college student to test your application.

Don’t Copy Style: At the time of designing application, avoid making user confuse. Always keep style in mind of operating system you are designing mobile app for. As each operating system has different look, so it is must to avoid application look like it doesn’t created for particular platform.

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6 Top Bootstrap User Interface Editors for Web Designers

Do you know that these days, every businessman becomes a website oriented? Therefore, the design of the website matters a lot. Apart from the layout of a website, the compatibility to different browsers and devices also matters like mobile phones, tablet and etc. It is also one of the biggest concerns for web and UI developers.

In this case, you require a highly effective tool, which can make your responsive web development a lot easier and simpler. Apart from this, you can use editors of bootstrap for UI that will help you to not to write even a single word of code yet developing your website by simple drag and drop.

When it comes to talking about Bootstrap editors, they are a kind of tool kit, which enables bootstrap development team to attain wonderful results in development process of web smoothly and easily. It consists of CSS and HTML based design templates with the help of that you can easily develop forms, buttons, navigations and other interface components and JavaScript extensions.


Here are the best Bootstrap editors:


Currently, BootSwatchr is the only Bootstrap customizer to support Right-To-Left language display. This exclusive feature is not comprised in any version of Bootstrap. Huge thanks to Kiarash for developing and supporting this amazing feature.


Pingendo is the simplest application for Bootstrap prototyping. Now, you can develop quality HTML prototypes instantly using popular open source tools, including Bootstrap, Fontawesome, LESS and more. It can be easily integrates into developers’ toolsets.


Bootply enables people to fiddle with Bootstrap. One can edit bootstrap-friendly CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Using the drag and drop visual editor for Bootstrap, you can instantly design and build interfaces.


Jetstrap is a 100% web-based interface building tool that can be used for Twitter Bootstrap. There is no software to download, so you only have to log-in and build. You can access from anywhere and anytime. The tool built for professional designers, developers and idea-people and it will help people to get wonderful websites up and running fast with least work.


Lavish is the best tool that allows you to generate your own Bootstrap color scheme from an image and customize to your taste. The tool is compatible with Bootstrap 3.3.4 and Foundation 5.5.2


PainStrape is an extremely simple to install to your website. Make sure to download generated CSS files and replace it with a standard one. Moreover, it is also useful as a theme of Kickstrap. You can generate beautiful twitter bootstrap themes with the help of Adobe Kuler/ COLOURlovers color scheme.


So, these are the top 6+ Bootstrap User Interface Editors for web developers and designers, who are looking forward to make their regular and day-to-day work a lot easier and simpler.

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Now Build Your Own Online Shoe Store at a Faster Rate

Footwear industry is one of the not very many commercial ventures that remain determined by the fluctuating financial patterns. To affirm this announcement, details led by a main association uncovered that “Footwear industry creates yearly income of $15bn.” Hence beginning an online shoe store business can end up being an exceptionally lucrative endeavor.

Why is it fundamental to make an online shoe store?

*With the coming of PDA innovation, there has been an avalanche increment in the quantity of advanced purchasers.

* “As on 2015 end, the quantity of online customers is relied upon to touch 1300mn.”

* That doesn’t mean it is the apocalypse for block and mortars. In any case, it plainly demonstrates that one gets a focused edge by opening an eCommerce store.

                                                                    images (1)

How ingenious has online medium been to worldwide shoe brands?

* Seeing the surge in web shopping, worldwide games brands, for example, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and some more, have begun utilizing the online stage to rev up their deals. What’s more, better believe it ended up being a savvy move.

* Nike that has is its site and portable applications for customers saw a 70% climb in their deals.

* Adidas, in 2015, could produce $651 million through on the web, which should be 80% expansion in their deals.

* The above details affirm the significance of opening an online shoe boutique. However, simple offering of brand shoes and ravenous advancements are sufficiently not; you have to build up an online shoe store that is unrivaled regarding quality and connecting with enough to persuade the end clients to sit tight.

How to construct a top class online shoe store?

