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How to get More and Regular Traffic on Your Website

Each and every small businesses love to grab maximum exposure, understanding and sense of community that is only possible by having a website, which is a daily destination for consumers. But don’t you think that make people visit your website on a regular basis is quite difficult? It is more difficult when updates are very infrequent and you have to provide them occasional monotone press release or product announcement.

However, you can develop one such website that is sticky to keep users engaged and coming back to your website. To make your website one such place, where people prefer to visit on daily basis needs only personal touch and some care. Below, you can find huge information on how to make your website a regular destination so that you boost your business worldwide.

                                                                   Traffic to your website

Focus on Value: As we all know that contests, promotions, time discounts, exclusive specials are some of the powerful drivers of website’s traffic, especially in this thrifty time. It becomes easy for you to keep your customers’ interest piqued and generate additional sales by providing direct bargains as well as rebate programs on both ongoing as well as sporadic basis through your online headquarters.

After coupling these marketing programs with Facebook, Twitter and some other social marketing tools, they become more valuable and powerful. But you need to ensure that the only place on your website, where such bargains can be found is your home-page, and it is also essential that you be consistent in terms of the pages that you drive this traffic. Moreover, it is also helpful for you to expand relationships with bloggers and members of the media as it can reinforce the message and can a regular series of email or newsletter.

Connect & Communication: Remember that blogging is one of the most important parts of any modern website as it only needs some clicks on post updates in real-time. You can develop such content that promises you something new and exciting with every single visit. Today, all the professionals have huge experience of doing it and we know that practice also helps to put personal face on organization.

Moreover, if you want to enthrall an audience to keep them returning on your website, you can take note to provide content that’s unique and offers measurable informational or entertainment value. It will be also helpful for you to make articles that feature detailing how to get more from products, partner profiles and more.

Design for Mass Distribution: Sharing is extremely good, so if you have got a message that is important and worth spreading, you should share this message. You also need to remember that not only you update your website with unique content in order to grab viewer’s attention, but you also need to make everything from blog posts to pictures, PDF docs, share videos and more.

Moreover, the tendency of corporate assets is always tightly hold and control. It is also good to adopt more advanced strategy to design content with unique idea of seeding them throughout the user community as it is a great way to develop brand awareness. You can also use your website to distribute unique content as it leads to improve search engine optimization results of your website.

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12 Plugin Interface that every WordPress Website Should have

These days, we have been seen a large number of plug-ins available to the webmasters as so many websites is using the WordPress content management system.

WordPress plug-ins helps them to do everything, including analyses of data to enhance SEO. Webmasters are allowed to get plugins from the WordPress plugin directory and about 30,000 available plugins are available to choose from.

In this post, we have highlighted top 20 WordPress plug-ins for your site that surely enhances the functionality.


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Google Analytics Dashboard is an excellent WordPress plug-in that tracks your traffic without navigating away from your WordPress dashboard. With this plug-in, you will get a real-time picture of your site’s traffic inside from WordPress.

All in One SEO Pack: All in One SEO Pack is one of the WordPress essential as it is considered as the pillar of the SEO. This plug-in allows creating an SEO friendly title that displays at the top of the browsers, homepage description and topics that are related to keywords. Some of the special features are available in All in One SEO Pack as follows:

Ebyline WordPress Payments: Ebyline helps to connect people with freelance writers and clients, who looking for content writing. Thus, it makes sense that they are developing a plugin that allows clients to pay payment directly from their WordPress dashboard to their freelancers. Apart from payment, Ebyline WordPress Payments keep track of W9 tax information as well.

Contact Form 7: Contact Form 7 allows webmasters to manage various contact forms on their website. It comes with security features like CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. This plug-in is one of the most popular plug-ins credited themselves with more than 16 million downloads.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for SEO foundation. Integrating this plug-in in your site helps webmaster to learn an important factors and can know essential search results. WordPress SEO by Yoast isn’t helps your site to rank high in search engines, but it helps website’s owners by offering simple optimization steps.

Shareaholic: Shareaholic is one of the best and my personal favorite WordPress plug-in to download for your site. Particularly, it is a platform that shows you blog posts noticed through social media sites. This plug-in is supportable to the leading social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

WooCommerce: While releasing an eCommerce store, you have to download this plug-in. WooCommerce is powerful and smart dashboards available with unique features like:

Jetpack: Jetpack is an excellent plug-in for boosting self-hosted WordPress site. Once, you have installed Jetpack then you don’t have to install any other plug-in. This plug-in comes with a lot of features like:

Subscribe2: Subscribe2 plugin allows website’s owners to use subscription management system and email notification system. When any latest content is published on the site, visitors can get alert, if he/she has submitted email address.

