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Wonderful Tested Tools That Are Giving Excellent Results

No matter whether you are a novice in the technological field or you don’t have enough time to focus on these types of skills, we have collected some of the best tools that can help you out in the way of your success.

Below, you can find top test web developer tools that will give excellent results:

                                                                    testing-tools If you have decided to develop a mobile application, GoodBarber is the best tool that will give you an opportunity to perform it simply and effectively in just few steps. You just have more than 50 mobile friendly themes to select from, and this tool has the most appealing trait that allows you to pay complete attention to every single detail to share application to perfection. Once the trial session is complete, you will be asked with a question to choose if you like to continue using GoodBarber. In any case, if your answer is negative, there will be nothing left to perform and your project will be deleted. When it comes to talking about Themify Flow, this one is the best tool, which enables you to develop different types of WordPress templates. Being the best and little similar to the WordPress system, it gives you an opportunity to develop templates based on the type of page view that you like to use. Thus, you can develop templates such as categories, homepage, blog, custom post types and pages and posts. One of the best things about this tool is that there is no need of any further coding experience! Codelobster is an excellent PHP IDE, which comes with a lot of special features and important utilities like possibility of blocks selection, navigation on descriptions of functions, pair highlighting, tooltips, viewing of structure of files and project, book-marks and other standard possibilities for work with a code. is an amazing tool with a lot of features. Being a free website builder, is the top tool that can make any of your creative ideas to existence. Surely, there is a learning curve in the opening, but the outcome is 100% vast. uCoz has huge powered about 1.5 million websites with more than 9 years of experience in the website creation industry. You know that a screenshot of the website is more important to a web visitor than a simple link because the screenshot can express more visual information. Well, it is true that managing numerous screenshots can become overwhelming instantly. As a result, there are lots of websites that rely on services like ShrinkTheWeb, a powerful website screenshot service. Frontify is the best tool that can be used to enhance your brand by enabling you to upload, share and manage assets in an interactive and fun-way. One of the best parts is that all things are web-based, so there is no need to proceed with any kind of installation. In short, it is a tool for brand style guides, visual collaboration and design workflows. We all know that working on a project is quite difficult especially when you do not have the necessary feedback so that you can easily make some of the changes. This tool gives a complete visual and gloss feedback through screenshots of the current browser content. This is the best way through which the collaboration with clients and This way, the collaboration with clients and colleagues becomes easier and more professional. This bug-tracking tool has many special features, including in-browser screenshots, JavaScript error logging, seamless integrations and others. Above-mentioned tested tools are completely best in terms of features and performance. Using these seven tested tools, users can get excellent results.

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Latest Web Development Tools to Make Developers’ Life Easier


Coolors: Being the smartest color scheme, Coolors is a easy to use tool to choose colors and its combination. To use this tool, you just have start with your palette just with mouse over the bars and have to enter a hex code or you can also drag the slider to search appropriate colors. Those developers, who don’t have an idea about how to choose colors, can just hit for a random scheme. When you see an appropriate color, just press the padlock button to lock it and continue click space for creating a new scheme. Users can lock as many as different colors until they get a perfect scheme.


Echars: ECharts is one of the best comprehensive charting libraries that enable to provide error-free and simple ways to adding cooperating charts to your commercial products.

HyHyHy: hyhyhy is one of the best tools for developing HTML5 presentation. It comes with a list of remarkable features, including Compatibility, Syntax highlighter, Markdown, Javascript API, Nested slides, Math typesetting, Convenient skeleton and so on.

Surge: Surge is a free content delivery network that especially designed to work with tools like Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, and npm. One shouldn’t have to Surge directly, however, it comes with a collection of features like clean URLs, fallback 404 pages, and so on.

Squire: Squire is another HTML5 rich text editor that delivers cross-browser normalization at same time it is a flexible and lightweight tool. Developed for current and the future browser, it doesn’t support any old browser.

Snabbt.js: Snabbt.js is one of my favorite minimalistic javascript animation libraries that concentrating around moving things. The best thing about this tool is it translates, skews, rotates, scales and resizes your elements with ease. Users can combine transforms in any way they want to as it includes matrix multiplication operations. Lastly, the end result can be set through CSS3 transform matrices.

Color Safe: Are you looking for a perfect tool that creates beautiful and accessible color schemes by applying WCAG guidelines? Now, it is possible with Color Safe to pick text colors by entering font size, font weight and desired background color with proper contrast ratio.