When you longing to make an online retail shoe store that is first class in quality; you have to focus on consistently part of your shoe improvement webpage. Give us a chance to explore them further:

                                                                            images (2)

Convey The Right Platform To Develop Your Shoe Website

Open-source eCommerce stages improve your occupation in building an online shoe store. Guests have a tendency to get fascinated just when there is an endless gathering of shoes. To handle various items, your site ought to be strong and have administrator driven backend alternatives. For that you have to send a vigorous and administrator agreeable eCommerce stage like Magento for making your online shoe store.

Assemble Mobile Apps and Connect To A Wider Audience

By, “The development of portable client base has been a stunning 75% year-over-year.”

* Henceforth it is exceedingly prescribed to manufacture a versatile application for your online shoe store. Building portable applications have a tendency to be financially savvy contrasted with sites. That is motivation behind why prominent commercial centers, for example, Flipkart, Myntra and some more, are changing over to applications.

* Further to being financially savvy, portable applications make collaborations with customers all the more captivating through elements, for example, push notices, markdown coupons etc. Creating portable shopping application isn’t advanced science; there are numerous readymade versatile application arrangements that let you make applications that are perfectly customized to suit your online shoe webpage.

                                                                      images (3)

* When you are set to open an online shoe store, remember the previously stated perspectives. In the event that you are not certain of taking care of the specialized stuff identified with adding to an online shoe store, then you can simply contact proficient eCommerce improvement organizations. That said; we arrive to help you.

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A Must Read for an Entrepreneur on How to do Pre-Launch App Marketing

Showcasing and ROI are a prime sympathy toward any business. Business visionaries dependably need to proceed with an appropriate arranging, considering how they will showcase and guarantee greatest quantifiable profit. Today, as Mobile Application improvement Industry is developing, there has been an intense rivalry. To get legitimate and constant reaction from more extensive gathering of people and keep them intrigued you need to have an appropriate advertising arrangement. You can’t envision you will be next AngryBird, Whatsup or something to that effect, so have an arrangement ahead of time.

By July 2015 there are 3.97 million applications are accessible for download in driving application stores. With 1.6 million applications, Android holds the #1 Position wherein with 1.5 million Apps-IOS is giving an extreme rivalry.

Before proceeding, we should comprehend client conduct with App Landscape: (By May 2015)

* A normal App client has 36 Apps introduced in their Smartphone.

* 26% Smartphone Apps are utilized every day.

* Gaming and Social are class Apps fall into every day utilized Apps

* 68% every day utilized applications are from Social and Communication

* 33% are from media and correspondence

* 46% Game related applications

* 19% Retail store related


Significance of quest for finding Apps (by Category)

Individuals like to find applications through pursuit; here is an understanding of application clients who find applications through internet searchers.

1.Innovation: 43%

2.Travel: 35%






8.Gaming: 15%


What is integral Factor for downloading an App?

There are different elements which influence the choice making process for downloading an App, here are some key discoveries:

1.Cost – 82%

2.Portrayal: 62%

3.Surveys: 60%

4.Rating: 60%

5.Free Trial: 43%

6.75% clients expect an App ought to be free

It is basic to comprehend why there is a pattern of moving from web to App Landscape. In the wake of conveying these discoveries in your application, you can guarantee that it get affection for millions. Never forget, individuals need to improve their lives, it must be critical thinking. Given beneath focuses will give you a knowledge about end client desires:

1.Makes my life less demanding – 63%

2.Clear guidelines for utilizing application – 63%

3.Engaging outline and tasteful – 57%

4.Steady experience on various gadgets – 57%

5.Continuously has new substance – 45%

6.Brand I communicate with disconnected from the net – 43%

7.Do you know what the main impetus behind App uses is?

Purchaser versatile trip is fragmented without Apps. An all around arranged application can emerge from the group and fulfill client’s needs in a proficient and powerful way.

On the premise of the above raw numbers now we can devise our showcasing procedure so our application can have a set out capable vicinity in the App store. We should jump our methodology in two Phases: Pre-Launch and Post Launch.