Editorial Calendar: WordPress doesn’t able to schedule the posts in a proper manner and thus, Editorial Calendar plug-ins helps to arrange post in the proper manners. WordPress Editorial Calendar can be used to help the author view posts in a calendar view.

404 to Start: 404 to Start plugin has an ability to remove any 404 errors by redirecting any error page to the homepage or another URL that specified by the website owner. In case, visitors are typing URL incorrectly then rather than seeing a big 404 error message, they will redirect to another functioning page. In addition to, if someone visits a site through a broken link, they will reach on the homepage

WordPress Related Posts: WordPress Related Posts plug-in helps you by engaging your website visitors with the content on your site. Installing this plug-in, website owners can place a particular number of “related posts” at the end of each post. So, when visitors finishes particular post, they can find many suggested post related to same topics or keywords. Here, the main aim is to reach them to another piece of content. It is one of the best tools to engage visitors on the website for longer time.

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5 Reasons to Use PHP For the Perfect Web Solutions

In the recent times, PHP has gained huge popularity in the market as it is one of the most advanced and widely adopted server-side scripting languages that make the work of web developers a lot easier and simpler. Today, a lot of web developers considered PHP as a better option as compare to other web development languages. Being an open source server-side language, it is mainly used for developing web-pages. Moreover, it is obtainable for free to use, so developers can make use of this high-end language for their next project as it is compatible with lots of platform, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX and more.


So in this blog, you can find 5 most tempting reasons to use PHP for your next project:

Highly Flexible: On the web, you can find a lot of programming languages that you can use for your next project, but there is no other language that competes with PHP. It is an highly flexible, fast and reliable programming language. However, other programming languages are quite difficult to learn, so using PHP is the best one. Moreover, applications that are developed using PHP, are easy yet simple to follow and can be synchronized to different possibilities. Further, this is one such language that can be with along with other software languages without slowing down its speed.

No Problem for Hosting: We all know that hosting is a lot easier, but it creates lots of problems for various people. However, if you have decided to develop the next product for websites or you want to develop the next big CMS, you can start with the most fertile ground for hosting. Now, PHP is one such programming language that used more than 77.5% of websites. Users of this language can host PHP stuff almost anywhere.

Platform Independence: When it comes to talk about the independence of this programming language, it is an extremely independent programming language as PHP can work with lots of different platforms, including Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Windows and more. However, it is also a great language that supports with different databases like Oracle, MySQL and more. In short, we can say that PHP is an independent platform that can be deployed in almost any environment.

Rich Performance & Improved Graphics: With its range of features, PHP allows developers to develop high-performance applications without any hassle. Apart from this rich performance, developers can also enjoy its reliability, scalability and improved graphics that make this programming language an ideal option for all the web development projects. No matter what type of business website you are looking for, PHP is a perfect option that performs well.

Excellent Tools Option: Undeniably, PHP is the most powerful language that helped almost all the web developers in their projects of developing dynamic web applications. The best thing about this programming language is its number of tools that make developer’s work a lot easier and simpler than before. When it comes to best PHP tools, Symfony, dependency managers like composer, documentation tools are excellent. PHP offers various tools to write good quality code and offers complete security.

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Ways to convert Flash Website into the HTML Site

There are lots of web developers and enthusiasts, who are not ready to give-up developing interactive web content with Flash, the idea, which Flash might go away or not up to the mark of this modern world of online multimedia.

If you have decided to convert your flash site into HTML one, FlashtoHTML5 is the best service for any company that is looking to run a flash-based website.

Well, the concept of converting is a lot easier as this service will take your Flash website and can convert it into an HTML5 in approximately 72 hours. It helps you to completely convert your content and deploying it in place of your old website. There were times when Flash websites considered as cool and every businessman wanted to have a Flash website as nobody wants that their customers face a problem while accessing a site. But time has been changed as Flash is not cool anymore even it becomes a big problem for all.