Mootor Framework: Mootor Framework is a collection of open source tools that used for developing HTML5 mobile applications. It enables to develop apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Firefox OS, Android and so on.

HAML: Haml stands for HTML abstraction markup language that based on principle to create beautiful markup. It enables to simplify template creation down to veritable haiku.

Rollerblade: Rollerblade is the best tools to provides a great 360° viewing experience to your webpage visitors on their products, images, or anything. Rollerblade.js works excellent on touch-based smartphones, tablets and desktops. The rollerblade rotator will activated when users slides their finger (left to right) on their device’s screen.

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Best Responsive CSS Grid Systems for Your Web Designs

When it comes to CSS grid systems there’s a lot to choose from. Here are my top picks for open source, free CSS responsive grid systems. These CSS grid systems will help you create beautifully responsive site layouts quickly. There’s a comparison table of at the end of this post.


Skeleton: Skeleton is a collection of CSS files for web designers who need to rapidly produce responsive grid layouts. More than just a grid system, Skeleton also offers a few basic features for dealing with common web layout tasks such as a CSS reset for normalizing your CSS.

Simple Grid: If you’re a minimalist, then Simple Grid is a system to check out as it aims to provide you with the bare-minimum you need for creating a responsive CSS grid layout. Also, 1140px is the base width of Simple Grid, not the more-common 1024px, because the Simple Grid creator believes that we’ve outgrown that convention.

Profound Grip: One of Profound Grid’s unique features is that it’s precise in rendering your fluid grid layouts in all the browsers it supports. How does this responsive CSS grid system achieve such a feat? By using negative margins to calculate column dimensions.

Proportional Grid: This CSS grid solution solves the problem that often arises when we rescale our layouts; disproportionate sizes of gutters between different viewing situations. Proportional Grids allows you to use fixed units of measurement for your gutters, while still being able to have fluid columns.

Dead Simple Grid: This CSS grid is a lightweight at only 250 bytes. If you just want an uncomplicated responsive grid and nothing more, and if you care a lot about front-end web performance, this tiny grid framework, which only has two CSS classes, is the ticket to your needs.

RwdGrid: If you’re familiar and comfortable with the most popular grid system out there, 960 Grid System, then rwdgrid — a responsive CSS grid that uses 960 Grid System’s syntax and philosophies — is worth a peak.

Grid Lock: Gridlock illustrates a truly mobile first approach to web design by reversing the typical responsive web design media query logic — it doesn’t apply “desktop version” CSS properties to your HTML elements unless they’re needed, thereby possibly improving rendering speed a tad bit on mobile browsers (because the browser doesn’t need to overwrite any style rules aimed at desktop screens).

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Modern Way to Get Customers for Spa & Salon Using Application

Today we have some more ways to acquire customers for a business like Spa & Salon than traditional techniques, and those are a world of the Internet and mobile apps with the pockets of consumers stated whether in smartphones or tablets.

Global Internet for Spa & Salon Industry : It is online presence of your Spa & Salon business, which can bring customers straightly to your premise. Of course, creating a dedicated website demands some fortunes, but rests of options are almost free and require some efforts to build your profiles with some basic info about you and your business and some business critical keywords.

Engagement on Social Media Channels : Today people are spending more times on social media networking sites than other activities on the Internet. Therefore, each website and mobile application integrate social networking sites to offer quick access to the visitors/users to their content.

World of Mobile Applications for Spa & Salon Industry : Recent statistics show that the majority of youngsters and tech-savvy adults are spending their valuable time on the handheld devices, chiefly on smartphones. Thus, your vast audience is present on the mobile devices and reaching them is possible in two significant ways, through mobile friendly websites and exclusively designed custom mobile application for your business.

Still, your audience favors mobile apps because they are handy and easy to access business at anytime and anywhere. The most significant advantage of mobile app marketing is it is a permission-based model of marketing against rests of push-based marketing techniques.

Obviously, users download mobile app of your business willingly, never automatically or as a built-in app. Moreover, mobile apps allow online as well as offline functions to provide some basics of your business, as storage on mobile client devices is beneficial in offline working.


Special discounts and Offer Notifications : Mobile apps have a distinct advantage, and it is push notification feature. You can reap the most from it by sending genuine and logical special offer notifications to your visitors and loyal customers with personalization approaches.

Moreover, you can draw the attention of your audience as well as passerby customers by forwarding them special promotions, daily deals, special deals, event-based promotions, GPS coupons, vouchers, and other check-in marketing incentives to increase customer flows to your business and cut traffic for your competitors.