Pre-Launch App Marketing

We are seeing a development in App stores with a pace of 1000 Apps/Per Day on both Android and IOS App stores. The application business is witness of awesome development and backing for client driven redesigns. Here are taking after exercises you have to finish before propelling the Application.

images (1)

1. Comprehend the business sector capacities and your rivals: Create a solid establishment for an effective application through exploration. Recognize your objective business sector to comprehend the basic purposes of the achievement. You have to know not you are offering to? It is safe to say that they are business clients, youngsters, grown-ups or the general population of particular hobby, where they live, and so forth? The more you will be having information for them; you can make much exact arrangement to tap those clients.

You should know demographics, for example,

* Age

* Sexual orientation

* Area

* Pay

* Ethnicity

* Conjugal status

* Patterns

And additionally more individual data, for example,

* Distractions

* Way of life

2. Promoting Materials: Before propelling (even beta dispatch) regularly individuals disregard arranging the showcasing exercises and get ready for advertising materials, e.g. Point of arrival, trailer, video, screenshots, public statement, App depiction and that’s just the beginning. Give exceptional consideration how basically you can convey the message. Once finished post them in an online press unit made available to people in general.

USP – What is the extraordinary worth it conveys to the clients, how it is distinctive and serve superior to anything others in its class.

Trailer Video: Create an inventive video giving a look at the working of App, client feelings, how the issue being illuminated, the brand identity, client interfaces and so forth.

Screenshots: Prepare genuine screen shots of the application for various stages.

Blog/email/online networking content: Prepare content ahead of time for blog entries, email, to be sent and the substance what you are going to spread over social networking locales like Facebook and Twitter.

• Decide Release date ahead of time: To make a buzz and excitement among gathering of people and getting press scope arrangement for discharge date in prior stages. We regularly confront the difficulties of deferral being developed, to overcome it when your venture comes in testing and quality affirmation stage you can anticipate and make declarations of discharge date.

Hot Tips: The Technology business is witness of incessant redesigns, discharges.

                                                                            images (2)

Why Pre-Launch Press Release?

* Pre-dispatch public statement is unique in relation to an application dispatch discharge. Here the accentuation is given over “WHY” wherein dispatch discharge is devoted for “What”. Keep in mind, till your application gets dispatched, it is still an Idea which is being sent to Journalists. You need to fulfill the purposes behind getting press scope

* Clarify the current issue with raw numbers. Suppose on the off chance that you are discussing the pre-dispatch of an App cost estimator disclosure application – you could concentrate on what number of organizations are receiving Mobile first system, what is uncertainty in App improvement commercial center, on what components cost depends and so on.

* At that point clarify how you can take care of the issue. Yours experience and mastery inside of the section, how you have conveyed effectively for different customers.

* Be authentic. Give them plausible dispatch dates, innovation points of interest, calculation parameters, establishing group, area – anything you can add to make it resemble a shrewd arrangement of issue.

3. Arrangement your procurement crusades: The following enormous stride after you’ve added to your application? Discovering clients. Each application is going to have natural obtaining, yet just some are going to have paid securing. Facebook’s stage is at present the most-utilized, yet utilizing web index advertising and other versatile promotion stages ought to be considered in the arranging stage. Portable advertisements function admirably to drive clients since they’re as of now in the versatile attitude. Additionally, when advertisements are served to the right crowd (by focusing on particular hobbies), you’re paying to acquaint your application with your optimal clients.

4. Influence the significance of email: In the period of online networking commonly we ignore the significance of email. Email is still a major wellspring of change and getting potential customers, in the event that you focus on the right individuals. In spite of the fact that it is trying to catch email addresses and assemble your supporter list. You can get it through Twitter cards, greeting pages, or practically identical apparatuses, you have to catch addresses and develop your rundown.

5. Point of arrival with Social Integration: A shrewdly outlined imaginative and viable Landing page is a noteworthy weapon for getting endorsers and potential clients in pre dispatch stage. The page needs the accompanying:

Alluring Visuals, Videos, screenshot and engaging suggestion to take action

Simple Sign Up as the focal Call-To-Action. Utilize this stage for getting enough supporters of soon discharge you can go for an email impact.

Take influence of Pre-Release Channels

There are a lot of pre discharge stages that can be utilized for advancing your application as a part of ahead of schedule stage

Being Succinct, Simple and clear, while you convey your message to a crowd of people, it is key for achievement. Do recall individuals never purchase your item or administration, they require an answer for their issues. Substance in a way so it ought to show up as a wellspring of their answer.