Flash Sites are not supported with hundreds of devices: In India, currently 9 out of 10 people have a mobile phone and approximately 20% of all mobile sales as smart-phones. Now, you can find people, who prefer to access their websites on the go rather than on desktop computer. We know that Flash is not working on lots of mobile phones, so it is obvious that if you have a Flash-based website, you are losing lots of visitors and leads.

Flash Website Also Affects Your Search Rankings: As we all know that Google’s bots are not considering flash files as the part of your website’ content, so if you have all those preloaded audio-visual on your website, it is useless if you are not getting targeted audience on your site. You are losing market share without search engine rankings and non-flash-driven competitors are gaining benefits.

A Perfect Solution for It: Now, you can easily get your Flash website converted to HTML5 as it is not only viewable on tablets, smart-phones and other cell-phones, but it is also helpful in showing-up delightful in any web browser. Once you convert it in to HTML5, search engines will surely crawl and index the content of your website that can boost the search engine rankings. It will be easy for you to change the site’s content without having to edit flash images. With changing the scenario of World Wide Web, you should also convert your site from Flash to HTML5, which is highly necessary. Today, FlashtoHTML5 helps a lot in converting as it is cost-effective yet easy regardless of complication of Flash builds.

However, the flash sound class is not supported. The toolkit for CreateJS that seperates the Flash file into its component assets the exported HTML5 file that seems different to work if you are looking to change the code and work out the bugs in the conversion. By converting the Flash.swf file to HTML5, swiffy is working simply.

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Which Operating System to Choose for First Gaming Apps

There are many dedicated mobile gaming devices available in the industries; however, people usually prefer to play games on smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are the first choice of gamers to play games as they can easily carry wherever you go. At same time, tablets also give marvelous experience of playing games with its bigger screen and better graphics.

Mostly developers as well as businesses are getting confused in choosing right platform for developing games. For them, we are going to differentiate some of the leading mobile operating system with their pros and cons so that they can choose the suited one.


Android: Gaming has a direct connection with creativity and thus, Android becomes the first choice of mobile game developers as it allows to use a code again and again and make its substitute as well with its Google’s application framework. The global market is dominated by Google’s Android mobile OS with about 50% of shares. Looking at developer’s viewpoint, lots of tools is provided by Google’s SDK to developers that help to improve testing part. Android is improving and getting better with each of its release. Being an open source mobile operating system, it offers code for free and can be easily modified by wireless handset manufacturers for developing custom mobile solutions.

One of the most excellent features of Android is it has excellent capability to customize multiple home screens with useful widgets and apps that provides faster and easier access to the content and functions. In addition, one can also find multitasking capability that allows closing program by simply swiping. The only drawback about Android is its compatibility issues. There are some applications that don’t support with new devices because of relatively non-uniform standards. However, Google works on it by adding latest features to the operating system and on other side, developers are maximizing the power of these new APIs.

Apple iOS: Apple iOS is better known for its multi-tasking & multi-touch operating system that runs on different devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS devices are much easier to recommend for playing games as Apple increased the screen size of iPhone and iPod Touch device to 4-inches. With its increase in size of Apple’s device, developers are building iOS games for that screen size to grab current audience. Most of the developers are always considering latest device to launch their first game.

Considering according to developer’s view point, Apple is quite restrictive with their developer guidelines. For developing game for iOS, developers only have a fixed set of tools and are not permitted to use outside of those. Eventually, this would control developer’s skill at great extend. Compare to other platform, Apple’s entry price is more expensive however; one can get lots of flexibility as game performance goes far. This also results into high resale price after their release.

Windows Phone: In late 2010, the latest version of the Windows platform is released by Microsoft for mobiles that has been redesigned and rebuilt from the core to deliver marvelous user experience. Windows Phone is popular for its tile-based interface, Metro, which is attractive interchangeable squares sections displayed on the home section. Microsoft connects Windows Phones with Xbox brand that increases the demand for Windows Phone games. One of the excellent advantages of choosing Windows Phone has over Android is its stricter hardware requirements. Windows Phone manufacturers are held by Microsoft for particular minimum hardware requirements. With this, you will ensure to enjoy many applications that work excellently across all Windows Phone devices.

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Why Nowadays Every Business Needs a Mobile Application?

Many people think that mobile application is only for big brands like Macy’s, Walmart and more, but you are wrong. Mobile application is a great option for a lot of small and mid-size businesses as well. You can find various small businesses that are following the mobile trend, comprehending that an effective mobile strategy includes more than just having a mobile-friendly website.