Loyalty Campaign : The loyalty program is something that keeps repeat customer base intact and grows it further, and it should implement under highly personalized environment. Fortunately, a mobile app with some authentications like creating accounts or profiles can grant you those facilities to run personalized loyalty programs.

You can offer different give-ups using secret code sending on mobile app notifications. Your mobile analytics and analysis software can run a draw or select the beneficiary customers based on their buying history.

Allied Ecommerce/Product Sales : Spa & Salon businesses have several allied products to sell to their customers with interests. For instance, pastes, creams, Gels, wax, clay, and so many such items you can be sale through your mobile apps and deliver by home delivery options.

Your mobile app can act as ecommerce app and allows you to offer all required features and functionality including payments. Thus, your mobile app for Spa & Salon business can open a new stream of revenues as well as opportunities for new businesses online.


Today Spa & Salons are no more small and ignorant businesses. We have various and innovative marketing channels to boost the growth of these unique businesses.

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The Most Common and Deadly Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid

A website’s appearance is the main thing a people gets, and in case it’s unclear, painful to appearance at, or unattractive, it may be the last. A fresh, simply navigated, and legible site will keep visitors clicking over content and returning for extra. However designing an active and eye-catching website has many subtleties, evading these website design errors is an easy step in the process.

 Taking your business online can get several people, who will judge your site by its elegance, design and design. Surely, every single organization wants consumers, nevertheless why would they visit your site and why would they belief you? Nevertheless you can grip their attention and force them to explore your web, leaving a good impression on their observance. At the time of designing any site, it is vital to take care of even an insignificant aspect as it can give a vast influence on your organization in near forthcoming. You can simply make a lot of revenues in case you make your consumers and people happy with your website.


 Unsure Content

A visitor to your site should know the site’s purpose within seconds of incoming. In case the homepage is deceptive or too unclear, visitors will navigate absent to catch somewhat else that fits their requirements. Clean, easy text on the homepage in a observable, central area will express visitors what they required to identify and how to use the website.

 Make Use of Dark Background

When it comes to talking about the background color of the website, it is the biggest part of the website and must be picked very carefully. In case you are considering a rule, it is not a good choice to convert the background of the entire website into black. There are various designers, who prefer light gray color, and white is somewhat fine. Make sure that you do not make the gray color darker as it can make the content difficult to read. Therefore, always use dark background for your site.

 Heavy Images

A mutual trend that is seen these days is the usage of heavy images to attract internet traffic. While this may make the website look more inspiring and attention grabbing, it also rises the time a website page takes to load. Heavy images are not able to adjust to small screens additional growing the difficulties. Hence the image size must be kept in mind although designing the site.

 Unorganized Content Layout

We all understand that the web content is what rises traffic to it. The manner content organized is what will create it a victory or a letdown. Handlers are not reading content except they create it totally significant, nevertheless scan over info and take out dissimilar points of awareness on a site page. There are numerous designers, who are just placing a block of text on the website page and entirely abandoning headings, bullets, sections, sub-headings etc. Web vendors can create use of a correct page label for all single website page so that consumers closely know where they are. Usually, the evil part in this category is placing imprecise and unrelated content on the site.

 Unprofessional Copy

For a lot of individuals, it is fairly simple; nevertheless make sure that your point is being carried. When you are trying to sell somewhat and your copy needs being in a good and professional way to know. You required being double sure about the whole thing and then creating it live.

Complex Registration Forms

We all familiar that registration forms are tremendously tough. Do you know that how much info do you required from the consumer? Those were old days when a consumer had to enter vast detail to register to your web.

There are tons of webs, who made most registration fields compulsory and authorize the fields to the range where the consumer is irritated after some of the efforts. You make sure that a consumer visits a site to acquire info.


So, these are some of the web designing mistakes that must be avoided to look better and attractive.

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Top 6 reasons to use WordPress for your new website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and is responsible for over 60% of the sites that use CMS on the Internet. In fact, it powers one in every 5 websites on the Internet and helps 100,000 new sites come online every day.

WordPress is open-source

It means that there are thousands of WordPress developers all around the world working day and night to improve the system. And none of what they do costs you a penny. Free security and feature updates, every quarter? You bet. Can you say that about your CMS provider?

What used to be WordPress’s biggest disadvantage – its open-source nature (in other words, no-one owns it, so no-one is obliged to support it) — has actually become its greatest strength. The community of WordPress developers all over the globe who continue to improve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is hard to compete with.