                                                                          images (3)

Get some pre-Release Platforms

AboutYourStartup – a best in class application accommodation site

AppVita – All about cloud-based applications

BetaLi.st – early access to the most recent and most noteworthy new applications

Nourish My App – Web and portable application surveys

Executioner Startups – An online journal and index of new businesses and new applications

Launch.it – Get the scoop new contraptions, applications and equipment

Listio – peruse a huge number of new and unfamiliar applications

Make Use Of – New application audits, how-to’s and tips

MoMB (The Museum of Modern Betas) – The craft of the early-arrange startup dispatch

6. Compelling Users

Give early access to acclaimed identities and industry pioneers. Their commitment or proposals will have an indispensable part in picking up trust, validity and virility. Add their encounters to the Launch Page, Social Channels and Press Release.

7. Get Feedback from different engineers/individuals of versatile industry

* As a business, we need criticism from our focused on clients, yet keeping different engineers on top of it and having master exhorts likewise bodes well.

* You can get profitable inputs with respect to your outline, pitch notwithstanding to market system. These master bits of knowledge can give you thought for blog entries.

* Impart your task to them, disconnected from the net or online:

* Disconnected from the net: go to meetings, engineer and tech meetups

* Online: cooperate on Twitter, offer what you’re chipping away at (and help other people!) on the iPhoneDevSDK gathering or the TouchArchade Forums, talk about on Facebook bunches for devs, get advices from specialists on Clarity, and so forth.

                                                                 images (4)

* Rundown: A pre-arranged promoting methodology is critical to get heaps of download, and an astonishing application in business sector where you are going to contend with bunches of other application in other classification.

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List of Features and User Interface design of Apple Watch


Apple watch is an interestingly little device that performs majority of the tasks. It almost looks like a device paradise since it inherits the features like heteronomous, dependent on tethering data, content and sensor readings from it’s parent iPhone. It is absolutely a business tactic, where Apple tighten the ecosystem loop and lock the users down with solutions that dependent on each other in  more ways. The entire watch becomes  more strong and powerful when coupled with iPhone. But Apple watch is not a  slouch , it has its won sensors and other capabilities.Lets have a  look at some of its features,


how-to-pair-bluetooth-headset-apple-watch-screensNowadays , all the apple watches comes with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and a heart rate sensor. The support of third party developers is greatly limited with apple watch. Users will be able to send notification and other data to Watch kit apps but there are no major hopes for extensive sharing and independent data exchange capabilities.

An important factor regarding bluetooth is that apple is working on a wireless bluetooth headset  focused on  fitness applications. On the apple watch pages the following can be found,

Music. Control music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket. And when you leave your iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on apple watch

But there is no headphone port on the watch. We will look forward to it.

Near Field Communication Module

We have the much awaited Near Field Communication Module(NFC). It was originally developed to support Apple pay, but now it has its functions in several new ways. Data exchange and short-range communication between NFC supported watches, phones  and sensors can be made easier. It was rumored that this feature will have its third party support. But nothing is sure to confirm the fact.

Activity Sensor

watch-activity-overview-trimmedThrough the healthkit platform data from heart rate sensor and accelerometer will be made available. Apple also demonstrated how heart beat data can be used to initiate very intimate communication. Heart beat animation can be send from one user to other. It sounds very simple, but its effects on how people communication should be substantial , leading to the invention of more new ways of personal ,deep information and emotional exchange.



By watchkit apps, Glimpses and interactive notifications third party developers will be able to access Apple watch’s screen.


A glimpse is a widget like panel a more like a dashboard in OSx. The users can access it by swiping the screen from anywhere in the UI. It was originally designed to provide essential set of functionality namely closing garage doors, turning off lights, adjusting the thermostat, etc..The level of accessibility this device provides is even more exciting . Think of an e-connected where everything is controlled by a simple device namely Apple watch.