Having a mobile app is a good choice for your business, as you can get a lot of benefits and take your marketing strategy to the next level. However, if you have decided to develop a mobile application for your business, you need to make sure to be clear on your goals from the beginning while strategizing around them.


Customer Engagement

One of the best things about the mobile channel is that it provides companies the potential to engage with their customers in actual time, by location, complete with profile information. You can easily turn all those engaged customers into revenue generating ones if you have done it properly. For instance, Macy’s mobile application is an extremely fast and easy way to purchase your desired products on the go. Using this high-end mobile application, customers are able to put everything right at their fingertips as they can enjoy special offers, access their registry, in-store savings, manage their account and more.

A Direct-Marketing Channel

We all know that application provides a lot of different functions, as they offer general information, search features, booking forms, messengers, user-accounts, news feeds and more. When it comes to talking about the advantages of mobile application, it delivers all the information that you would like to deliver to your customers such as special offers, promotions and more. You can also get a close look to a direct interaction through push notification. Moreover, you can also remind your customers for your products as well as services.

Customer Support & Service

It is highly important to make it a good deal and efficient for your customer so that you can get in touch with the company and provide them tools to make their life a lot simple while making use of products and services that can be an excellent solution in order to develop a mobile application. There is one Digital Federal Credit Union that is based in Marlborough, Mass that has launched the best mobile application that called Mobile PC Deposit, enabling members to deposit a check with the help of iPhone and Android-based smartphones. It makes customer lives a lot simpler and adds value to their existing service.

Give Value To Your Customers

Why don’t you go with digitalizing the loyalty program that you have in place? Rather than sticking to the old point-collection card, you can make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards through mobile app. The more your application will be downloaded, the more customers you will get. By providing a mobile application to your customers, you can show them that they are valuable for you.


Providing coupons and special offer is the best means of monetizing. Mobile is known for adding an interesting layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. You can imagine being the owner of an apparel store in downtown New York with more than thousands of people, who are walking within a one mile-radius of your outlet. While walking by if they were to get notified on their mobile phones with special coupons, you can boost the probability of having them visit by offering a timely reason.

So, having a mobile application for your business is highly important for you as you can get a lot of other benefits as well. No matter what type and size of business you are running, your business needs a mobile application that can take marketing to the next level.

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How Hybrid Mobile Apps gives the experience of Native app with latest web technologies

How Hybrid Mobile Apps Deliver A Native Experience With Web Technologies

HTML is one of the most used languages for mobile application developers, according to some report. One of the main reasons of choosing web technologies is low-cost development and cross-platform portability of code. There is no doubt hybrid applications manage to be poorly designed. So, here we are going to prove that whether it is possible to deliver the native feel and look to the application that we are used to.

Generally, mobile applications can be divided into three types, i.e. native, hybrid and web apps. Developing web applications enable code to be ported across platforms which reduce development time and cost. In Hybrid application, essential things of both the worlds are combined using a common code based to deploy native-like applications to a wide range of platforms.


Compiled hybrid app

Here, the code is written in one language like JavaScript or C# and gets accumulated to native code for each supported platform. A native app for each platform is a result, but provide less freedom while development. For e.g. Appcelerator Titanium, Xamarin, and Embarcadero FireMonkey.

Provide Easy Accessibility to Your Users

A single code base doesn’t mean that application looks exactly same in all platforms. Moreover, users don’t have to care about the underlying cross-platform technology. They want the application to act as anticipated. One have to consider each platform’s design guidelines: Such type of guidelines might not be perfectly preferable to all types of application as it provides a standard set of interfaces and experiences that users are looking for each platform.

Div Vs UI Frameworks

It is quite challenging to implement all of such patterns, factors, and animations. All such kinds of frameworks are available to help you, which ranges from commercial to open-source ones and from ones with a common UI (jQuery Mobile and Onsen UI) to different platform-specific user interfaces like ChocolateChip-UI and Sencha Touch. Some of them are good for delivering a pixel-perfect layout while other seems to be sloppy so it is compulsory to check a web application.

Custom UI Components

There are many good use cases in custom UI components. Moreover, choosing a platform’s UI and a custom UI depends on the targeted audience. If you want to do everything on your own then you must have a deep understanding of UX design as the guidelines are connected to above, and are crafted by professionals to consider particular needs of their platform’s users.