WordPress Themes

Undeniably, WordPress offers a lot of appealing features and one of the best features that WordPress offers is the capability to skin or theme your WordPress website. Not like a traditional HTML website, which needs a complete rebuild; WordPress delivers plugin-play themes.

Users can find more than thousands of free and premium WordPress themes obtainable. And you can easily renovate the complete look and feel of your site using one-click installation. However, users have to remember that the problematic thing with WordPress is that it’s old themes are not working with the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress makes SEO Easy

 WordPress started life as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a robust content management system that is flexible enough to be used for far more than blogging. The amazing heritage that WordPress is famous for and which has made it loved by bloggers and marketers alike is its highly effective search engine optimization (SEO) features, which are baked into the core of the CMS. And you can’t put a price on good SEO optimization!


WordPress is easy to use

 Time and time again, our clients get awestruck when we show them their new WordPress website for the first time and walk them through how straightforward their new administration will be. They just can’t believe how easy it is to publish articles and change content. Because WordPress is so incredibly popular, one recent benefit for you is that a lot of people have experience with using it, so it becomes much simpler and faster to train new employees or editors when they join your company.

WordPress has lots of extensions (plugins)

Given the popularity of WordPress, it’s not surprising that a lot of developers have created extensions for it. In the WordPress world, those extensions are called “plugins”. They’re pieces of code — very often free — that extend the core functionality of your website and save your developer time (which saves you money).

Blogging power

Do you know that WordPress begin as a simple yet effective content management system for bloggers? Day-by-day, Google is constantly emphasis on fresh and unique content, blogging becomes a very critical for anyone, who is looking for more traffic.

WordPress delivers a simple yet user interface for anyone, who wants to use it. The platform is supporting multiple users; therefore, people in your company can author their own content.

So, these are the top 6 reasons to make use of WordPress for your web development project. In any case, if you are getting difficulty in using WordPress platform, you can hire an experienced WordPress developer from a trusted WordPress development company that comprehends your needs and deliver high-end quality solutions.

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Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Technology

As today’s world is transforming all technologies to mobile and why not since a layman is now spending 20% of his day time on Mobile. So it has become obvious for many enterprises & startups to create apps. But these companies struggle to find the best firm who can drive their requirements on hand of users, outsourcing is an easy process but hard for clients to get quality out of it from the remote place.

So it has become mandatory for these enterprises and startups to find a technology company who can not just understand the requirement but suggest the bests of technology and today’s trends.

In software engineering, if you consider all aspects of design, code and evolution then it definitely make the envisioned or documented requirement a complete product.

Before process, you have a question when you goto building a mobile app and this question is about the platform which you usually do not ask the vendor. Platform for mobile development has all monetary and technical pros and cons and there are many platforms available to deliver the app you desire so we will unravel the bests of today’s and those which are good enough when your requirement is full of customization.

                                                                       Mobile Application Development Platform 2016

Android Native

Yes, we have a studio now for Android development that just not give a robust tool to developers for testing and debugging but also a dependency management facility. Android apps whether it be a wearable app, smart tv app or android mobile and tablets you can all target them here with a native output.

And java, being the most robust programming language is also number one for tackling android hardware. All you get is the best performance, scalability, predefined architecture and design patterns by google. Finally, you should not expect any team to get all these in the app it depends on the team to design the architecture and use advantages of platform.


  1. Great performance & quality.
  2.  Works great on all Android devices including tablets.
  3. Best for utility apps, social apps, messenger apps & map apps.
  4. Great support of Bluetooth and BLE enabled apps.
  5. No licensing for clients
  6. Neutral development cost
  7. 100% native.
  8. Huge community help.


  1. Performance issue when we do advanced animations


The PhoneGap platform provides cross-platform results but in the form of web view hence it is advisable if you have small app with limited features and screen. It does not provide native output hence it’s recommended for such apps eg. if you have an app that wants to serve reports for MIS then you can select PhoneGap.


  1. Supports javascript so developers with javascript knowledge can create.
  2. Requires small budget.
  3. HTML can be used to create user interface.


  1. Highly dependent on third party.
  2. Slow performance compared to native apps.
  3.  Cannot apply smart moves and animations to user interface.
  4. Limited community help.

React native

React native is a framework that is owned by facebook and it creates cross-platform mobile apps. Developers with the knowledge of javascript can easily grasp react js. It creates native output like xamarin


  1. Reduces development time by 50%.
  2. Reduces cost by 50%
  3. 75% native.
  4. Cross platform for iOS and Android.
  5. Great for debugging and rapid testing.
  6. Great user experience with animations are achievable at some level.