Apps are the miniature versions of mobile apps build using Watchkit SDK. In twitter app the users can access the timeline, read tweets, retweet, favorite and much more. It completely depend on the developers and the designers to fix the extent of functionality that can be included in an Apple watch.  But there is a major hindrance put forth on the developers side. How they are going to fit the entire data on such a small screen with a limited interaction model. Users are much excited about the creativity involved in  designing short, sensible and meaningful pieces of software in an Apple watch.

Interactive notifications

smartwatch_3199215bThe concept of interactive notifications in an Apple watch comes from iOS 8. Thinking of regular banner notifications which slides from the top of the screen, 2-3 buttons performing actions which are the most appropriate in the specific moment of perceiving a notification. Users will still be able to deal with messages, emails, calendar invitations, facebook notifications, etc. in a meaningful and in a faster way. Developers have the major task of prioritizing the notifications.


Apart from all the technicalities of the product, lets have a look at the effort in which the product was put forth to the public view. Have you noticed how many videos of the watch has been made? How each shot of the watch was defined absolute perfection of form, texture, play of light and shadow? These videos are perfect that they almost seem unnatural. Even the luxurious cars would not have come up with such visual perfection of Apple watch’s video.From the view of designers this would be a great inspiration as on how to use visuals to sell the product combined with the right combination of motion progression, shot composition, pacing, contrasts and color palettes.


Roboto-2014The typeface used in apple watch is not Helvetica, Chicago, Lucinda and definitely not Madrid? Apple designed a new typeface exclusively for apple watch, with the overarching goal of maximizing legibility. The typeface apple designed is another homage to Swiss school of design. Apple succeeded in drawing the best qualities from the pillars of Swiss and German typography.

Want to know more about how apple’s new release is going to have an impact on the mobile world contact us on sales@veltrod.in.

Opportunities and Obstacles associated with Ruby on Rails


The Ruby community has a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy to support each and every developer associated with it. Ever since the launch of Ruby on Rails there has been a huge demand among the developers because of the flexibility of language. However, Ruby on Rails are quite different aspects of the programming language and it is important to know different functionalities associated with it.

Ruby on Rails was initially launched into the web space on July 2004. It was initiated by David Heinemeier by the creation of a project management tool namely the Basecamp web application. However, its true potential was utilized by Apple Inc with the launch of OSX v.10.5 “Leopard” on August 2006. Nowadays, Ruby on Rails is believed to be one of the most elegant programming languages through a series of updates and upgrades.

Ruby on Rails uses the concept of  Model View Controller like other web application framework. Creation of development functions for websites and applications has been made a lot more easier with the availability of multiple tools. Ruby on Rails is the most talked about one among the website developers and the development experience provided by it has been double recently. Rails, as of today , have been in the news for more than a decade and with regard to Ruby the development experience is double. Both the languages have its own set of territories. Lets have a look at the challenges and opportunities associated with both of them,

Programming Environment

keep-calm-and-learn-ruby-on-rails-8The programming experience has been made a lot easier for the programmers with Ruby on Rails. The simple, easy to use and constantly updates framework has prompted a success for both the platforms. With Rails, web app prototyping can be done within a matter of seconds. A striking example of this is Twitter bootstrap module. Websites such as GitHub and Hulu also work on the same module. Even the high demand for Ruby revolves around Rails. The high expertise of Ruby goes hand in hand with JavaScript skills in the current market. All these above points clearly defines that Rails is a driving factor for Ruby business. With the additional performance improvements , both these languages have a long way to go,

Scripting and Libraries

ror_imgTasks can be automated and various functionalities can be stitched together across the web in Ruby which is much similar to Python. Third party applications, SDK’s and “Gems ” package in Ruby can be easily installed.  However, Python gets an edge with its specialized computing features, specially those related to maths and science. But Ruby addresses this gaps between the two with the provision of SciRuby and this brings forwards a healthy competition among both of these languages. However, libraries and scripting from Ruby and Rails still have alternatives and this lowers its competitiveness.

Speed, scaling and asynchronous

lorRuby and Rails are on the losing end with regard to speed, scaling and asynchronicity. Several legacy projects that are done with Ruby are suffering with their low performance scale. At the same time programs are rewritten in competing languages like Node.js and Go. A glaring example of it would be the Parse, a mobile application that switched from Ruby to Go for better performance. Similarly , twitter which was originally Ruby  project was replaced with Scala and a custom based java solution.