There are some design patterns that are mostly used by people whether they stick to a platform’s UI guidelines or do their own things with custom factors. Usually, people are introducing latest application through a slideshow walkthrough or an instructional overlay. Now, the question arises how people navigate, the only answer is through a sidebar drawer or a tab bar. How users load and refresh data? The answer is by simply pulling to refresh.

Sketch A Native-Looking Header Bar

The header bar with its title and navigation elements is an important part of UI, particularly the “back” and “up” buttons. The part of the UI along with a minimal DOM and some of CSS seems to be fairly easy: If you are looking for a full code of the native-looking header bar for iOS, Android and Windows Phone on JSFiddle, you will find the result like given below.

It is preferable to use the same DOM across all the platforms as the results are cleaner code and thus, utmost maintainability. Such things are possible for many UI factors of Android and iOS, including header bar, custom navigation menu, tab bar, settings page, popover, and so on.

Support High-Resolution Screens

The vast majority of mobile devices are made up by smartphones and tablets with high-resolution screens that are created over 80% of iOS devices and more than 70% of Android devices. One has to deliver double the dimensions than the actual one to make your images look crusty for every person. One of the most discussed topics in responsive design is to serve proper size of images for all different resolutions. No doubt, there are different approaches available with its advantages and disadvantages that are related to browser support, bandwidth, and code maintainability. Here, we review the popular ones in no specific order:

One cannot find silver bullet for responsive images as always. It totally depends on image types and how they are used in the application. It is advisable to use SVG for static images like tutorial images and logo. Such images are scaled perfectly with no extra efforts and have excellent browser support as long as you find with Android 3+. The HTML5 picture element and srcset attributes are absolute, where front-end development is heading when SVG is not an option. Right now, you will find the main drawback is limited browser support and thus, the requirement of polyfills is needed.

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How to Choose Best Magento Development Services

Are you running an online business? If yes, you might be aware of Magento platform, which is an open source shopping cart solution for your eCommerce business. With professional Magento development services, it is easily possible to handle website design, hosting, styles; templates and a lot more. Magento is one of the best platforms on its own as when your commercial grows and goes mobile, it is time to find out a great developer.

                                                                     Magento web Development Service

Why You Should Opt for Magento Development Services?

There are some imperative factors that can be confirmed for an eCommerce commercial to use Magento development solutions. No matter what the factor is, it is essential to use development services to boost your present eCommerce website on the web. Since the Magento is an open-source software program, developers can make use of it and boost their business on it as well. There are some things in the Magento buying cart that may not be used but need much more customization to meet the customer business.

Today, not every single person has time to make a demanding research study of Magento to develop different solutions. For this, developers are considered as essential resources that are required. However, there are a lot of options required that a developer can take treatment of with success.

Choosing a Right, Magento Development Service

The beginning of the procedure is to search advancement solution. Choosing a Magento developer from a variety of developers for your eCommerce requirements is the second best cost effective option. It is must to narrow down your choices to only a few designers. You can also take your own time to interview them about the projects that have been completed and fulfillment of clients. You can check their suggestions very carefully and get a quote for your certain task.

It would be similarly most ideal to contact the BBB in the location in which the improvement solution is to view if there have been any problems. You can also have a look on the profiles of various designers. All this arrangement is from company side and the contract needs to spell everything out in creating. You should also know up front what the costs are and also ask for the type of terms that you do not get.

You can take your own time to choose a design for your eCommerce project. It is also significant to comprehend your wants along with what the designer will certainly be doing. It is prominent that your eCommerce website has the most effective help possible when either expanding pains or other requirements take place that requires a developer’s help.

So, this is the reason why comparing designers is a good idea. In comparing shopping for your eCommerce website demands, you can obtain one of the most values for your money.


In this blog, you have learned some of the concerning Magento and Magento development services. Along with it, you have also learned how to find and talk to a designer for your eCommerce company. Developers are very much important for Ecommerce Company especially when it comes to Magento platform.

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Best Website Building Tools of 2017

There are a lot of website building tools that can be used to develop an amazing small business website or web presence. Using website building tool is a great idea, but it is essential to choose a right tool as there are numerous to choose from.

Selecting an effective and useful tool is not as easy as it sounds, you may need to spend your time on every single tool and collecting information. However, you don’t have to be bothered as here we have listed 17 amazing website building tools that deviate from inexpensive to free. You can choose any of these tools and develop your desired website.