  1. Highly dependent on third party.
  2. Not 100% native.
  3. Not recommended for high end apps like messenger apps.


If you have planned or envisioned an application then you can decide based on your requirements and budget. Veltrod has a wide range of development teams working on all these platforms to serve solution of any requirement.

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10 Top Reasons to choose Xamarin for developing the Mobile Application

Xamarin is a framework designed for developing the cross-platform mobile application. It comes a great blessing for developers, as it permits them to enter codes in one language. Hence, Xamarin poses no difficulty to share information about codes, between different members in a group of developers. When you use Xamarin to develop a mobile application, everything is written in C#.

It works equally well on web apps, native apps or a combination of both. The differences are minor and can be easily taken solved. Using the C# language alone removes any confusion from the usage of different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA or Objective C for web and mobile platforms respectively. Thus, the top 10 reasons you should opt for Xamarin mobile application development are:



In a single language: Xamarin allows developers to write the code in a single language and thus removes any hindrances caused by multiple developers, not reusing apps for long, and the different programming languages.

Access on major 3 platforms: The framework of Xamarin can be easily operated on web apps, native apps and also on a combination of both of these. This provides a lot of convenience to the management who need not hire developers knowing different languages.

Saves time & money: Companies reduce time and costs that are spent on cross-platform mobile app development by using Xamarin. The single language used and the ease of programming reduces development hours and thereby costs.

Advanced language-level support: Xamarin removes the need for any type of manual bookkeeping and callbacks. The procedure for nonparallel programming with C# is comparatively much simpler. Thus, Xamarin application enables developers to add responsiveness to their apps without much difficulty.

Key to several libraries: Xamarin have access to several libraries such as XML, Database, String, Specialization, IO, and network support. Apps that work on  Windows phones, iPhones and Android phones can be coded using the Xamarin application.

Easy-to-learn coding: Mobile app developers now need to study only C++ to develop apps for the three major platforms. Proficient developers can do so with C#/.NET programming. This makes the coding process easy to complete, in the time of a couple of weeks.

Advantage of using C# language: The C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Its synchronized programming delivers easy-to-learn patterns for querying and updating data, supported on any data store.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Using this cloud computing app, you can automatically test your iOS and android apps on a thousand devices across the globe. Xamarin test cloud offers continuous integration, reports, fragmentation tests and object based UI testing.

Swift support for the latest APIs: Xamarin offers quick support for the latest APIs, giving programmers the ease in creating innovative mobile apps. Apple Watch and Google Glass are two of the new APIs supported by the platform.

Results of High performance: Code assembled with high performance is delivered by Xamarin. The users get complete access to all native APIs, with which they can create native apps with device-specific experiences. Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java, can be done in C# with Xamarin.


Xamarin is hence a complete package and a very extensive environment to develop for cross-platform mobile applications. With it, users can integrate the platform with modern IDEs, such as Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio. In fact, nearly 500,000 developers in the present economy are using Xamarin to develop amazing applications for androids and IOS systems.

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Which is Better for developing the Mobile Applications: In-House or Outsourcing?

Modern mobile technologies churn out complex apps and new hi-speed games regularly, for the benefit of users. From personal use apps to professional inbuilt services; mobile phone companies compete with each other to provide the best features for the end users.

People use mobile apps for multiple purposes such as chatting, watching videos, listening to music, enjoying movies, messaging, reading news, reading updates on social platforms, playing games, social networking, checking on sports updates, searching for quality travel services, booking hotel rooms, buying goods and services, selling goods and services, checking on the local weather and many such useful services. There are literally millions of mobile apps for the use of smart phone users on various e-stores and mobile stores. Every mobile app helps users find specific solutions. Users can conveniently download mobile apps that suit their mobile phones and meet their requirements, from any of the reputable online stores.

Everything is slowly becoming mobile-attuned. Consider banking for example; nowadays no customer would be interested in opening a bank account that doesn’t offer mobile banking services. From monitoring a marketing campaign to posting a good content for a blog site, everything can be done through a smart phone.

There are two sides to mobile app development i.e. in-house or outsource development. Let us evaluate the pros and cons of both, to help you make the correct decision.

                                                              Inhouse Vs outsource

In-House App Development Companies choosing to go the in-house way with mobile development believe that it is much cheaper, quicker, simpler, efficient and adept. In-house app development can be controlled by the parent company to look after the development operations as per their liking.