While the great experience with Ruby has to be maintained and continued for better opportunities for the developers. For further details on ruby on rails contact sales@veltrod.in.

Create a Digital Workplace and do wonders to the Engagement, Agility and Productivity of your Employees

Is your association’s work done inside of dividers of a physical space wherein your representatives involve their seats amid consistent available time? On the off chance that yes, it’s about time that you consider your staff’s evolving work-requests precisely and execute a completely new workplace in your association. With the happening to fresher era that is continuously capable in innovative instruments and that requests more prominent opportunity in overseeing how, where, and when it functions; the business world is turning out to be more worldwide and digitized. Consequently, clever associations, round the world, are opening to fresher and better vital courses keeping in mind the end goal to advance working environment viability. Grasping a really advanced working environment is one of them. Be that as it may, in the event that you think access to work Emails at cell phones, actualizing social business or social venture, utilizing voice over IP at work, or having endeavor asset arranging are a few things enough to build a computerized work environment; reexamine. Perused on to comprehend what a really computerized work environment is, the manner by which it can advantage you, and how to construct one in your association.

What is a Digital Workplace?

  • Computerized work environment is around a general methodology and logic of an association for dealing with a free and adaptable association. This innovation empowered biological system goes for changing how individuals work, how business quality is made, and how innovation and administration instruments are utilized.
  • To make the idea clearer, how about we observe the meaning of computerized work environment. Computerized working environment lives at the crossing point of individuals, association, and innovation.
  • The definition above clarifies how computerized work environment: Focuses on People Digital working environments put individuals first and give environment wherein they can work all the more productively and adaptably. This helps bosses meet high mechanical requests of their workers.
  • A recent studyconcentrates on an individuals driven methodology when it clarifies the idea: ‘Advanced work environment is a continuous, purposeful way to deal with conveying a more purchaser like figuring environment that is better ready to encourage imaginative and adaptable working practices’. Utilizes Technology Tools As a part of expansion to HR and account frameworks and intranets, computerized working environments make utilization of such coordinated effort and social stages and correspondence innovations which permit anyplace, whenever working.
  • According to a research, the expanded utilization of new advanced advances, for example, tablets, cell phones, undertaking informal communities or cloud administrations have as of now ended up standard in numerous business situations.
  • Advantages Organizations According to Information Age, organizations without an advanced work environment procedure will be at an aggressive burden. Their partners and workers will connect with less and these organizations won’t have the capacity to address the issues of cutting edge clients.


Advantages of a Digital Workplace

  • Excursion to genuinely advanced work environment has as of now begun for some associations crosswise over globe. Advanced work environment doesn’t just give genuine advantages to organizations additionally to representatives, who can convey, team up, and work all the more productively.
  • According to a study, ‘The computerized work environment raises representative engagement and readiness while abusing shopper arranged styles and innovations to empower new and more viable methods for working’.

Reacts to Critical Changes in Workforce

  • There is a wide crevice between the business figuring environment and the buyer processing environment. According to scholars, if associations grasp incomplete or exhaustive purchaser style of registering for business purposes, it will be useful and, now and again, transformational.
  • A computerized working environment offers associations some assistance with determining if and how quickly they ought to grasp shopper style figuring patterns.
  • Workers are ‘business customers’. For them, business exercises are one part of a more extensive way of life. To quote Cain, “People don’t quit being buyers when they go to work. Business purchasers frequently settle on more shopper such as decisions in their working environment figuring apparatuses and styles to build effectiveness.”
  • By giving computerized working environment to business shoppers, an association can guarantee advanced proficiency of business purchasers is outfit and efficiency is upgraded by presenting innovation and engagement styles. Speak to worker’s working style guarantees expanded occupation fulfillment, consequently guaranteeing diminished truancy, expanded standards for dependability of staff, more development of thoughts, enhanced efficiency, and better work/life equalization for representatives.
  • For instance, Alaska Airlines furnished every one of its pilots with iPad tablets that contain all flight manuals and flight data. The iPad empowers pilots to locate a full vault of data simpler and speedier in one area while likewise giving moment redesigns to the manuals prior and then afterward a flight. A scholar appraises that it sets aside to 2.4 million bits of paper and flight weight of 25lbs for each outing. Prime advantage is pilots record a superior degree of consistency and work fulfillment.