No matter what type of business you are running from restaurants to retail store, Squarespace is a do-it-yourself website builder that can make development of a website a lot easier. Using this tool, users can begin with the development task in just three simple steps like selecting from one of their modern template collections, start the 14-day free trial and get a free domain. After that you can access their user-friendly interface in order to add business pages like a product page, an about page, business pages, a contact page and more. Moreover, users of this tool can also customize their website to make it fit in their brand. They can personalize colors, layouts and fonts of their website. In addition to this, the tool also allows businesses to sell products by adding an online to their website and accept payments for their products.


The group of people, who is behind Designly, think that making a website must be as easy as clicking, dragging and typing. They want that you don’t have to learn code, difficult programs or be limited to someone else’s style. All those people have taken these beliefs seriously and made them into a tool for all those, whose brains freeze at the time when anyone mentions tags, CSS or divs. When it comes to designly, it is extremely easy to use once you are past the simple sign-up process. You can easily create a website from scratch and populate it however you want. The tool offers a straightforward drag and drop interface through which you can create sections, images, add shapes, drop in text boxes, make use of hefty selection of free web fonts and more. Moreover, you are also capable of moving layers backwards and forwards and embed content. You can also perform a lot of other things without even thinking about the code.

Google Sites

Now, Google has also made putting up a website a lot easier with its simple and intuitive tools. Google sites is a completely free and easy to use tool that makes development and share of webpages easy. It also has drop-down menus that deliver a lot of options like images, inserting text, YouTube videos, scripts and more. As per the professionals, Google Sites make developing a team or company web site as easy as editing a document. With the help of websites, you can instantly gather a lot of information in one place like calendars, videos, attachments, text, presentations and more. You can easily share it with a gro17 Best Website Building Tools That You Should Check-outup and your organization.


As compare to other tools, WordPress is a highly easiest way to develop a free website or blog as it is an extremely powerful hosting platform, which expands with you. It is true that it takes a little more time and efforts to get a WordPress website set-up and run, but the time and efforts are well worth. Mainly, the tool delivers two versions – one where users are able to host their page on the WordPress servers and one, where you can download, install and host the software on your own domain.

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Web Design latest Trends that Boom in 2016-2017

We have seen increase in the popularity of web designing activities and various things related to designing task are being published. It is expected that the best in designing part which includes some trends that we have predicted for 2017. There are many different trends that will still be around in 2015; however, we are here to see what other designing trends are likely emerge in 2017.


Focus on Typography: It is compulsory for designers to choose a perfect font with its size and weighting in the most nearest terms. Such thing happens for the betterment of websites, however it becomes permanent for the website.

No doubt, it is minor thing but makes huge impact on the vision of the website. There are some sites that become more attractive and favorite among people due to typography.

Card Based Design: It is mandatory to fit your content on different type of screen’s size and types. And cards are one of the best and easiest ways to make that work across platforms. Such things can be added in this design to make cards more attractive.

Almost Flat Design: There was the flat design before designers adopted the Almost-flat or semi-flat web design. This idea, we get from a look stripped of all fluff and frills using simple shapes and typography with bold color. Windows 8 interface is an example of flat design. It doesn’t seem to be best, but also not so poor. Moreover, there are some elements that provide in-depth and dimension for balancing the flatness of the other elements. Gmail is the best example of almost-flat design.

Big photographic elements: Presently, the use of big photographic elements is increasing and thus, many designers are using content and images that shows website’s journey from starting point to the end. It proves to be advantageous for conversion rates. Moreover, one can also get a perfect texture with overlaying large picture elements with UI elements and text to make it more interesting. These things become more effective with the proliferation of devices having high-resolution displays. Many different portfolio sites are taking benefits of photographic elements, however, retail sites have to use it in the smartest manners. One of the best ways to use photographic elements is by using high-resolution images of some fabulous shots that shows story regarding your brand interestingly.

Decrement in Page Height: Here, you find more hope than a forecast. Such trend of more vertical scrolling and less clicking will continue to be popular among designers. I personally believe that such experience is worthless. Using scrolling in the small part of content or trigger animations look better, however, it doesn’t look better to implement in an entire website. It wouldn’t be bad to click to trigger a drill down into the site to consider their content and the goals of the interaction a little more. It doesn’t mean having a jarring page being refreshed as long as it is connected with modern front-end programming and micro experiences.

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