In-house App Development Advantages:

  1. It brings in transparency in operations during the development process.
  2. You can choose for quality developers at affordable prices.
  3. It offers total control over the development project.
  4. Lots of options are made available while selecting the latest technology.

In-House App Development Disadvantages:

  1. Starting costs are very high, especially to set up infrastructure.
  2. Certificates and licenses that are necessary for buying app codes and software tools are obtained after paying exorbitant fee.
  3. There is risk of running additional costs, if your developers get stuck mid-way and external consultants have to be roped in.

Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

Handing your mobile app development project to a professional mobile app development company is an wise step, if you wish to save considerable time and money and have a superior quality app that truly delivers value.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Advantages:

  1. Instant start of operations and no time wasted on market formalities
  2. Minimum risk involved as mostly the cost of development and delivery are fixed
  3. Expert mobile developers get the job done faster with their superior resources and working experience
  4. Helps the company to divert their attention elsewhere on other important business operations

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Disadvantages:

  1. No control over the whole development process and drain of intellectual capital
  2. Being dependent on another business enterprise for planning your core business operations
  3. Complicated nature of services and even small negligible changes add to the overall costs
  4. Price rates are determined on per hour basis for outsourcing development services

Mobile apps are one of the most commonly and popularly used features in smart phones. Mobile applications also form the centre point focus of tablets. These apps are used by worldwide customers, businessmen, employees, students and general public at large.


The final decision is usually based on the mutual cost factor and your chances on risk taking. In today’s technologically advanced world, businesses are always under great pressure to compete with each other and gain a noticeable foothold in the mobile app industry. While most of you would love to maintain the mobile development in-house, it can prove to be a case of static loss factor without the inclusion of outsources in mobile development phase.

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Ultimate mobile UI design trends predictions

The rising change in the trends influences the entire industry whether it is the development domain or the designing field. The designing field is full of creativity and innovation as it results in amazing layouts and best User interface design. Along with website building, designing has expanded its wings to the mobile UI design which is considered as the best mode of attracting customers towards the business.

The ratio of mobile is increasing day by day and is expected to increase in upcoming years. This has happened just because of the introduction of outstanding mobile apps in the industry. These apps are not only high in functionality and navigation but also they are designed with awesome user interfaces. These are the reasons customers are dying to download and install these apps as they launched in the market.

Mobile apps nowadays are usually differentiated on the basis of the user experiences developers created for the same app. For a mobile app UI design, both the aspects are necessary as the one ensures exquisite layout and the other provides unbeatable user experience while using it. Designers always follow the latest trends for creating the mobile UI which best fits for the business.


Industry has many expectations from the new mobile UI trends, let us see what are they and how they rule the market:

Rise of Touch ID

Earlier, the use of the touch ID was only to unlock the device by verifying one’s fingerprints for the validity. Later, the touch ID had been used in the Apple devices to improve the online purchase experience easy and time-saving. This concept of UI started giving the industry something bigger and better.

Material Design Always Rocks

It is an old mobile UI trend and it is expected to be continued in forthcoming years. This is a Google based layout designing trend which is completely based on the material design concept. Material design is the commendable trend which is meant to offer user-friendly material design apps by providing the designers an opportunity to showcase their skills with this advanced tool. It will never get old and will be broadly used by the UI designers to enhance the look & feel of the mobile applications.

Motion Design

Mobile application designers have already adopted this technique in their designing toolkit. Gradually, it has been seen everywhere in which tapping on the app button gets converted into a described motion which is more meaningful. It always gives users a focal point and hence provides an immersive experience with perfect sight. It is considered reliable for creating the best UI design and predicted to be used over the years by the industry.

Diffused Background Technique

We can see that mobile devices are not as big and their screen sized are small. It does not mean that designers have stopped building appealing backgrounds and themes. Even they created the backgrounds and make them diffused just to let the users focus on the desired app features. It is the new terminology but it is gaining admiration in designing field.

Card Design UI Patterns

Basically, card design patterns are used for making a website more impressive and appealing. It is the best tool for mobile-friendly websites. This concept has entered to the domain just to divide and place the content properly on the website which ensures better visibility. Also, the card designs made it possible to download the objects (the media ones) and attracts more traffic towards the website.


The direction of both the User Interface design has dramatically changed a lot in previous years and is expected to touch the sky in upcoming years. Designers are still observing the improvements and innovation in UI design trends.

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