Lessens Environmental Impact

  • People and associations round the world are turning out to be more careful about effect their exercises are having on environment. With computerized work environment, representatives can convey their work to themselves than heading off to the work day by day.
  • This guarantees sparing vitality in driving and less office space to be lit and temperature-controlled. Associations also can profit by this pattern – to begin with, by sparing framework expenses and business travel expenses and second, by focusing on corporate social obligation. For instance, Hewlett Packard, in 2010, actualized solidification which helped it to close 447 PC labs and 16 server farms. It decreased floor space by around 12,000 square meters, while keeping up its vicinity in all the world’s significant locales and supporting clients around the world. All the while, HP appraises that this solidification maintained a strategic distance from 260,000 tons of carbon dioxide identical (CO2) discharge.


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Read the 4 unlogical myths about Ionic Framework and Hybrid Mobile Development Stashed

Things being what they are, you get a kick out of the chance to create local iOS or Android applications,  While you can make awesome, practical applications for both on the stage, do you think this is sufficient? Maybe, no. It will be costly and tedious to make a local application for every stage and given that your group of onlookers is spread cross-wise over different stages, having a local application for any one stage is insufficient.

  • Maybe, it is a smart thought to have your application worked for no less than two, if not more, stages.
  • This can give you the chance to achieve a great many other conceivable client. Learning application improvement abilities for different stages is a tremendous test and regardless of the possibility that you enlist a local engineer to code an application for every stage, it will be exceptionally costly.
  • Additionally, keeping up more than one code bases is lumbering. Welcome to crossover application advancement!
  • Half and half versatile application advancement not just can help you fabricate web applications faster and less demanding that can later be wrapped and keep running as local applications on various portable working frameworks, it additionally lets you effortlessly deal with your application’s lifecycle, on account of a solitary code-base. Among the bunch of half breed application improvement structures accessible today.
  • Ionic is a system you can depend upon for adding to a crossover application falling nearest to a local application in look and feel. In spite of the numerous advantages of Ionic, there are a few myths which may make individuals bashful far from utilizing it to manufacture local applications.
  • We expose these myths so that next time you have to manufacture an application, Ionic can be one of your favored decisions.


Myth #1: Ionic is just another framework

Half and half versatile application advancement not just can help you fabricate web applications faster and less demanding that can later be wrapped and keep running as local applications on various portable working frameworks, it additionally lets you effortlessly deal with your application’s lifecycle, on account of a solitary code-base. Among the bunch of half breed application improvement structures accessible today, Ionic is a system you can depend upon for adding to a crossover application falling nearest to a local application in look and feel. In spite of the numerous advantages of Ionic, there are a few myths which may make individuals bashful far from utilizing it to manufacture local applications. We expose these myths so that next time you have to manufacture an application, Ionic can be one of your favored decisions.


Myth #2: Hybrid apps aren’t as good as native ones

The key quality of the Ionic Framework is that it empowers a more local like experience for half breed applications in a more financially savvy way. Ionic elements stage congruity which implies you can fabricate once and run anyplace. Besides, Ionic is the main organization that backings making applications and building extraordinary versatile sites, all with the same code.


Myth #3: Creating an Ionic app is a huge chore

Building crossover applications used to be an immense undertaking as a result of their restricted usefulness for building undeniable web applications. Be that as it may, with AngularJS, that has changed as Angular is the center development that makes mixture applications conceivable. Ionic gives comparable usefulness to AngularJS that iOS UIKit accommodates Obj-C/Swift and that Android UI components accommodates Java.


Myth #4: Ionic is new and thus has limited support

Without a doubt, Ionic is new yet it is based on top of Cordova and Angular, which are exceptionally well known innovations. So at whatever time, you keep running into issues, you know you will get enough backing online through a specialist’s blog entry or by means of Stack Overflow. What’s more, not to overlook, the Ionic Forum is the best place to look for answers to Ionic-particular questions where you can discover instructional exercises by numerous expert engineers


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